Using Tree Stumps As Planters – Learn How To Make A Tree Stump Planter For Flowers

By: Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Okay, so you’ve probably at one time or another been stuck with a tree stump or two in the landscape. Perhaps you’re like the majority and simply opt to get rid of the tree stumps. But why not use them to your advantage instead? A tree stump planter for flowers could just be the ideal solution.

Using Tree Stumps as Planters

Creating planters from stumps is not only a good way to spruce up these eyesores but offers other benefits too. For example, as the wood decays, it will help nourish plants with additional nutrients. Plus, the more you water, the quicker your stump will deteriorate. You also have a number of options when it comes to planting and designing your stump container.

While I find annual flowers to be the easiest to plant, there are many other types you can choose too, depending on your needs and personal preferences. That being said, keep in mind the growing conditions — full sun, shade, etc. And if you want more bang for your buck, look for drought tolerant plants, especially in sunny areas, such as succulents.

How to Make a Tree Stump Planter

As previously stated, you can design your tree stump planter in various ways. A hollow stump planter is the most common method, where you can simply plant directly into the stump itself. To do this, you will need to hollow it out using a sharp instrument, like an ax or mattock. For those of you handy enough, using a chainsaw may be an option. If the stump has been around for some time, then it may already be soft in the center so the job should be easier.

Leave yourself about 2-3 inches (7.5-10 cm.) around the perimeter, unless you prefer a small planting hole. Again, whatever works for you is fine. While it’s not necessary to have drainage holes, it will certainly help the stump last longer and prevent any possible issues with root rot later on if plants become overly saturated. Adding a layer of gravel inside the stump hollow prior to planting can also help with this.

After you have a satisfactory planting hole, you can then add some compost or potting soil and begin filling your tree stump with plants. You can even situate a container into the hollowed-out stump instead and just set your plants in that. You can plant seedling or nursery plants or even sow your seeds directly into the stump planter in spring. For additional interest, you can plant a variety of flower bulbs and other plants around it.

And that is how you turn a tree stump into an attractive planter for your garden!

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You can learn this in 4 easy steps as described below:

1. Hollow Out the Tree Stump

In the first step, you have to hollow out the tree stump. You can do this by using any tool that is suitable for you. You can use a drill machine and can use auger bit with it.

If you feel that it is difficult then using 2-inch Forstner bit will surely do this job with ease. Make it sure that you clean out what you drill.

2. Work on the Hole

Make it sure that you have a 4 to 8 inches deep hole in the tree stump. It should be 10 to 13 inches wide. Now use a chisel to remove the extreme points from the edges. You will not get the perfect shape, but it will be good to remove some extra wood from the sides.

3. Make Drainage Holes

This is an optional step. Use a drill to make the holes so that water can drain out of the holes. Make it sure that the direction of the drainage holes is towards the ground.

4. Make Your Tree Stump Planter

Now, when everything is done, you are ready to make your planter from the tree stump. Just fill the hollowed area of the stump with potting soil. Now, plant your favorite flowers in it. Your DIY tree stump planter is ready.

So, it is as simple as you see above. And now you know that it is better to make a tree stump planter instead of removing it from the garden. You can also check this DIY birdcage planter for the garden .

Flower Bed

A stump can become a great natural flower bed, especially if it’s already hollow. All you have to do is fill it up with the soil and plant your greenery or flowers or even herbs into the stump. In case it’s not yet hollow, you can use hammer and chisel to carve a hole in it, creating an improvised stump planter pot. To allow drainage, you can break through the bark in the bottom of the stump or rather use well-draining soil or employ other tricks that will increase drainage.

Choose a plant for your stump planter pot and make sure to provide it with all the necessary stuff like fertilizer and sun. You can also plant flowers around the stump, if you want to cover it up entirely or make the floral arrangement in the stump a centrepiece for your flower garden.

You can simply plant the area around the stump, if you don’t want to use it as a planter with high perennials. For safety’s sake, you could accentuate the stump with a creative sign or simply by adding a birds’ water well so you could see where the stump is.

You can use moss to cover up the unsightly stump. It can be beautifully green or you can plant various kinds of moss to create a pattern of colors and textures. To grow moss on your stump, it would have to be situated in a shady area as moss loves shade and moisture.

If you have other unsightly elements in your garden, moss can be helpful in decorating them as well. Moss is a great alternative to flowers and plants as it is low-maintenance and can live out of sunlight.

To plant moss on a stump, add a cup of buttermilk to the moss clump to help cultivate it, and put the mix into a blender. Pour the mixture onto the site of choice. Make sure to spray water to help moss grow. Beside moss, you could use climbing plants to help cover up the stump. But make sure to safely indicate the stump with some accessory that will prevent stumbling upon it later.


If your stump is tall enough, it could be used as a pedestal for bird water well or a planter pot. In a case when you don’t want to or cannot work with hammer and chisel to create a planter pot out of a stump you could simply use it as a stand for an existing planter.

You can also create or find a tabletop and use the stump as a base for your garden table. If the location is convenient, it could be your natural alfresco dining spot. Finished with some log stools or old repaired and repainted chairs, the unfortunate stump can make for a nice outdoor living space.

Other creative ideas for turning a stump into a decorative element of the garden include wood carving, which can make for beautiful wooden sculptures, small fairy homes and even furniture.

Of course, if a stump is located in a high-traffic area, it can become a danger to the residents and so must be removed.

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Maybe you have a cluster of stumps that cause heavy sighs every time you catch a glimpse out the window.

With a little creativity and whimsy, you can turn boring into fantasy by creating a fairy or gnome inspired village!

By adding small doors, thatched roofs, and small paved walkways, you can use the natural placement of the trees you already have to create something magical.

17 Creative Tree Stump Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you have an unused tree stump? If you do, please don’t throw it away. There are various things you can do with a tree stump. Here, we listed 17 tree stump ideas that will give you inspiration on how to turn an unused tree stump into something awesome.

Our ideas are diverse, which means you will find one or two that you like. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Tree Stump Side Table

source : pinterest

Let’s start with something small first: a coffee table. A coffee table is always nice to have in the living room. It completes the look of the room and at the same time, allows you to place cups, mugs and even magazine on and in it.

If you have a sizable tree stump, turning it into a coffee table is certainly among the best tree stump decorating ideas you can try. A wooden coffee table looks great on a living room with wooden flooring and white walls.

Speaking of a coffee table, are you looking for some ideas for inspiration? If the answer is a yes, check our ideas for the coffee table.

Garden Tic Tac Toe

source : chickenscratchny

Want to make the backyard more fun? Create a game board using the unused tree stump that you have. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A thick, flat slice of the stump will be more than enough to play a board game like tic tac toe.

A tic tac toe board is not the only idea that you can create, of course. There are many tree stump ideas for the backyard. If you have children, use the tree stump to create a game board to play your children’s favorite game. That will be fun!

Candle Holder

source : etsy

Creating candle holders is among the most creative tree stump decorating ideas you can try. Candle holders made from tree stump undoubtedly are unique. After all, how often do you see candle holders like these?

Not only that, these candle holders are not just good in terms of functionality but also good in terms of aesthetics too. Such candle holders make the surrounding area feels and looks warmer. This makes them the ideal choice for candle holders.

Tree Stump Table Ideas

source : lovelylittledays source : lovelylittledays

Next in our tree stump ideas is to turn it into a bathroom stool. You can be as creative as you want with your unused tree stump. Suppose you want to try tree stump furniture ideas. Here’s our idea: create a bathroom stool from it.

Unlike the usual bathroom stools, a bathroom stool made from a tree stump certainly makes the bathroom more interesting.

This is especially true if the stool has dark-colored finish while the bathroom is mostly in white or other light neutral colors.

Outdoor Tree Stump Ideas

source : kevob777

Sometimes, you don’t have to remove the tree stump from where it is. Instead of digging it and throw it away, why not turn it into a garden centerpiece? Turning a dead tree stump into a lively garden centerpiece is undoubtedly among the best outdoor tree stump ideas you can try.

So, what can you do to turn the stump into a garden centerpiece? Use colorful flowers and surround the stump with them.

Use the stump as the stage on which the flowers can stand out. This simple garden centerpiece will surely look beautiful and make the garden looks livelier.

Planters with Flowers

source : pinterest

  1. have unused tree trump but don’t know what to do with it
  2. have a garden
  3. want to make the garden more interesting

Then try making unique planters from the tree stump. Planters made of a tree stump can look appealing, especially if the stump is planted on the ground.

All it takes to create planters from the stump is to create holes that are deep enough to contain the plants and soil. Put the soil and plants. There you go. Now you get attention-grabbing planters with flowers.

Tree Stump Bench Ideas

source : hometalk

Need some benches? Another example of tree stump ideas is to create unique benches. A tree stump can be used as the base of a bench as well.

However, the benches won’t look like ordinary benches out there. This is especially true if the tree stump has a rather unusual shape.

One of the tree stump bench ideas you can try is to turn them into simple benches with three legs. You can make the benches look more attractive by painting the lower half white. This accentuates the natural color of the stump, allowing them to stand out more.

Garden Pathway

source : pinterest

If you have large tree stumps, there are more outdoor tree stump ideas to try. For example, you can create a garden fence from those stumps.

Depending on how you want your garden to look, you can either give the fence finish or left them as they are, unfinished.

Outdoor Dining Seats

source : hometalk

You want a garden that looks very natural. As such, you choose to use pieces of furniture that have not been processed or at least ones that look as natural as possible.

That is, no doubt, a great idea! After all, who wouldn’t like to spend their time in such a natural and immersive garden?

If you have tree stumps, it is time to take them out and chop them off to create ‘natural’ chairs like the above. Note how these chairs accentuate the garden. They don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, they complement and complete the natural garden.

Recycled Tree Stump Stools

source : barnwoodstar

Tree stumps tend to have a tabular-like shape. Due to this, one of the easiest tree stump creative ideas is to create stools.

Especially, medium to large size stools. Of course, this will take a bit of woodwork. However, the results are really worth the time and effort.

One of the best things about creating your own stools from tree stumps is that you can be as creative as you like with them.

For example, painting them, chip them off to create texture, abrade and finish them. So, just go ahead and recycle your tree stumps and turn them into extraordinary stools.

Wooden Table with Natural Touch

source : serenitystumps

We already listed several tree stump furniture ideas like benches, chairs, and stools. What about tables? Can you make tables from stumps?

Well, yes. You can. And just like the other pieces of furniture, tables from stumps look unique. The table above is an excellent example of this uniqueness.

Notice how the table still has its tree stump shape with thin metal feet as its support. Despite being asymmetrical, the table is very appealing. This is especially true since the wooden table is allowed to stand out from the rest in the room.

Multipurpose Décor

source : homesthetics

The previous tree stump ideas give you examples that mostly have one purpose only. What if you need something that can be used for several purposes? Again, you can do so using a tree stump as the main material.

Notice how the cut tree stump above can be used for many things. From a cup or mug holder, a pot for greeneries or flowers, to décor to give a natural vibe to the room. It is a multipurpose décor indeed.

Fairy Garden Tree Stump

source : plowhearth

What do you think about this tiny treehouse? While the other tree stump ideas in our list are mostly functional, this tiny treehouse decor is fully aesthetical.

That’s right. The only purpose of it is to make the garden looks more beautiful. Your garden will look even better with such a delicate décor.

Beautiful Garden Lighting

source : My Amazing Things

Adding lighting to the garden will make it looks breathtaking at night. Especially, if you used the proper lighting. Look how the stump is sliced into several pieces, all of which have the same hole in the middle. This hole is for the lighting. This is a practical and clever way to create beautiful garden lighting.

By the way, are you interested in growing your own succulent garden? If you do, you may want to check out our succulent garden ideas here for inspiration.

Wood Stump Walkway

source : livinglivelier

Creating steps for the garden is another example of our tree stump ideas here. Cutting the stumps into many pieces and plant them on the ground gives you natural-looking and amazing garden steps. This works even better if the stump still looks fresh.

Kitchen Sink

soorce : cabinlife

What do you think about the kitchen sink above? We did say that you can be as creative as you like. Of course, that includes turning them into a kitchen sink.

How does tree stump sink look? Very unique, obviously. To create such a kitchen sink, you will need to coat the stump with a waterproof coating.

Natural and Modern Table

source : pinterest

The last idea in our tree stump ideas list is an mix between modern décor and nature. The two look in contrast to each other.

This creates an interesting look. If anything, a natural and modern table like the above will become the focal point. Want to make it better? Add a pair of tree stump stools near the table.

DIY Ideas For Tree Stump Decorating

Tree stubs can be sculptural in a natural garden. Repurpose them into table bases, stepping stools, seating, or even treehouse foundations.

A few DIY tree stumps ideas include:

● Create a gnome home or fairy village with a taller than average stub.

● Making the perfect pedestal for a birdbath.

● Creating a board game is easy. Just add some painted rocks to be the game pieces for tic-tac-toe or checkers.

● Make a chair to relax in with a good book and a good cup of coffee.

If you’re handy with paints or carving tools, an ugly tree stump in your front yard can be used as a welcome sign. A stump in the middle of a play area can also be painted to allow your children to engage in make-believe play.

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