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Pests And The Painted Daisy Plant: Painted Daisy Growing Tips And Care

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Growing painted daisies in the garden adds spring and summer color. Painted daisy perennials are the perfect height for those hard to fill spots in the garden. Painted daisy care is simple too. Click here for more.

How to Grow English Daisy

The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova

Many spring gardens are dominated by pansies and blooming bulbs like tulips, but the English daisy (Bellis perennis) is another outstanding flower to bring early cheer to the landscape. Depending on your region, the English daisy may be seen as a welcome harbinger of spring or an invasive pest that takes over the lawn and garden. British gardeners and those in the Pacific Northwest may struggle to control the vigorous flowers, which thrive in mild conditions.

Container gardening is always an option to limit the plants, and they make charming potted companions for minor bulbs like grape hyacinths or Dutch iris. The unique red, white, and red rounded flowers with a yellow eye bloom in the spring to early summer and tend to be fast-growing. If growing from seed, plant them six to eight weeks before the last frost.

Botanical Name Bellis perennis
Common Name English daisy, common daisy, lawn daisy
Plant Type Biennial
Mature Size 6–12 in. tall, 6–12 in. wide
Sun Exposure Partial
Soil Type Loamy, moist
Soil pH Acidic, neutral to acidic, slightly alkaline
Bloom Time Spring, early summer
Flower Color Red, white, pink
Hardiness Zones 4–8 (USDA)
Native Area Europe
Toxicity Non-toxic

Painted Rocks You’ll Love

Now that you have my favorite tips, check out these 10 painted rock ideas below. There are so many ways to decorate rocks to make them fabulous – which one of these is your favorite?

1. Painted Rock Paperweights

The trick for painting rocks with quotes on top? Paint your base colors, then let dry. Then write your quote with a white gel pen, leaving enough room so that you can use a liner brush to go over the top of each letter.

2. River Rock Fairy Garden Houses

You might think someone with a very steady hand painted these decorative rocks, but nope – they were designed with stencils!

Stencils are going to be your best friend for this project (plus the video at the very bottom of this post shows you how to make the rock on the left with the door).

3. Breast Cancer Awareness DIY Kindness Rocks

My aunt is recovering from breast cancer and these painted rocks would be a perfect gift for her! If you feel uncomfortable with the lettering, use a white gel pen as your template as I suggested in the first project . . . then paint over the top with a liner brush. As an alternative, you can also stencil words on top of the rocks OR decoupage them.

4. Decorate Decoupage Rocks

If you want to learn how to paint rocks but want to start with something easy, these decorative rocks are perfect! You’ll simply basecoat (completely cover) with a solid color, then use Mod Podge to apply scrapbook paper and lace on top.

5. Flip Rocks DIY

These decorative rocks are perfect for hiding outside! They have a message decoupaged on one side . . . flip them over and they have something else to say. You could even tell silly knock knock jokes with them.

6. Painted Mandala Rocks

You might think these mandala rocks are difficult given the detailed design – but I promise you, they aren’t! You can use toothpicks or a stylus to achieve the dots. You’ll need patience and a lot of paint colors, but anyone can do it.

7. Beachy Rocks

These decorative rocks have a distressed look, but they were actually made with stencils. Then some details were added and some distressing was achieved with sandpaper. I love the beachy feel and that’s a perfect place to hide them.

8. Feel Good Message Rocks DIY

I love the bright colors and messages used with these painted rocks! This is a project just like the first one I shared – you’re going to use the white gel pen and a liner brush to achieve the writing. Of course, there are white oil based paint pens if you prefer to do the script that way.

9. Rock Painting Ideas for The Kindness Rocks Project

My mom and I were teaching ourselves how to paint rocks, so we started with these little beauties for our first try. Once we tried, we were hooked . . . but these rocks were how it all began.

10. Painted Rock Herb Markers

Sketch the herbs of your choice on the rocks (after painting them black) using chalk. If that’s not really up your alley, simply print out pictures of the herbs online and decoupage them to the rocks instead. Either way, these make fantastic garden markers! Use them for a variety of crops.

11. Heart Rocks

Okay, I said I was only going to share 10 painted rocks, but I couldn’t help myself . . . these color shift rocks are too cool for school! I wrote an entire guide for Color Shift Paint, and once you put this paint on a surface like a rock, you’ll never go back. Trust me.

Now that you know how to paint rocks, you’ll want to see the video I promised! Make a rock fairy garden using these techniques. You’ll see how easy it is – just click PLAY!

Watch the video: Daisies in Full Bloom Daisy May

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