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The garden sheds are designed to mainly respond to two purposes: to store tools and serve as a storage room, or to be habitable and usable as an area where you can give vent to your creativity and cultivate a hobby. The garden sheds are sold in PVC or in wood. PVC is a type of flame retardant plastic, easy to clean and resistant to all weather conditions. When wood is to be used for the construction of a garden shed, it is treated with waterproofing substances in such a way that the water does not stagnate, and therefore can preserve its natural appearance for a long time. In both cases, whatever the material chosen, the garden shed has different dimensions, according to which it can perform a specific use. Those who have a rather limited space will have to fold on a garden shed that can only be used to store tools, ... continue

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continue ..., those who have a rather large garden, can also buy the habitable garden shed. In the first case, the garden shed is very useful because it allows you to have at your fingertips all those tools that are necessary to take care of plants and flowers. Inside it can also be placed shelves and containers to keep everything in order. Furthermore, in addition to storing garden tools, all those elements that are superfluous in the house and that do not find space in the garage can also be stored. The garden shed is an element that can be easily integrated into the garden when it is chosen in the wooden version, because its aesthetic is so pleasant that it fits perfectly in this space. Dwelling on the wooden garden shed, when it is small it can be used as a woodshed as well as a storage room. If it should have habitable conditions, that is, it means that it also has a window, and of rather spacious dimensions, then its use becomes different: by inserting a workbench you can carry out small repairs, you can cultivate your hobby, but you can also be used as an annex for guests. The size of the garden shed allows you to insert elements inside it, and also have a sufficiently large space where you can walk without problems. Those who do not have a guest room, but a rather large garden, can use the garden shed in this way. When the garden shed is firmly fixed to the ground, it is necessary to contact the competent office of the municipality to obtain authorization. All this is essential because the house will no longer have the characteristic of mobility, but will be firmly anchored to the ground and therefore will become a stable element in all respects in the garden. Waterproofing substances are used to cover the roof and is accessed by means of a door. The size of the door is also decisive because, depending on the type of entrance, more or less bulky objects can be stored there. The wooden garden shed is sold at DIY stores also accompanied by the assembly kit. These are elements that fit together and do not need bolts or screws. In this way, in a short time it is possible to create your own wooden garden shed. It can be placed in any space of the garden without fear that it could damage the aesthetics of your furniture. The plastic garden sheds undoubtedly have a very different appearance from that of the wooden sheds, even if this material has characteristics that make it particularly suitable for the external environment. The choice between wooden garden shed and plastic garden shed is completely personal since, in both cases, the dimensions determine the space that can be used inside and what differentiates them is only the use of the material. To be able to realize how indispensable they are, it is necessary to have a well-kept garden, which will require the use of different equipment. Then you will realize that the garden shed cannot be missing, because all those used tools must also have a place to be sorted.As an alternative to the wooden shed and the plastic shed there is another solution that is to realize the garden shed directly from itself. Usually, however, wood is used that is purchased from a specialized shop and following the scheme shown in the project to which it was created, the shape and size to be given to it is chosen. In this way there is no size constraint. It is also true that garden sheds on the market have different sizes, but they are still standard. However, it may happen that some companies allow you to customize your garden shed and therefore to leave the customer free choice on the size of the same.Dating your own green corner of garden sheds, from today will be much easier, in the light of the advice that you can obtain thanks to the birth of this new section. Regardless of whether it is intended for yourself, or for your children, the information we will forward to you will surely make your every choice more aware than in the past.

With our staff, more specifically, the world of wooden houses will be clearer, without however neglecting the houses where your tools related to the world of gardening will simply be destined. Finally, we will also take a look at the sector of the sale of houses, making you aware of their current prices.

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