What is better than a chainsaw or an electric saw: a comparative review of units

The arrangement of a suburban area is impossible without the use of all kinds of tools. The question of acquiring a saw, necessary for sawing firewood and boards, as well as other woodwork, at some point necessarily arises before the owner of a country house. What is better than a chainsaw or an electric saw? Both tools are noteworthy. The only question is which one to choose. Each of the devices has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The power supply is the main distinguishing feature

Since the saw is powered by electricity, the use of this type of tool is possible only in places where it is possible to connect to the mains. It is convenient to work with such a tool at home, during construction. When working with an electric saw, difficulties may arise when it is necessary to carry out work not only in the immediate vicinity of the house, but also to process the entire area.

For smooth movement with the tool around the site for outdoor work, you will need to purchase an extension cord several tens of meters long

In addition, during active movement, for example, when pruning fruit trees, it is necessary to ensure that the cord from the power tool does not get tangled under your feet and does not fall under the operating saw chain.

The electric saw is more intended for construction work: it is convenient for it to cut wood lengthwise and cut thin boards. The cuts from the electric saw are flat and smooth.

How to choose a good wood saw can be found in the material: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/kak-vybrat-elektropilu.html

Due to the main feature of chainsaws - mobility, they are an indispensable tool for logging. Easy-to-use tools can be used in virtually any position

The main trump card of the chainsaw is autonomy. The chainsaw will become a handy tool for farming in rural areas, where power surges are not uncommon. Owners who practice outings in order to organize active rest: a picnic, expedition, hunting or fishing, can always take a handy tool with them in the trunk of their car.

Working conditions and environmental friendliness

Comparing two tools - a chainsaw or an electric saw, many consumers pay attention to factors such as ease of use and environmental friendliness.

Electric saws are quite easy to use: the tool is started by pressing one button. Quite lightweight and compact devices will become indispensable helpers for simple work: to cut something nearby at home, cut knots, cut thin logs. But in working with a tree that has a denser structure, the power of the electric saw may not be enough.

You should also take into account the fact that the power tool can work continuously for only 20 minutes, since its engine heats up very quickly, while chainsaws work successfully without interruption for several hours.

Choosing an electric saw for work, you should be prepared for the fact that it will be possible to use it only under favorable weather conditions. Excessive moisture can damage the instrument. The electric saw is an indispensable tool for working indoors: the compact design in operation emits a minimum of vibration and little noise.

Electric saws are quite simple to operate: during operation, it is enough to monitor the chain tension and the level of lubricant for this chain. When working with chainsaws, you should also monitor the lubrication of the engine itself.

Chainsaws run on a fuel mixture. The engine of the tool is started by means of a starter cord

For many users who have not encountered chainsaws, the need to prepare a fuel mixture, monitor the quality and quantity of components, is a limiting factor in choosing this type of product. The manipulation of starting and maintaining the instrument is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

For work in closed rooms, a chainsaw is not the best option: the fumes and exhaust gases emitted during the operation of the tool do not make it possible to spend a long time in an unventilated room

Chainsaws are less picky about weather conditions: light rain and even snow do not interfere with her work. But, at the same time, in severe frost, the chainsaw may not start at all, which cannot be said about the electric saw.

More about the conditions for their selection: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/vybor-benzopily.html

The financial side of the issue

If we consider the purchase of an electric or chainsaw from a financial point of view, then electric saws are a more economical option. The cost of electric saws is an order of magnitude lower than their gasoline counterparts.

At the same time, the repair of power saws in the event of a breakdown is most often carried out in workshops, while maintenance of the gas unit, as well as minor repairs, can be done independently: https://diz-cafe.com/tech/remont-benzopily-svoimi-rukami .html

Electrical appliances are more profitable than gasoline ones due to the fact that they do not need to purchase consumables such as gasoline and oil for the engine. In addition, the electric saw models are equipped with fewer components and spare parts than gasoline units. Yes, the electricity needed to power the saw will contribute to the cost, but the cost of electricity is always less than the price of gasoline. Although economical models of modern chainsaws can reduce this price difference.

Regardless of what type of tool the owner chooses, the saw will become a real lifesaver, facilitating the work of improving the site.

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Chainsaw or electric saw - what to choose for the garden?

When choosing a garden tool for a summer residence, you have to decide the question: Which is better - a chainsaw or an electric saw? Each tool has its own characteristics that need to be considered when choosing.

Every summer resident or owner of a house with a garden understands how important it is to buy a quality tool on time. Without garden equipment, you will not be able to properly care for the site. One of the tools that every responsible owner should have is a chain saw. It will help not only in gardening and dacha work, but also in construction, the main thing is to choose it correctly. When choosing a chain saw, you will need to decide on its type - this tool is divided into gasoline and electrical equipment.

Chainsaw or electric saw: which is better?

Hello dear friends!

Everyone who is fortunate enough to become the owner of a land plot will definitely need their own set of tools. It is very necessary, so it will be impossible to carry out household work without it.

The tools in the kits are often very diverse, and there is always a gasoline or electric saw among them. But which type of saw should you choose? After all, both gasoline and electric tools do chores perfectly. But in any case, you will have to decide.

Electric saws and chainsaws are essentially identical in their purpose. Why then pay twice for the same thing for the same purpose? So, chainsaw or electric saw: which is better for work on the site?

Pros and cons of gasoline and electric saws

If in terms of goals there are no differences between chainsaws and electric saws, then in terms of characteristics, they are, and quite significant. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out what "pros" and "cons" each of the aforementioned types of saws has.

It is worth starting, perhaps, with the compactness, low weight and the need for refueling. In this regard, electric saws benefit significantly. But at the same time, there is a problem associated with the presence of an outlet. If you want to use an electric saw, then you will have to deal with the issues of the outlet and the power supply. Here it is important to decide whether it is advisable to do all this and whether there will really be a benefit from it.

Chainsaws also have a number of advantages, which, of course, should not be overlooked. First of all, it is worth noting their mobility. It means that you can use the chainsaw not only on your site, but also at neighbors, in the forest or somewhere on a part-time job.

But chainsaws have a fairly large weight and significant dimensions, compared to a similar power tool. But they can be taken outdoors, for example, fishing, which cannot be done with electric saws.

When making a choice between electric saws and chainsaws, it is also worth deciding how the tool will be used in the future. If there is a clear understanding that you will not have to use it very often, then there will be no better choice than purchasing an electric saw. But if you plan to work with the tool for a long time and very often, then it is advisable to get a chainsaw.

Among other important factors that must be considered when choosing a saw, it is worth noting the duration of the tool. Do not forget that electric saws can only be used for short-term work. This time is usually no more than 20-25 minutes. This is explained by the fact that electric saws quickly heat up, which can be very difficult for their further use.

Be sure to take into account the weather conditions. If, for example, it is raining, then you should not use an electric saw, as unpleasant consequences may arise in the form of a short circuit and further failure of the tool. You also need to think about safety precautions, compliance with the rules of which will allow you to preserve your own health and even life.

When using an electric saw, however, you don't have to worry about excessive vibration or loud noise. After working with this tool, a person practically does not feel fatigue.

And finally, the cost. For many, this is one of the priority criteria for choosing a saw.

Electric saws are cheaper than chainsaws. The prices for spare parts for this tool are also lower, which is important first of all when it breaks down. The choice, as they say, is up to the buyer.

Difference in power, performance, saw headset and price

Power and performance

As already mentioned, the power of electric saw engines rarely exceeds 2.5 kW, while for chainsaws it can reach 5 - 6 kW. But even an electric saw of 2.5 kW cannot be compared in performance with a gasoline of similar power. The fact is that an electric saw at an average load can work continuously for up to 40 minutes, after which it must be turned off for 20 minutes so that the motor cools down.

Chainsaws do not have this problem, if you do not take into account the cheap household tools. Semi-professional and industrial ones do not require such stops and can work 8 hours a day practically without stopping. The time for refueling with fuel and oil does not count - this operation takes several minutes. It is worth considering that oil is also poured into the electric saws.

Chainsaw chain speed is 25 - 30% higher than electric chain speed. Accordingly, productivity increases as well. Taking into account the possibility of quick movement of the operator with the chainsaw on the construction site or along the board or log, which is difficult for the electric saw due to the presence of the cable, the productivity increases even more. If we compare a chainsaw and an electric saw of the same power, then the performance of a gasoline saw is slightly higher.

Saw headset

Equipped with electric and gasoline saws with the same saw set, with chains of the same pitch and tooth profile. But the length of the bar, and, accordingly, the number of teeth on the chain, are different. Chainsaws are equipped with tires ranging from 35 cm to 1 m long, depending on engine power. Electric saws are equipped with tires no more than 0.5 - 0.6 m.

But this parameter is not as important as it might seem. It is correct to compare only saws of the same power, and for chainsaws with motors of 2.4 - 3 kW, a tire longer than 0.5 m is rarely found. So, according to this parameter, the tools are approximately equal. In logging areas where saws with meter tires are required, electric saws do not work, so there is no point in comparing them.

When choosing a chainsaw and an electric saw, the price does not play a decisive role. Operational properties are much more important. But if you take semi-professional saws, for example, a STIHL 180 chainsaw and a Makita UC4020A electric saw (with comparable power of 1.5 and 1.8 kW), then the price of an electric saw is almost 40% lower than a petrol one.

Oleg, 43 years old

I have been using the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw for 4 years. Powerful, resourceful, saws absolutely everything, even takes thick acacia logs, very obedient. I have never regretted a purchase. although it costs decently. But I did not like my own chain, I replaced it almost immediately, bought it with pobeditovy soldering on the incisors. Very good saw. I recommend to everyone.

Andrey, 24 years old

Bought from hands Storm GC 9937 Three months ago - not completely satisfied! Weak in power, the starter is small and uncomfortable on the hands, presses, there is a primer, but there is little use from it, the saw barely starts, they wanted to take it to the service - we can't find who would take it, everyone shrugs. But the lubricant is functioning normally. In short, we are waiting for when it finally breaks down, in Husqvarna's mind there is a gasoline one, no more savings - it is better to pay once, but use it for a long time.

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