What to make pies from in winter

How to save granulated sugar in blanks

The apples ripened. And now, in the evenings, everyone sits and peels, and they cut apples, and they heat the stove hotter, so that they can dry and cook more.

Grushovka Moskovskaya, Anis, Antonovka are going for drying. Papirovka, Melba and the same Antonovka are good in compotes, and Cinnamon striped, Pepin saffron, Borovinka, Kitayka - they make the most delicious apple jam. A lot of sugar has already been used up, and everyone is full - they have crunched their fill, and everything is boiled: jams, marmalades, compotes, jelly and preserves, and sacks of dried apples grow in the corner - and the apples keep going and going into the house. Where are you, goat, to whom our wonderful Inna Churikova in the film “Ryaba Chicken” brought buckets with ruddy and striped liquid apples, - eat, my dear. We don't have such a goat. Therefore, you yourself will have to get out in the most prosaic way: to make blanks that require a minimum investment of time, sugar, and preferably without sugar at all. Today we will make stocks of apples for filling pies according to proven and quick recipes. Apples - any, but better - Antonov's.

Recipe 1. Cut the apples into slices, add sugar, mix and leave for a day to let the juice stand out. Then we will slowly cook until the slices, not necessarily all, become transparent. Put it in sterile jars, roll it up. For 3 kg of apples, only 1 kg of sugar is required. It works well with 700 g of sugar.

Recipe 2. The apples cut into slices will be dipped in small portions into boiling water. After 1.5 - 2 minutes, catch them with a slotted spoon and immediately put them in sterile jars, covering them with seaming lids. Periodically, you need to tap the bottom of the can on the table so that the apples are tamped down and more of them fit. When the jar is almost full, fill it with syrup as much as it will fit. The syrup is prepared in the same water in which the apples were blanched, add 300 g of sugar to 1 liter of water. Usually 200 - 300 g of syrup is enough for a three-liter jar. Roll up the jar immediately. The apples are extremely aromatic and so tasty that in winter it is often not a matter of pies.

Recipe 3. Blanched, as in the previous recipe, pour the slices not with syrup, but with pre-prepared hot - 90 - 95 degrees - apple juice. In this case, we will do without sugar, but the cans must be pasteurized at a temperature of 85 degrees: a liter - for 15 minutes, a three-liter - 30 minutes. If the apple juice is obtained from a steam juicer, then you do not need to pasteurize, you can immediately roll it up. These apples will be used not only for pies, but also for slices of bread for tea.

Recipe 4. Apples in currant juice. Red currant juice, squeezed out on any juicer, including through a nylon stocking, pour into the jar to half the volume. Put the halves or quarters of apples in jars so that they are completely covered with juice, and 1.5 - 2 cm of juice remains on top. Sterilize jars (0.5 to 2 liters) in boiling water for 25 to 30 minutes. These apples are suitable for open pies - just sprinkle them with sugar when baking, and use the juice to make a cream.

Recipe 5.
Apple shavings. Peel the apples, cut them into shavings on a plastic grater. The shavings, until they have darkened, are immediately placed in jars, and on top you can pour 50 - 100 g of sugar. Sterilize in boiling water: half-liter cans - 20 minutes, liter cans - 30 minutes. During sterilization, the mass greatly increases in volume, so the chips must be placed on 3/4 of the can's volume. This piece works well for puff pastries. The peel removed from the apples can not be thrown away. First, it can be dried and made into morning tea in winter. You don't get fat from this tea. Secondly, this peel can be dipped in water, in which the apple slices will blanch, as indicated in the previous recipes. It will turn out more nourishing. It goes without saying that in all recommended recipes, apples must be cored.

L. Bobrovskaya, gardener

Peach Cobbler. Gourmet daffodil and the most delicate dessert

How delightful the spring flowers are! Gentle, touching firstborn of spring. How they caress the eye, get drunk, excite, inspire. They shout to us with all their looks: “Hurry to shake off the winter slumber! Hurry up to admire us - we are so beautiful! But our beauty is fleeting, like life itself, do not be late. " And we fill our garden with them, inhaling the delicate scent of crocuses, hyacinths, muscari, tulips and daffodils.

Bulb basket like snowdrops in January

I want to introduce you to my favorite. Meet - terry daffodil PEACH COBBLER.

Narcissus "Peach Cobbler" in all its glory

Delightful double daffodil with graceful, rounded perianth lobes, located one above the other in several rows, of the most delicate cream shade. Above them rises a caramel crown with whimsical creamy splashes.

Daffodils "Peach Cobbler" in the rays of the setting sun

Elegant, airy, exquisite dessert. Actually, this is what its name tells us. Peach Cobbler is nothing more than peach baked goods, peach pie, the name of which is given to the handsome daffodil.

The history of the origin of the cobbler dates back to the first settlers from England who reached the shores of America. In an attempt to cook the usual pudding in unsuitable, often extreme conditions, the cobbler was born. In fact, it does not quite look like a pie, the main component in it is fruits, which are soloed in the dessert, and a small amount of dough only complements them. Dessert is amazingly easy to prepare. I want to share a recipe that I have tried many times.


  • Milk -1 glass
  • Flour - 1 glass
  • Sugar - 1 glass
  • Butter - 90 g
  • Peaches - 3 pcs.
  • A packet of vanilla sugar or vanillin
  • Ice cream (for serving)


Pour milk into flour and mix thoroughly.

The mixture turns out to be liquid, do not be alarmed - it should be so!

The next step is to melt the butter and pour it into a baking dish.

Then the dough is poured into the butter. Just pour it out, no need to stir.

Finally, peach pieces are spread over the mixture of dough and butter. Again, you don't need to mix anything - add it and that's it! The cooking gods and oven fairies will do it for us.

We send our workpiece to be baked for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.

A ready-made dessert with a crispy golden crust, tender, melting inside, with an amazing creamy-fruity aroma.

Served warm, with two or three scoops of ice cream, which will melt on our cobbler like belated spring snow, taking us back to memories of delicious flowers.

Narcissus "Peach Cobbler"

Dough with dry yeast in milk

The recipe for a quick dough with dry yeast with milk and margarine is suitable for fried pies. Let the large amount of fat not be intimidating - they are not felt in the finished product, although this baking will be really high-calorie. But such pies will not become one hundred percent stale, they will be soft. So, everything will take about half an hour.

Getting started:

  1. Prepare half a liter of warm milk, a kilogram of flour, half a glass of sugar, a bag of dry yeast (11 g), 10 g of salt, and fat - in this case, it will be 60 g of vegetable oil and 230 g of margarine.
  2. We sow flour, combine it with dry yeast.
  3. Add sugar to warm milk. salt, butter, and melted and cooled margarine.
  4. Pour the milk mixture into flour with yeast. We knead.
  5. After about ten minutes, gently knead the dough and leave it to stand, covered with a clean cloth or towel.
  6. As soon as the dough rises, it can be cut into pies. Ready-made pies do not require proofing, they can be fried immediately.

Potato pies

Potato pie intended for those who love pastries and potatoes. More about potato pies .

Incredible yeast-free sour cream dough and delicious potato filling! Simple but delicious pie with potatoes and onions.

Delicious pie with meat and potatoes. Juicy meat filling and soft, tender yeast dough. An appetizing and hearty homemade cake is a great reason to bring your family together at the same table.

Delicious Ossetian pies with potatoes and cheese - soft, airy and thin dough with a lot of filling. I tried to bring the recipe closer to the original, it turned out delicious! The main thing is not to rush, and you will succeed too.

Incredible dough! Yeast dough with sour cream is very tender! A pie made from such a dough does not stale for a long time. After cooking, you can heat it up in the microwave for another 2-3 days, and the chicken will remain as soft. The filling of chicken, onions and potatoes is hearty and tasty!

This ruddy and hearty pie made from simple products - chicken and potatoes - will delight you and your loved ones with its wonderful taste. Thin dough, crispy crust, a lot of juicy filling and an appetizing aroma - such pastries will definitely not stay on the table!

A simple and very tasty pie with potatoes - you can take it with you on the road or just serve it for lunch.

You must see this! Today I am sharing a recipe for the most beautiful yeast dough cake with potato filling. Almost pie! When the dish is beautiful, it tastes even better! A fun way to shape, be sure to try the cooking!

I am sharing a proven recipe for a very tender and delicious jellied pie that just melts in your mouth. A surprisingly simple and budget option for a delicious and hearty lunch or dinner!

Potato casserole with cheese will always help you out! It is prepared very simply and quickly, it turns out delicious, satisfying and aromatic! Try it!)

Many do not know what to do so that the cake will not leave anyone indifferent! Today is our family meat and potato pie recipe! A few secrets of my grandmother to make the cake even tastier!

Easy to prepare pie. It is very convenient to take this pie with potatoes with you on the road or for a long walk. The filling can be absolutely any.

She made pies a la Ossetian with meat (fiddzhynta), and the filling was not enough, but the dough remained (fortunately, it can be made for future use and stored in the refrigerator). So I decided to use it the next day and create a pie with potatoes and cheese.

Simple, quick and tasty tortillas stuffed with potatoes and two types of onions. We bake cakes in the oven for only 20 minutes. Delicate and soft yeast dough with kefir and a lot of filling - what could be tastier than homemade cakes made with your own hands! Happy baking to you!

Fasting will brighten up delicious pies with potatoes. An economical option, but also tasty, satisfying, simple. Even if you've never made yeast dough, you will succeed.

Traditional baking recipes are simple and proven. Do you still have kefir or sour milk and a piece of cheese? This dish is for you! Recipe for making khychins - Caucasian flatbreads with cheese and potatoes. The dough for thin khychins on kefir is very simple to prepare, especially since it is baked goods without eggs. You will like kefir baked goods.

A simple and tasty version of a jellied pie, the dough for which is prepared with milk. Canned fish and potatoes are used as a filling. Such a hearty and uncomplicated jellied pie with fish and potatoes is perfect for a hearty snack at any time of the day.

Incredibly airy yeast dough in milk, with the addition of a small amount of sour cream, and a delicate filling of mashed potatoes with green onions - such cakes will instantly disappear from the table! The thickness of the layer of potatoes and the layer of dough are almost the same - it's very tasty! Try this cake with tomato juice, you will not regret it. )

This sour cream tuna and potato pie was the highlight of the season at the family dinner.

Recipe for a puff pastry snack pie stuffed with sausage, potatoes and egg-sour cream filling. Thanks to the original design in the form of a flower, a layer cake according to this recipe can even be put on a festive table. Cooking will not take much of your time, as the cake is prepared from ready-made puff yeast dough.

The filling for the Jewish dish called "Pashtida" can be any vegetables, as well as meat products and cheeses. Often this is what is left of the meal the day before. I suggest making pashti with potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

Filled with potatoes, canned fish and green onions, this colorful pie will be enjoyed by lovers of savory pastries. The basis of the dough is kefir and sour cream, but we will not add butter (neither butter nor sunflower). The pouring dough is kneaded once or twice and baked perfectly. The pie turns out to be soft, very tasty, satisfying, with the finest ruddy crust and fishy aroma.

Mashed potatoes, fried pieces of meat and chopped boiled eggs are laid out in layers with sour cream. And on top, the filling is covered with shortbread dough. After baking, the pie with potatoes, meat and eggs turns the filling upside down. A wonderful hearty dish, perfect for lunch.

The jellied pie with mayonnaise and sour cream according to this recipe turns out to be fragrant and ruddy. The potatoes are soaked in the juices of onions and chicken meat and are tender and soft, while the soft dough with a crispy crust makes the taste of the pie even more harmonious. All juices in the filling are preserved. Be sure to make this delicious chicken and potato pie!

It's not a shame to treat such a cake. Delicious, beautiful, hearty and cheap. Not a cake, but a delight.

Apple pie - recipe for dough with potatoes. It's easy to prepare, but you get such an apple pie - you will lick your fingers.

Incredibly delicious brass pies with potatoes and liver. The recipe is budgetary, this is its huge plus. We prepare a yeast dough based on kefir, without eggs, as a result, it turns out to be airy. We take chicken liver, potatoes and a minimum of spices as a filling.

Meat pie is always delicious. But in order to truly appreciate the taste of the pie according to this recipe, you need to understand the taste of lamb (someone has it in their blood, and someone goes through a whole school). The recipe is simple: knead the dough in sour cream, with the addition of butter and eggs, wrap the lamb, potato and onion filling in it - and in the oven. Zira in the filling gives the cake a special oriental flavor. Prepares quickly, eats immediately!

My Tatar wife oh-oh-very rarely, but spoils me with Tatar dishes. So today the presence of free time, mood and a piece of excellent beef coincided in the house. ) The result is the national Tatar pies ECHPOCHMAK (triangle, if in Russian). Yummy, I tell you, extraordinary.

Khychiny - stuffed flat cakes, a traditional dish of the peoples of the North Caucasus. Most often, khychins are prepared with cheese or cheese and potatoes. These cakes are baked in a dry frying pan.

Pie with potatoes and feta cheese - hearty homemade baked goods. The dough is prepared without yeast - from flour, oil, salt and water. The finished pie contains a lot of filling from your favorite potatoes with salty feta cheese and a thin layered dough. Try it! Pretty simple and quick recipe.

A lot of zucchini has grown this year. Well, so as not to get bored, we use them as best we can. I offer you a delicious open puff pastry pie - from what was in the fridge.

Potato pie, because its crust is made from potato dough, and the filling uses a creamy mixture with the addition of fish.

If you have a package of ready-made puff pastry in your freezer, then you are ready for the arrival of any guests.In an hour (provided that the dough is defrosted), you can prepare a royal treat that can even be served at the festive table - a puff roll with mushrooms, boiled eggs and cheese. It is convenient to prepare such a roll after a holiday, when uneaten boiled potatoes, a couple of boiled eggs unused in salads and a piece of cheese remain in the refrigerator.

Today we will make a pie, but we will not start the dough! Let's prepare our favorite filling of meat and potatoes, and instead of dough we will take pita bread! It turns out very quickly and very tasty! Everyone liked it, I will cook more!

Such a pie is made from shortcrust pastry, and smoked fish, potatoes and creamy mass are used for the filling.

Think custard can only be used in desserts? Nothing like this! Today - an incredibly delicious pie: potatoes, chicken meat and cream! An interesting recipe that you want to repeat more often!

Either a tortilla, or a pie made from potato yeast dough. Delicious Italian bread - focaccia with potatoes.

Thin crunchy dough and lots of delicious toppings topped with melted cheese. A biscuit with potatoes, chicken, mushrooms and cheese is a great option for dinner or a snack.

Delicious, soft and tender yeast dough pie with potato and fish filling.

Turkish burek (burek, burek) is made with cheese, meat, spinach, etc. I decided to try borek with pumpkin and potatoes. Thin unleavened stretched dough is prepared surprisingly simply, it does not need to be rolled out. Try to make a puff pastry with potatoes and pumpkin, you will succeed.

Fans of savory pastries will like the Snail pie, because both in terms of taste and appearance it deserves special attention. The basis is yeast dough, the filling is minced meat with grated potatoes and onions. The dough is very thin, but it manages to "hold" a rather impressive layer of filling. Such a potato-meat pie turns out to be juicy and satisfying.

The recipe for kurnik with potatoes describes the preparation of a famous Russian cuisine pie, which is baked with a chicken and potato filling. This chicken chicken recipe does not include the traditional baked pancake pie. A quick chicken chicken recipe with potatoes is easier and less time-consuming to make a pie than a classic chicken chicken.

If you like Dagestan cuisine, then cook a miracle. We offer you a recipe for the Dargin miracle. This is a yeast dough pie with minced meat and potatoes. The miracle turns out to be tasty and satisfying.

I really love these recipes! It is easy to prepare, but it turns out incredibly tasty! All that is needed for this dish is the simplest ingredients and an oven. The only thing, I don't know what to call it, is a potato-meat casserole or a jellied pie with potatoes and minced meat.

We present you an interesting and delicious puff pastry pie for fish cuisine lovers! Those who fast will also find this dish very interesting)

This incredibly flavorful and nutritious open pie is made from shortcrust pastry stuffed with potatoes in egg and sour cream filling with feta cheese and herbs.

I was inspired by shortbread dough. I don't suffer anymore, rolling it out with a rolling pin, but just distribute it in shape with my fingers. And now I have a complete understanding with him)) Today is a shortcrust pastry pie with a simple filling - potatoes, onions, mushrooms. My baked goods with sour cream are very tender.

Potato pie - very easy to prepare, satisfying and inexpensive. You will need flour, yeast or kefir, onions and potatoes. But you can make pie not only with potatoes. Potatoes with meat may not be the only ingredients in such a pie. They prepare a pie with potatoes and mushrooms, a pie with potatoes and cheese, a potato meat pie (a pie with minced meat and potatoes). There are many options for how to make potato pies. You can choose the dough for the pie with potatoes according to your taste. They prepare both a yeast-free potato pie and a yeast pie with potatoes, as well as a puff pastry with potatoes. Just making a pie with potatoes on kefir. Yeast pies with potatoes are the most lush. To cook puff potato pie, the puff pastry does not have to be prepared by yourself. A potato pie with meat sometimes resembles a casserole, but if you want to cook exactly a pie with potatoes, this recipe will be using dough. And be sure to try making the famous Ossetian pie with potatoes. Despite the fact that mashed potato pie is often made, there is also a recipe for raw potato pie. For example, minced meat pie and potatoes can be prepared just with raw potatoes. The filling for such a pie is onion, minced meat, potatoes. The minced potato pie will be more juicy if you put a few slices of butter on the potatoes. As a rule, potatoes are not cut into long pieces, into strips, but into round pieces of potatoes. The potato and meat pie recipe will also help you make the most satisfying pie. There is also a potato pie with mushrooms: potatoes with mushrooms are perfectly combined and a delicious filling is obtained. Pie with potatoes and mushrooms is prepared from various mushrooms, you just need to remember that almost all forest mushrooms should be boiled beforehand, but champignons can be immediately put into a pie with potatoes. The photo will show you how to lay onions, mushrooms and potatoes in layers. Potato cheese pie will appeal to fans of baked cheese, which gives the potato pie an extra flavor. By the way, you can grease the bottom layer of dough with sour cream, then you get a more tender potato pie... The recipe, the photo of which you choose, will also show you how you can decorate a pie with potatoes. Often, pies are pierced with a toothpick (to give steam out) before the pies are baked in the oven with potatoes. A pie with potatoes in a multicooker can be easily prepared by the owners of this convenient kitchen technique.

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How to extinguish lime correctly

Lumps (lumps, powder) of limestone are quicklime. In order to use it to whitewash the trees, it must be extinguished. The name of the procedure is not accidental: when water is added, a violent reaction occurs, in which heat is generated. Therefore, it is necessary to extinguish lime, strictly observing the rules in order to avoid burns.

Put lime in a clean, deep container (for example, a bucket) and fill it with cold water. For getting fluffs the components are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. A reaction will immediately begin, in which the mixture "hisses", splashes and heats up. This is a boiling process that can take up to an hour. You need to wait until the procedure is over and after that you can gently stir the contents with a wooden stick. Lime for whitewashing trees is ready.

Important! During the interaction of water and lime, the slaking temperature can reach 150 ° C. Therefore, work with lime should be very careful. It is advisable to do this with gloves and goggles.

For cooking lime dough 1 part of lime should account for 1-1.5 parts of water. Lime milk obtained by mixing 1 part of lime and 3 parts of water.

How to make the right compost?

Many people believe that composting is a simple matter: put branches, leaves and other organic waste in a box or heap, cover it and wait for it to ripen. Simple, but not quite.

Properly prepared compost will help the soil to restore vitality and increase fertility, and improve its structure. In practice, every farmer knows exactly how to make compost, and prepares it according to his own - the only correct recipe. In fact, there are a lot of options: they include various ingredients, additives, and are prepared aerobically and anaerobically. It is impossible to describe each in detail in one article, so we will focus on the main ones, time-tested and thousands of farmers.

Properly prepared compost will help the soil to restore vitality and increase fertility, improve its structure

I foresee the question: why make compost at home, because now you can buy it? Of course, you can buy. If only you are sure of the decency of the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can not help the earth, but harm it. Only by making the right compost with your own hands, you can be 100% sure that this is real "garden gold".

What you can compost

  • cut grass
  • fallen leaves
  • animal manure and bird droppings
  • peat
  • sleeping tea and coffee
  • eggshells, not heat-treated
  • trimming raw vegetables and fruits

Cuts of raw vegetables and fruits can be composted

  • thin branches
  • paper, feathers, natural fabrics (shredded)
  • straw, sawdust, shavings, seed husks.

What you can't compost

  • vegetables and fruits after heat treatment
  • diseased plants
  • perennial and seeded weeds

Weeds with seeds cannot be composted.

  • synthetic fabrics and materials
  • peel from citrus fruits.

There is endless controversy over additives such as, sorry, human, dog and cat faeces. We will leave this question to the personal discretion of the owners of the compost heap - decide for yourself what and how to make compost. Do you think that such an additive will improve the quality of the finished compost - please! If not, just don't add them. There is no consensus on such additives as the remains of milk, fish, meat, fat and bones.

Compost matures

I will mention one more question that worries many - is it possible to put apples in the compost? In the opinion of practicing farmers, the answer is unequivocal: it is possible, it has been tested in practice. If the compost is made according to the rules, the temperature in it reaches + 60 ° C and above, parasitic fungi die under these conditions.

Organic waste can be roughly divided into groups:

  • Nitrogenous: These include manure, poultry droppings, grass, raw vegetable and fruit waste.
  • Carbonaceous: these are straw, leaves, sawdust, grass, paper, cardboard.

Compost - how to cook

Lay the scraps of branches, chips on the bottom of the container - they will act as drainage.

Composting. Photo from the site ydobreniam.ru

Remember: each layer of waste should be 30-50 cm, then a layer of soil 5-10 cm, then again the ingredients. The more different types of organic waste we use, the higher the quality of the finished product will be. The word compost is translated as "composite", which means that it is impossible to make it from one component. Try composting entirely from grass. As a result, you will get either hay or a slippery rotting mass.

The more different types of organic waste we use, the higher the quality of the finished product will be.

For example, a fertilizer from the manufacturer called Chicken Compost. I was really afraid of what it was made of) I look at the composition: peat, chicken droppings, straw, sawdust and other organic additives. So don't be afraid to get creative - put everything in your compost heap that will benefit the finished product.

A richer and more complete compost is obtained, in which plants are laid that contribute to the rapid formation of humus: chamomile, yarrow, valerian, dandelion. Nitrogen and carbonaceous waste should alternate in layers, as well as dry and wet. To speed up the decomposition process, you can water the pile with a solution of bird droppings or mullein.

Do I need to mix the compost

Yes need. The entire mass is enriched with oxygen, the layers are mixed, decomposition occurs faster, so it is easier to control the degree of moisture in the compost. The more often you shovel, the sooner you will get a mature product.

How to know if the compost is ripe

The compost mass should be crumbly, moist and dark in color. And most importantly, mature compost should smell like forest soil.

When is the best time to compost

There are no strict frameworks here: you can lay layers of organic matter from the very spring, as they become available. In autumn, the harvested tops and fallen leaves are added to the compost. By the way, there are ways to make compost from leaves in a few days!

Fallen leaves can be sent to the compost bin

Did you not have time to lay the compost heap, and it is already winter outside? No problem! Advances in science allow us to compost in winter. According to the assurances of the manufacturers of EM drugs, the finished product can be obtained in 2 months.

To prepare quick compost, you will need food waste, earth (10% of the waste volume) and a solution of an EM preparation (Tamir, Urgas, Baikal M1 or any other).

Preparation Baikal EM-1. Photo from the site cveti-rasteniya.ru

In a hermetically sealed container, put a handful of waste corresponding to the volume of the earth, moisten it with an EM solution and close it. And so on until the container is full.

You can choose preparations to accelerate the maturation of compost in our catalog, which combines the offers of large garden online stores. See a selection of drugs.

The number of containers is not limited and directly depends on the amount of food waste available) The smaller the embedded particles of organic matter, the faster the decomposition process goes. The container should be located in a room with a temperature not lower than + 15 ° С. If all conditions are met, EM compost is ready in 2 months. Naturally, the use of EM preparations makes it possible not only to obtain compost quickly at any time of the year, but also to significantly improve its nutritional properties.

The result of the work invested. Reasonable work is always paid for with positive emotions.

Khrushchev are May beetles and their larvae ...

Discussion in our group on VKontakte:

Marina Ivanova: I have been thinking about making compost for a long time. It is a pity that the container is not described, in which all this good is stored and mixed. Yes, can someone tell me who is standing where (sun, shadow). Most importantly, what does maturing compost smell like?
Irina Furzikova: I never make compost, I think it is inappropriate to carry all the grass first in a heap from the whole garden, and then back from the heap. All the weeded or mown grass goes to add leeks (for a larger bleached leg) or in the aisle of potatoes (retains moisture and as additional hilling), I can fold it under currant or raspberry bushes, raspberries love decaying residues.
Raisa Kirgintseva: Marina, never bought any fertilizer. After all, nature itself gives everything

Raisa Kirgintseva: Very simple and convenient: you put it on top. and at the bottom you open the latch and the finished, recycled compost comes out, there is no better fertilizer. I have such a box where no one walks, so that it does not interfere and the children do not climb.
Raisa Kirgintseva: I copied this box from the useful advice "garden, vegetable garden". And the first time I saw in the cartoon "Peppy Pig" - a useful cartoon, by the way.
Raisa Kirgintseva: And before, I used barrels, poked holes in the bottom and pulled out the finished fertilizer.

Marina Ivanova: Irina, the point is not to put the grass somewhere, but to bring the earth to a more or less normal state, so that at least something would grow on it. Mother has earth - pots of clay, pure clay. And there is also a lot of cleaning waste.
Irina Furzikova: Marina, and cleaning, and waste under a shovel into potatoes or under bushes or apple trees, and into raspberries. The return on such utilization in the same year, and the next year in this place, the land is much better.Worms cannot be overfished in the spring, they are teeming. So why breed them in a box when you can under an apple tree or in a garden bed?
Marina Ivanova: Irina, nooo, we can't do that, too little space. The grandmother of the fazenda had 10 acres, and they did it there. And I want to take a shovel off my mother and put new soil out of the compost instead.)
Tatyana Ivanova: Irina, I also read the opinion that this is extra work - you must immediately put it on the garden bed. And then plant something on it and that's it)
But they persistently write about these compost heaps ... and I don't understand how to mix it ... and how to pull it out from below, if there are branches there.

You can participate in the discussion by going to the page in our vKontakte group.

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