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Purple Moor Grass – How To Grow Moor Grass

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Purple moor grass has excellent use as an ornamental due to its neat tufting habit and charming, persistent inflorescence. Try growing ornamental moor grass in a massed planting for maximum effect. This article will help.

Pampas Grass in the Landscape

Pampas grass is a hard-working landscape plant. Use it to create a living screen or a border backdrop by planting three to five plants together. Pampas grass is good for erosion control and stabilizing stream banks. Or plant it in landscape beds as a focal point plant. It offers multiple seasons of interest as its white plumes develop and then age to a tawny brown. Pampas grass can also be grown in containers. In Zones 6 and below grow pampas grass in large containers and overwinter it in a greenhouse or heated garage.

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