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Mignardise carnation… cannot be eaten!

Here is a carnation which, like its cousins, benefits from a generous flowering! Easy to grow, perennial and as hardy as a poet's carnation, it has an upright hold, even when worn "loose". Its foliage is original, blue gray in color, long and narrow, over time it grows to the point of no longer being at the peak of its elegance, the carnation mignardise then asks to be pruned. it will then again produce beautiful flowers in number and always with that characteristic fragrance of dianthus. There are several varieties of cute carnations, the flowers of which can be single or double, plump, or with drawn and light petals. This carnation has the old-fashioned charm of some English gardens; outdated perhaps, but often sublime.

Botanical name:

Dianthus plumarius

Type of plant

• Family: caryophyllaceae
• Cycle: perennial
• Hardiness: hardy (-28 ° C)
• Foliage: persistent
• Exhibition: Sun
• Ground : any well-drained soil
• Harbor : tufts
• Rooting: roots
• Origin: Europe


• Cold resistance: -28 ° C
• Flowering: from May to July
• Interview : pruning, and watering in times of drought
• Height: 20 to 50 centimeters
• Culture : very easy
• Toxicity: no
• Edible: no

What type of soil for the eyelet:

• Ordinary and drained soil.

When is the carnation sweet?

• Sow carnation from April to June.

How to sow the sweet carnation?

To ensure the seedlings of this carnation, it is necessary to be patient before placing it in the garden. once sown, it will remain under cover until the following spring. Are you impatient? Me too…

• In April in a nursery or under shelter,
• Prepare the boxes filled with planting soil and fine garden soil.
• Sow the seeds on the surface then tamp lightly to fix the seeds.
• Water little but daily to keep the soil slightly moist.
• Once the carnations have emerged, transplant them into containers to leave them in the nursery until the following spring when it can be planted.

When to plant the carnation mignardise in a container?

• In spring, from April.

How to plant the plant?

Prepare the ground:

• Choose a sunny area.
• Loosen the soil to a height of half a spade, about 15 cm deep.
• Amend it with planting soil, possibly a little sand to ensure better drainage.

Plant the carnations in containers:

• Scratch around the clod of the container carnation mignardise.
• Place the carnation plants and fill the gaps with the mixture.
• Water lightly for the first few days, then water only on dry soil.
• Space the plants 20 centimeters apart.

Flowering period:

• Flowering in the months of May and August.
• The flowers stay beautiful for a long time.

Interview :

Watering : in case of drought
• Remove dead flowers.

Other varieties of carnations:

See also the sheet of common carnation or Florists' carnation
See also the poet's carnation card.

Agrees with

• Cockroaches, nepeta….

The sweet carnation with or without a garden?

In the garden : natural border, in flower beds.
Without garden: compose a pot with plants of different heights, you will use the carnation cuteness as a flowering ground cover.

We recap, the poet's carnation in the ornamental garden:

• Cycle: perennial
• Hardiness: hardy -28 ° C
• Foliage: Persistent
• Flowering: May to July
• Color : white, pink, vermilion red, carmine red, two-tone pink and white, red and white, with fringed, lined, drawn petals ...
• Type of soil: normal drained soil
• Sowing: under cover from April to June.
• Plantation: in spring
• Interview : watering in case of drought
• Exhibition: Sun
• Use : border, massive



Height x Width.

Space between plants



summer if necessary

from 20 to 50 cm

30 cm

About 20 cm

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