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Ima three options for a new academic year and the beginning still depend on the epidemic situation, Kaza Minister for Education and Science Krasimir Volchev in front of a journalist, is fed like a new academic year from 15 September - with electronic training, or with the attendance of the lesson.

The ground for a new educational year from 15 septembers depends on the kind of epidemic situation. Ako the situation is normal, the school is still in possession, a form for the organization has been found, explain to Minister Volchev. Still, we will prepare two more options - they will unite option e for partially inherent training, which is generally applicable in the country, crawl and add the results from it disputes, and will add the risk of a temple, whitewashing the education minister.

The third option is e for training in an electronic environment, such as at the moment, but with good organization, Kaza Minister Krasimir Volchev. Tosi, we are imam in time, let us direct the organization in a good way, to protect the direction of the analysis. Kato means organization in a good way, even if it is kindly drawn from all the students, teachers and weekly writing, and in Golyama they often teach synchronously from ten years, using virtual classes of the flock. Platform, which is still crawling, yes, find a good one for a crawl and yes go nyama tova "time uncoordinated, which is in the beginning, partly from the school and partly from the classroom, which from time to time has been cleaned up," comments from the education minister. Such a pre-delivery to the imam, it’s the last time, just put it on, as it’s secondary to the coronavirus, and the start is again on the electronic Wednesday, Kaza Minister Volchev.

That commentary on the topic for the beginning for the new academic year, dissuade the trail of the cat on the topical question on the member of the parliamentary education committee.

"Evening": Cyril and Metodiy not sa "Bulgarian Slavonic enlighteners"

They can’t defy the corab, pushing the Sueckija Canal

Daily Sabah: Protect Turkey ce ottegli from Istanbul Convention

Pile up all the insurance, more than ruin the desnya si krak

Vlakov's disaster in Egypt, many victims and injuries

Zasho Sueckiyat channel remains closed

Macron: Tova e kryat on naivety

Baydun: Strong EU e in interest in SASCH

Baydin announce celta si for 100 days kato president

In 863, when the Slavic missionary activity of St. SV. Cyril and Methodius in Moravia, Christianity in the Bulgarian principality still has not been beaten by the official religion, such as historically testimonies for two brothers, yes mogat and bdat characterize kato "Bulgarian Slavic enlighteners",

Explaining Byzantology, Professor Iliya Velev in the statement for the VECHER newsletter, the trace of the Kato balgarskoto folk gathering of the search for the Old Church Slavonic Cyrillic in the EU da bde brandirana kato balgarska pismenost, and the international praznik, was linked from the deinostde and St. Methods of St. on balgarskata pismenost ".

Osven tova b'lgarskata army at the same time beat nasochennu crush the Moravian mission, write the Macedonian newsletter "Evening" in the material, presented without editorial mention, betraying the Agency "Focus".

"Common Slavonic enlighteners Cyril and Metodiy did not act in the Middle Ages. Bulgarian principality and tyakhnata deinost cannot be connected with the Bulgarian society. It is irrational, than through a demonstration of political will for the most powerful legislative power in the country, and not through a prestigious scientific or cultural institution, it is the experience and practice of the national-romantic hegemony on the balgarskat of Kirillomethodiev's mitomania from the edge in the 19th century. " Byzantologist and professor Iliya Velev, kato i naricha

The last "conditional" provocation against the Macedonian, the excursion of Bulgaria is too much.

The professor explained that since the prez of 863, who had repaired the Slavic missionary activity of St. St. Cyril and Methodius in Moravia, Christianity in the Bulgarian principality was still not beaten by the official religion, such as the historical testimony of St. Cyril's Method. yes bdat characterize kato "Bulgarian Slavic enlighteners".

"St. St. Cyril and Methodius of the foreboding Byzantine missionary, expelled all the hanging floors on the Byzantine social hierarchy of the prezpart half for the 9th century. Those were the Slavic enlighteners in the function of the Byzantine language, and, in plain language, the Roman papacy was politically and politically interested. Common Slavonic enlighteners were not very active in the Middle Ages, the Bulgarian principality, or the Slavic enlightenment tyakhnata of the year 863, could not be connected with the process of the Bulgarian society. For the trade name nyakolko historically presuppositions, reinforcements with concrete facts. Prez 863, when the Slavic missionary activity of St. Cyril and Methodius in Moravia was stored, Christianity in the Bulgarian principality was not yet beaten by the official religion. There, Christianity was officialized through the mediation of Constantinople itself between 867 and 870, and it was covered and literate that it was written about the Byzantine-Greek esik and writing before the Preslav congress in 893 and a few years beforehand in a professional manner. " Bulletin "Evening".

The one who explained that the military union between Frenskata d'rzhava on Ludvig and the Bulgarian principality, which was eaten directly in Great Moravia, was excluded early in 862. In time, start the missionary activity in Moravia, where the presence and the Bulgarian army is.

"The war between Byzantium and Bulgaria was not in motion. The beginning of the peace treaty was excluded in 864 (which means the year, in clear terms, the trace began on the Moravian Mission). St. Cyril and Metodiy mogat and bdat characterize the kato "Bulgarian Slavic enlighteners"? In the opposite case, the date May 11, ie May 24 is new style, it is probable den, when the Common Slavonic enlighteners zaminavat for missionary activity in Great Moravia. Tosi feast was initiated by the prez of 1860 from the Synod on the Ruskat Orthodox Church on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the Slavic Pismenost (863-1863), kato tozi den tryabvashe and the general Slavic feast of the Slavic Enlightenment. and cultured environment of the cathedral ruska the portal of the balgarskata ekzarkhia, which is the ground in the school building of the ss commandment and initiation of neunotation.Tova e historical and cultural context, in which the design is right znikt on obsloslavianskata pismenost ", Kazwa professor Iliya Velev.

For Professor Elka Yachev Ulchar, an application for Sofia, more than praznuva 24 May kato Den on the balgarskata, and not on the common Slavonic writing, and the provocation is not for Macedonia itself, but also for the Ostalia of Slavic saint

Spored Ulchar in naukata e prieto, which is based on the Old Slavonic Yesik e Macedonian dialect from about Solun, and the parvat Slavic alphabet, written from Cyril and Metodii, e Glagolitic.

"Those who wrote books in the Glagolitic alphabet, which is proven in the science. And the sega kazvat, the Cyrillic and Bulgarian alphabet, will also encroach on Cyril and Metodiy. Tuk ima is historically unscientific inconsistencies.

"The trace of all those provocations, and you come from the Bulgarian country, mislya, what the Macedonian policy is, tryabva and give a suitable excuse", Kaza Professor Ulchar in his statement before Channel 5.

Bulgarian parliament has 73 votes in favor, 4 against and 34 "rode in" yesterday at the very beginning of the meeting there was a proposal for the coalition "Unification of the Patriot", voden from VMRO-BND to the vice-premier and the minister to the selected Krasimir Karakachanov, who government on Boyko Borisov, yes premenuva praznikat 24 May from "Den on balgarskata skylight and kultura and Slavic alphabet" to "Den on balgarskata pismenost, skylight and kultura", wrote the Macedonian TV channel "Sitel".

Spore of the authoritative e-parvata stpka k'm recognized on the Cyrillic kato български alphabet in the EU. Tovas are both ambiguous forerunners and are enough for the edge of the reaction to the media and the objections of the citizen through the social network.

"Plus Info" is known in the title of the opinion from Twitter on the occasion of the consumer:

"Ako Kiril and Metodiy bya b'lgari, let them write the Tatar alphabet. (Zab: in Macedonia, a lot of anti-Bulgarian sentiments of citizens will shout b'lgarite" Tatari "). A friend of the consumer write:" Dadokhme Kiril and Metodiy, save Gotse Delchev. "

ako Cyril and Metodiјbile Bugari ќe wrote the Svetatarsk alphabet.

- Tom Soer (@ tomsoer12) October 1, 2020

Electronic edition Express.mk Izvezhda in the title from the new reaction to the Macedonian consumer on Twitter:

"Did Jesus have a Bulgarian passport?"

A friend of the consumer wrote: "Ochakva se b'lgarskiat parliament will soon give a voice, why Adam e beat balgarin, Eva e beat balgarka and yablkata e beat balgarski cherven delicacy and snake e beat sshcho balgarska."

Se ochekuva Bugarskiot parliament hastily and the announcement of the resolution deca Adam beat Bugarin, Eva beat Bugarka, Gabolkoto beat Bugarski crven delishes, and zmiјata beat Bugarian jump

- Gustav Ohridski (@Nopak_od_Varosh) October 1, 2020

"Independent" imezhda in the title and friend of quotes from the socialist mrezh "And Dyado Mraz e Balgarin".

The Skpopskiyat television channel "Alfa" has come out with a commentary entitled "Balgaria si appropriated by Cyril and Metodiy and Cyrillic".

ChinaGroups - reviews

The page was created to track the company's image. Customers / buyers / employees leave feedback on ChinaGroups, expressing their gratitude or dissatisfaction with the services provided / purchased products / work.

Based on the posted information of visitors, an idea is formed about ChinaGroups, which in the future may affect the decision of cooperation between the company and the consumer. For this reason, do not be lazy to leave positive feedback and a good rating to help the development of the company.

If you have an unpleasant incident with the service personnel, you can leave a complaint not only on the official website chinagroups.ru, but also here. A representative of the organization will respond to your feedback and take measures to improve the quality of the services provided.

ChinaGroups is located at Khabarovsk Voroshilov, you can share your impressions of visiting this institution with future visitors.

I want to leave a review later

Enter your e-mail, we will remind you in 5 days.

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What can I write here? They take huge money, promise a lot, but do nothing) At the University they are forced to sign a forfeit, although some of the guys did not have this clause + the contract was initially without a legal entity. force (without the seal of the university).
As for the grant:
Regular university grant. On programs 1 + 4, as usual, one person receives, only because the number of students from several dozen is reduced to one dozen.
Note to parents and people who want to go. The grant is issued according to the number of people who applied for admission directly to the university itself (not to courses).
There were 30 of us. There were about 12 people who filed the docks, where are the rest? We stayed for the second year, went to other universities, and so on. Yes, you can! The question is, what then is the "THEM" program 1 + 4, what meaning does it carry in itself? Unclear.
As for their promises:
They promised us an escort, but as a result, we were allocated a UNIVER bus, not just a company, but students, where there were not only ChinaGroups students.
We flew to China, went through customs, go out into the street, but there is no escort, we write to Dmitry. The answer is something like this: Well, you can do it yourself, we don’t owe you anything else. Later, I realized that the company's employees cannot speak Chinese, but they can hardly speak English, but what kind of English can there be in China, at least now? The Russian-speaking curator barely speaks Russian, knows only typical phrases and that's it.

As for the filing of docks (documents).
The situation is sad, but conclusions can be drawn from it. So you think you are paying a lot of money, which means the level of organization will be normal, but no! The supply of the docks to the university was from late March to mid-May. But there was no notification of this! At the beginning of MAY, we learned that we still had to carry the docks! Wonderful! What to do? More than half of the students do not have an HSK, and after passing the results come only a month later (I am still silent about the lost grades for the first semester).
As a result, we could submit documents by the end of JULY, and although the university claimed that the results for the entire academic year would be taken into account, the enrollment lists were put up before the final exams, so people who did not pass the final exam still received a grant, and even those Those who did not study well in the first semester (they even gathered a separate group for them, thanks to the university), also received, and in some cases higher than those of people who plowed all year.
As for their contract.
Dear Parents! I appeal specifically to you, take and read the contract, it says that: the performer is not responsible for the specified student, his property, life and health, actions and inaction, that is, if your child is lost in China, then no one from the company will take responsibility , although the website says something else, even if you look at the situation when we were not met at the airport.Why did I choose this particular situation? Yes, in fact, as soon as I arrived, I was immediately lost.
Or open the information sheet and take the filing situation. 3 out of 5 conditions for receiving a grant were not met (yes, we also know how to poke a contract). Another point, some of the guys did not have a penalty on payment in the agreement from the CHG (China groups), but the university forced them to sign an agreement, which in fact did not have a legal entity. strength (there was no seal, directly, of the university itself, I will not say anything about the date), to which they said in the ChG, if the university says to do it, then do it.
I read a lot of reviews, it seems that half of them are bought (I will not say anything about the fact that they force students to write them). It is also interesting that Dmitry himself answers, often gets personal (literally calls us “a bunch of little losers”), talks about the unclear growth of the company and, at the same time, talks about unfounded words and facts. Dear Dmitry, if your company grew, the number of “bad” reviews decreased, but did not grow in any way.
Also regarding the academic performance of the language courses, my parents did not see my grades during their studies (which they eventually lost), although the company says it will provide them.
Honestly, I can write endlessly, there are no positive reviews.
Dear Parents, my advice to you is, look for videos or articles on how to enter a Chinese university on your own. Do not worry, any site can be translated, just do not worry about sending documents and other things, in China for admission to YAZ. COURSES show a lot of attention, after all, you pay good money, in general, you are profitable for the university!
Yes, and I advise you to reread all Dmitry's answers to his comments, it will tell a lot about the person.

Anatoly, good afternoon! Are you really embarrassed by my "sharp" responses to comments? Yes, I write them in this style, sorry. And all because not a single person who wrote nasty things here has named himself. Maybe you dare, I would very much like to talk with you on each point of the accusation. Have you met? You know, I have saved a schedule of meetings, and I will be happy to see why you were not met, if this is, of course, true.

Grants received by those who did not study and who did not pass the final exams? And you plowed all year and didn't get it? Is this the insult? Then we will do this: you name yourself, I will post your progress (without specifying the name, of course, so as not to attract a second review), and together we will see who and how plowed.

I love honesty and objectivity in everything, therefore, if you write this for people to see, please be so kind as to somehow confirm your words.

And if you publicly post a screen of my answer to you "Well, you can handle it yourself, we don't owe you anything else", I will return you all the money that you paid for the services. How do you like my proposal? Or have you already lost your phone and cannot find your correspondence history?

And one moment. if you had not been met and abandoned (although it is not clear where the bus from the university came from), then your comment would have flaunted here a year ago.

The situation with the virus in China now and the uncertainty with the arrival dates plunges many into panic, but not for such a response, Anatoly! I will say again that I will endure everything, but for you I am just a company that provided services, now you can scold me. Contact me directly. Why isn't anyone doing this? Never ignored anyone's message. Be people, don't hide behind the nicknames of reviewers!

Let's face it. The impressions of the summer trip to Ludong were mixed. I have gone to educational programs many times, and there is something to compare with.

From the point of view of the Chinese language, everything is amazing! Upon arrival, the students were assigned to groups. Those who felt that the group was out of tier could move to a higher or lower level. Despite the fact that the classes were conducted entirely in the language, the pairs were built so competently that everything was assimilated and the material was understandable. Even in a short time, a lot of knowledge could be gleaned. It turned out to be a very powerful language practice.
There are also no questions for the Chinese (university and dormitory staff). If someone's light in the hostel burned out, the air conditioner broke, everything was repaired as soon as you inform, even in the evening, on weekends. And in general, the people are responsive, they treat Russians well, they are always ready to help. But, do not forget, this is, after all, the merit of the Chinese))))
But the organizational aspects of China-Groups, frankly, upset…. Thank you for meeting me from the airport, taking me through the university grounds and taking me to lunch after check-in. But that was the end of the concern for the newcomers. They often felt abandoned. During the whole period, no one was particularly concerned with us. Sometimes the tutor Andrey tried to save the situation. But he was alone, and there were a lot of us. Thanks to him for his endurance.
Usually, upon arrival, all people gather at the same time, in one place and talk about the general routine, establish communication so that information reaches everyone on time, in the end, so that everyone can get to know each other, but this was not the case here. All notifications were sent to the WeChat messenger. If some of the students did not have WiChat, and the information did not reach them, these were students' personal problems. For example, the Chinese teachers made a remark to us on the first day of school that we did not go to the Tai chi class. And we simply did not know about him ((
In general, in order to solve a problem, you had to go to the office 10 times and be reminded. Or stand above the soul. Otherwise, they simply forgot about the problem ... So, for example, they forgot about my certificate (((Despite the fact that I warned Diana a week before that I was leaving before the others, and passed the exam with the teachers in advance, I was not given a certificate. By the way , Diana simply didn’t come to the office on the day and time agreed with her. And later she didn’t even apologize ...
With payment for tuition, we were driven back and forth several times, there was no clear agreement between the Russian and Chinese representatives of the university, when exactly they will charge us. With educational materials it was even more amusing: some were given textbooks in advance the next day, some were not given them right away, and our group was taken by teachers to the library, where we bought literature ourselves. And so, when the question of payment for educational materials came up, they began to demand money from our group. Moreover, it was not clear why they demanded 300 yuan for educational expenses, when textbooks cost about 100 yuan, and we had already purchased literature for ourselves. It was unpleasant to figure out who owes whom and for what. As it turned out later, 300 yuan is a mandatory fee for everyone, which includes the price for textbooks and additional lessons (wushu, paper cutting, etc.). That is, if you add. You don’t want to attend classes, you pay for them anyway. The situation was resolved when we paid 200 yuan, realizing what exactly this money was paid for. Although, on the China-Groups website this information is laid out in a different way, it is written that additional. classes are free.
In fact, she had nothing against additional classes. For example, I really liked Chinese painting))) True, it was just one lesson. It's a shame that there was no way to take a course. I'd rather draw for three weeks than cut out pieces of paper)

Excursions - full of nonsense from what they organized for us - nothing informative. So, for example, a trip to the wine museum was a waste of 800 rubles. They walked around, trampled on and left the wine store. At the tasting - neither the history of Chinese winemaking, nor the name of the wine were told. Medical history museums are a waste of time. Our stay there was colored by moments of creativity, but that was after the main program of the museum.
We visited all the most interesting things ourselves, just getting together. We took a taxi and went to some place that they found out about on the Internet (True, in contact, on behalf of Ludong, photos of events appeared on behalf of Ludong)) We organized a trip to the Julin temple and the Chinese samovar for ourselves, and not representatives of the organization))

Here's another unpleasant thing - the return transfer is not provided under the main contract. It turned out by chance by the end of the trip, and such a "surprise" awaited everyone. Why can't people be warned about this in advance when they are planning a budget at home?

In general, I recommend Ludong as a university. But the company China Groups would like to ask to be more attentive to people. You can shake the agreement and legal correctness as much as you like (as is observed in not very positive reviews), but humanity has not yet been canceled. If you are making an appointment with people, please come to this meeting. Warn of all costs that cannot be avoided. (For example, the way back to the airport) I just want to respect someone else's time and budget. Still, people travel from afar and have great expectations from the trip (after all, everything is described beautifully on the official website). And it turns out that a lot of money is spent on the trip, but expectations and reality are very different.

What does it cost a young family to build a house?

Last May, the Russian government adopted Resolution No. 285 “On Approving the Rules for Granting Subsidies to Young Families for the Purchase of Housing within the Implementation of the Subprogram“ Provision of Housing for Young Families ”of the Federal Target Program“ Housing ”for 2002-2010.
And since there are more and more rules, changes and innovations on the "housing front" from year to year, let's try to draw up a practical algorithm for the actions of a young family living anywhere in the Volgograd region, to get their own roof over their heads. So.

First step

Who can become a member of the Young Families Housing subprogram?
They can be not only newly-made spouses who are not yet 30 years old (!), But also single-parent families. For example, a young mother (or father) under 30 and a child. Own or adopted - it doesn't matter.
Attention! The priority will be given to families who do not have their own housing, which were registered before March 1, 2005. The state will have a headache about them in the first place. But this does not mean at all that young families who are recognized by local authorities at their place of permanent residence in need of better housing conditions after March 1, 2005, should not even start participating in the “housing” program. This only indicates that they will go through their algorithm a little later.

Second step

On what minimum square meters, paid by the state, can a young "cell of society" count on?
This treasured amount will depend on. the number of children. Thus, young spouses who have not yet had offspring can only count on an amount equal to 35% of the average cost of social housing in a given region.
Spouses with children - 40% of the estimated cost of social housing in the Volgograd region.
At the same time, if we are talking about a subsidy of 40%, including 10% of the costs are borne by the mighty "shoulders" of the federal authorities, 25% is paid from the regional budget, and 5% - from the local.
In the case of a subsidy from the state, which will be equal to 35%, 10% of this figure should still be allocated by the federal budget, 20% by the regional budget, and 5% by the local budget.
And now the most important thing: from what amount will we calculate the coveted 35 and 40% paid by the state?

Third step

Now let's try to calculate the average social cost of housing for our region.
What for?
This is vitally necessary, because of this very amount the state will “pay” the cherished 35 or 40%, which was mentioned above (the second step of our “apartment” algorithm)!
So, the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Utilities "Rostroy" determined that a family of two (for example, a young spouse or a mother and a child) would feel more or less comfortable, it should be located on 42 square meters. m. total area.
And if we take specifically the Volgograd region, then the same "Rostroy" calculated the average cost of one square meter of our social housing, which is equal to 13,400 rubles.
As a result, it turns out that a family of two living in the Volgograd region should have an amount of at least 562 thousand 800 rubles. (42 times 13400 =.). Only in this case, she will become the owner of not very expensive, but her own, and only her own, roof over her head.
If a family consists of three people (for example, a young spouse and a child or a mother with two children), then each family member must have at least 18 square meters. m total area.
Hence the following simple arithmetic operations: multiply 18 by 3. As a result, we get - 54 square meters. m. So many square meters should be in a family of three.
And now we multiply 54 by 13400 and we get a significant amount of 723 thousand 600 rubles. A young family of three should have this social minimum in order to have a corner.

Fourth step

But not everything is so scary! Now the moment has come for the final action: at least roughly calculate the "housing" care of the state for young families in rubles. So, a mother with a child from the Volgograd region will be able to count on a subsidy in the amount of 196 thousand rubles (this is the same 35% of 562 thousand rubles of the total cost of social housing in our region). But young spouses with one child - for a subsidy in the amount of 289,440 rubles (40% of 723,600 rubles of the total cost of social housing in 54 sq. M.).

Fifth step

To participate in the subprogram, a young family submits the following documents to the local government at the place of permanent residence:
but) statement (in form) in two copies (one copy is returned to the applicant indicating the date of acceptance of the application and the documents attached to it)
b) documentationidentifying the identity of each family member
in) Marriage certificate (does not apply to an incomplete family)
d) document, confirming the recognition of a young family in need of better housing conditions
e) documentationconfirming the recognition of a young family with sufficient income or other funds to pay the estimated (average) cost of housing in the part that exceeds the amount of the subsidy provided
f) an extract from the house book and a copy of the financial personal account.

Sixth step

The right of a young family participating in the subprogramme to receive a subsidy is granted only once and is certified by a personal document called a certificate. It is not a security, but confirms the existence of a subsidy issued by the state to repay part of the cost of housing. It is like a financial obligation of the state to this family. The certificate is valid for no more than nine months from the date of issue indicated on it.
At the same time, the family must apply directly to the bank within two months after its issuance. The banks that are ready to work under this subprogram have already been identified - Sberbank, Vozrozhdenie and Russian South Bank.

Step seven

The rest of the money must be found by the young family itself: you can take it out of the stocking, borrow it from parents and other relatives, and earn money.
And if in 2006 110 young families from Danilovsky, Svetloyarsky districts of the Volgograd region and Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd already became owners of their homes, then in 2007 there will be 663 lucky ones. Therefore, everything is in your hands. And a roof over your head - too!

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