Outdoor flooring

Why an outdoor floor

When designing a garden, the space not covered by the lawn is generally paved, both for an aesthetic reason and because in this way it is also easily washable. Where the paved area becomes the space reserved for lunch, greater hygiene is guaranteed than when the ground is covered with gravel.


The choice of material to use for the outdoor floor is quite vast, to ensure that everyone can find the product that best matches the style of the garden. All without distinction have the characteristic of resistance, not only to atmospheric agents, but also to trampling, both of people and cars. The material used to pave an outdoor area is often cut into large slabs and does not follow the same dimensions as an indoor floor. Depending on the size of the surface to be paved, the most suitable material is chosen. The outdoor flooring category includes concrete, terracotta, wood and stone floors. The most usual type is undoubtedly the concrete floor, since it offers the possibility of paving large spaces and compared to other solutions the cost is much more accessible. It is resistant, waterproof and is a solution with an unlimited duration. The terracotta floor uses only outdoor terracotta, because it is much more resistant than indoor terracotta, and in addition it does not require the same maintenance. It is generally used to pave the dining area, or for spaces with rather small dimensions; it is hardly used to cover a rather large surface.

Choice of material in relation to costs

Wood is undoubtedly another very interesting material from an aesthetic point of view, but which has a cost that is not really accessible to everyone, when compared to the concrete floor. Then, of course, the price is also defined based on the size of the surface to be coated. The wooden floor gives the space a very interesting and pleasant aspect, it can be chosen among different shades and in some cases it is also possible to combine two different colors together.

Correct laying of materials

Whatever the choice of outdoor flooring, it is necessary to rely on a specialized person for the installation. Since this is a floor exposed to all types of bad weather, it must be fixed correctly otherwise there is the risk of having to resort, even after a few years, to remedies with the first interventions to replace some tiles.

Stoneware tiles

However, among the many materials mentioned, there is nothing to prevent the use of outdoor stoneware tiles, which are quite common and are used with a certain ease also for covering balconies. Only in this case the size is rather small and looks a lot like an indoor tile, but it is also true that it is absolutely more resistant and can be damaged with great difficulty. In the open space of the garden it is also used to cover the poolside area, or to create paths that cross the green space. You can choose different colors, even if you always prefer to focus on fairly dark shades. The paved areas are absolutely not afraid of the passage of cars or other vehicles because these tiles are previously subjected to resistance tests that test their ability to withstand certain weights.

Where to buy

Outdoor floors can be purchased at DIY stores or at stores specializing in outdoor furniture; however, there are also points of sale specializing only in the sale of a specific material for cladding, as in the case of stone. When you have to decide what type of flooring to use for the garden, you need to have a clear idea and you can also decide to combine two different types of materials. In any case, cleanliness is minimal for whatever material you choose.

Factors influencing the choice

What could instead affect the choice is undoubtedly the thickness of the plate, the color and the cost. When the space to be paved is rather small, it is preferable to use materials with a rather light color that can thus expand the space. The rather dark colors, on the other hand, attract attention, so in a rather large garden they are used to highlight a particular area or create a finish for a detail. All these are small tricks that help in choosing the most suitable outdoor floor based on certain characteristics of our garden, to avoid finding yourself with little green space, where everything else has been paved. Before deciding on the material to buy, you can also request catalogs to preview the final result and realize if it can be the best solution. If you choose a rather particular hand-worked terracotta, for any eventuality it is always good to buy a larger quantity than necessary, to always have some tiles available that will eventually need to be replaced. Often the same covering used for the balconies is associated with the external cladding in the garden, to create a sort of continuity with the rest of the house.

Garden design: perfect outdoor flooring for you

Do you think you have reached a phase of furnishing your home garden, in which you cannot help but delve into the theme of outdoor floors? Then it will be impossible for you to do without the advice that you can get in this section, thanks to which you will discover the facets of different types of products.

In particular, the goal we have set for ourselves is ambitious: to always make you make decisions in absolute awareness. How? By presenting you with a series of very useful information about the so-called terracotta floors, up to those in concrete and even those in stone. In short, you cannot hesitate any longer to visit us.

Garden floor

If you haven't found what you are looking for, contact your shop! The online catalog does not present our complete assortment.

Gray washed floor 40 cm x 40 cm

White-red-green washed floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Rustic salmon floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Marmomicro white-black floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Rustic yellow floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Floor Ventaglio gray sanded 40 cm x 40 cm

Gray brick floor 40 x 40 cm

Red brick floor 40 x 40 cm

Floor Fan red smooth 40 cm x 40 cm

Wood-like slatted floor slide with brown male hook

Rustica titanium floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Floor Red brick 40 cm x 40 cm

Red white sandblasted concrete floor 40x40 cm

Knurled pine board for floor h 300 cm 2 cm x 9 cm

Quartz titanium concrete floor 40x40 cm

Combi terracotta drainage tile

Combi green drainage tile

Pine board 2 cm x 9 cm h 200 cm

Thermowood pine plank

WPC profile for outdoor beige

Wooden board 2 x 9 x 200 cm

Sand "Stonetile" tile

Snaptile tile anthracite color 40x40 cm

Polypropylene tile with wood effect, dark gray color

Closed Combi cotto tile

Multiplate green draining tile

"Rubbertile" tile in shockproof rubber 40 x 40 cm

Brown "Plustile" tile pack of 10 pieces

Gray "Plustile" tile

Acacia tile 30x30 cm pack of 6 pieces

Easywood tile anthracite color 40x20 cm

Polypropylene outdoor tile 50x50 cm

WOODSTILE plank in natural raw wood, 120x40 cm

Classic travertine slab 30x60 cm

White granite slab 30x60 cm

Polypropylene tile with slate effect, gray color

Pine board 4 cm x 12 cm h 250 cm

Green MARTE Line drainage tile

Pool cleaning kit for floor and walls

Slide for Combi self-locking tile with terracotta male coupling

WOODSTILE plank in antique white wood, 120x40 cm

Yellow travertine block, 20x10 cm

Corner kit for self-locking Combi cotto tiles 4 pcs

Easywood tile coffee color 40x20 cm

Yellow travertine slab 30x60 cm

Combi green closed tile

Pine board 4 cm x 9 cm h 250 cm

"Stonetile" slate tile

Brown wood-like slatted tile

Brown wood and HDPE outdoor tile

Outdoor tile in wood and terracotta HDPE

Easy line self-locking tile in green polypropylene

Self-locking polypropylene tile with wood effect 40 cm x 40 cm x 2.5 cm

Adjustable support for outdoor flooring - fixed head

Slide for Combi self-locking tile with green male coupling

Kit 6 slides for Easy brown draining tile

Connection joint "Stonetile" pack of 8 pieces

Easy line self-locking tile in terracotta-colored polypropylene

Fixed plastic support for outdoor flooring

Ramp in wood and brown HDPE

Kit 6 slides for Easy crock draining tile

Kit 4 corner tiles Easy cotto drainage tile

Ramp in wood and brown HDPE

Yellow travertine block, 30x10 cm

Kit of 4 corner tiles for draining Easy green

Kit 6 slides for Easy green draining tile

Corner kit for Combi green self-locking tiles 4 pcs

Corner kit for wood-like tiles with brown slats 4 pcs

Green HDPE and wood outdoor tile

Combi Wood female tile slide

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Outdoor floors: materials to cover the outdoor space

In the choice of material for the outdoor flooring it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions: for example, in areas with a high risk of frost, it is necessary to choose tiles with high resistance to rather rigid temperatures, while in areas with frequent rains it will be advisable to choose outdoor coatings with low water absorption. The materials for external flooring to choose from are many, from stone tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, terracotta, concrete to wooden planks. The choice of materials must follow functional and aesthetic criteria, to integrate into the context in which you intend to place them and complete the outdoor furniture project with the design of solutions that mix materials, shape and color. For example, an outdoor terracotta floor can easily be inserted in a rustic context, to cover terraces, balconies and garden areas. THE outdoor stone floors, on the other hand, they are a solution in natural material suitable for those who want to give a traditional look to the outdoor area. Among the most popular proposals are outdoor floors in wood-effect porcelain stoneware, outdoor floors in stone-effect porcelain stoneware and outdoor floors in marble-effect porcelain stoneware. Wood, on the other hand, has the characteristic of giving a certain warmth to the environment, integrating perfectly into natural contexts such as a garden or outdoor terrain. It is a truly versatile material, resistant to moisture attacks and for this reason it is an effective solution for those who need to use it in environments subject to bad weather. For this a outdoor wooden floor it is made up of very resistant planks that withstand foot traffic well.

Outdoor floors

Among the outdoor floors in natural stone there is MEGA by FAVARO1 which is characterized by the large dimensions available (sizes from 100x100cm up to 50x25 cm) and by the thickness of 9 cm, which guarantees extreme ease of application.

Another example is offered by DIORITE of ZANDOBBIO GRANULATES, outdoor granite flooring particularly suitable for pedestrian walkways.

THE ceramic materials they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments if properly treated there is one suitable for outdoor use AEXTRA 20 by CERAMICHE CAESAR, a modular system for raised floor in porcelain stoneware characterized by high resistance and fine aesthetic finishes.

Among the outdoor porcelain stoneware floors there is STONE D Quarzite dorada by ITALGRANITI, full body monolithic, resistant to salt, mold, fertilizers and verdigris, resistant to frost, drive-over and compliant with EN 14411 ISO 13006 APPENDIX G GROUP BIa UGL.

Another example is offered by SistemN20 by MARAZZI, with non-slip and high performance surface, suitable for designing outdoor or high-stress flooring such as gardens, terraces and gazebos.

For external and internal applications there is PIETRA BAUGÉ by CASALGRANDE PADANA, stone effect porcelain stoneware floor.

Between the floors Wood there is ITALFLOOR BURMISH TEAK, with Teak from Asia, characterized by good dimensional stability and high hardness.

It is also possible to opt for floors in plastic among these there is PONTAROLO TILE, a self-locking interlocking tile in recycled plastic ideal for creating flooring, walkways or drainage platforms in the garden, poolside, showers, etc.

THE synthetic materials they can be used for different outdoor spaces, including those suitable for vehicles, an example is DEKOSTONE by KEMPER SYSTEM ITALIA which involves the use of marble and resin pebbles whose mixture allows the creation of a monolithic, non-slip and draining surface, suitable for vehicles and resistant to wear and thermal shocks.

Floors can also be used to make outdoor spaces more attractive in glass among these there is DIVINEGLASS® LIGHT by ALTIIS, a decorative module for glass flooring that also acts as outdoor lighting.


30 Ideas of Stone Floors for Outdoors and Gardens

THE stone floors they are definitely the best choice for the furnishing of exteriors and gardens, they not only have a remarkable resistance to the passage of time and bad weather but also create a natural harmony with nature by marrying the surrounding landscapes and acting as a link between modernity and the environment.

If you are wondering how to renovate or create a garden with an enviable design, it will be necessary to start from the basic design and the choice of the right walkable covering: therefore, here are 30 ideas of stone floors proposed through as many photos that will certainly be a useful source of inspiration.

Being a decidedly versatile, ecological and resistant material, stone can be used for the most varied applications and, with the right aesthetic precautions, it will be possible to create real masterpieces in flagstone that will frame your home. It is possible to choose between different types of stone and as many cuts, thus opting for particular slabs, cobblestones, without forgetting the cobblestones or the particular combinations capable of forming real mosaics.

Thanks to the beauty and charm of the stone, it is possible with a little imagination to proceed with the execution of unique designs of their kind that create beautiful areas to be enjoyed at their best in all seasons. In fact, let's not forget that installing stone floors with the necessary precautions also has the advantage of moving above a permeable and draining surface that will avoid annoying accumulations of water.

Of course, if you want to make the outdoor space and garden area of ​​your home unique and spectacular, you will certainly find our suggestions for creating beautiful garden ponds, glass greenhouses or fences with an original and fun design useful. We leave you now at 30 photos of the beautiful stone floors, let us know which one you prefer ...

The evolution of porcelain stoneware: simply unique!

What makes GreenTile 2.0 flooring special is the increased thickness of 2 cm.

More than double that of a normal tile, which also allows the so-called floating laying.

save the costs of preparing the laying surface.

reduce construction times but also those of usability as you will not have to wait for mortars or boilers to dry.

the ease of installation makes it ideal for DIY

Porcelain stoneware for outdoors

Our offer of Outdoor stoneware includes a full range of e outdoor floors, available in different sizes and shades. In addition, a vast assortment of numerous natural effects obtained with highly technological production processes.

  • Slabs from 10mm to 14mm, from 30 × 60 cm sizes up to large 90 × 90 or 60 × 120 cm sizes.
  • Nuances ranging from light beige to dark gray and black.

In our store you can also find 20mm Porcelain Stoneware for Floating Floor is Floating floor.

Visit our online catalog, you will find numerous solutions of outdoor wall tiles and outdoor flooring.

Porcelain stoneware outdoor flooring prices outlet, with Discounts up to -80% available in stock. If you are looking for a Economic Outdoor Flooring, but at the same time of quality, Select and execute your online order, you can receive your purchase at home. Or, come and visit us in ours outlet.

Outdoor floors: how to choose the best

Italgres to choose the best outdoor tile.
When you are about to design an outdoor flooring - that it is for the garden, terraces, or from the entrance, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors concerning the conformation of the ground and the space available.

In examining each of these factors we see that, in the design phase, it becomes it is essential to choose the right outdoor flooring in order to make outdoor spaces more livable, possibly designing paths, access roads, coatings and flooring for terraces and arcades.

Obviously, climatic conditions also play a fundamental role in the design and choice of outdoor floors for example, in areas with a high risk of frost it will be necessary to orient oneself on tiles with high resistance to rather rigid temperatures, while in the case of areas with frequent rains it will be advisable to choose low water absorption outdoor coatings.

THE floors and exterior coveringsin addition, they must necessarily be easy to clean and maintain, as well as not very porous in order not to absorb moisture. They must also resist shocks and tractions, to avoid breaking or splintering.

Outdoor floors: why choose outdoor porcelain stoneware

The material that best meets the criteria and needs of an outdoor floor (that is, stability, resistance, durability and quality, as well as, of course, a certain aesthetic) is the porcelain stoneware for outdoor use it is a compact and hard, colored, non-porous ceramic.
It is obtained by synthesizing the purest materials (minerals, kaolin, feldspar, clay): compacting takes place without the addition of adhesives and resins but by pressing.

There porcelain stoneware tile it is therefore composed of a support, which gives the typical resistance of stoneware, and a glazed part that defines its aesthetic result. However, the tile remains a single and compact piece.

Advantages of porcelain stoneware for exteriors

The stoneware for exteriors it is the material that stands out for the lowest water absorption values, ie the amount of water that, in particular conditions, the sheet can absorb.

From this characteristic also derives the most high degree of flexural strength, i.e. the maximum tension that the material, subjected to an increasing bending action, can tolerate before breaking.
Furthermore, among the most salient characteristics of porcelain stoneware we also find the very high abrasion resistance, that is the resistance that the surface opposes to the actions connected with the movement of bodies, surfaces or materials in contact with it.

Cost of external flooring?

Up Italgres online you can choose from a wide range of exterior tile in stoneware suitable for covering the outdoor space and ideal for any type of design application: terraces, gardens, swimming pools, and much more, non-slip and wear-resistant, from simple installation and maintenance (cleaning and sanitation).

As we have seen, porcelain stoneware is an extremely resistant, hygienic material with an elegant aesthetic thanks to its vitrified surface that makes the tile completely water-repellent and with high mechanical resistance characteristics. surface, a high resistance to loads and wear.

To summarize, here are the advantages of outdoor porcelain stoneware floors:

  • Impact and stress resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Antifreeze
  • Resistance to chemical attacks
  • Stain resistance

Outdoor floors: types of porcelain stoneware for your home

Among the most popular proposals present in our outlet there are:

  • Faux wood outdoor flooring, which allows you to recreate a natural flooring by perfectly imitating the finishes of a real wood parquet,
  • Stone effect tiles for outdoors
  • Outdoor floors in concrete-effect stoneware
  • Outdoor floorsmarble effect, which give the environment classicism and elegance

The peculiarity of the products on sale at our store is that it is natural effects obtained with highly technological production processes.

The paving of outdoor environments usually takes place by means of tiles, planks or tiles.

Video: start to finish porcelain patio tile tutorial

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