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The rose is certainly the most representative flower in the language of flowers.

"A rose is a rose is a rose" wanted it to be written on his grave by Gertrude Stein, an American writer and poet who lived between 1874 and 1946 and never was the definition of this flower more impeccable.

Alfredo Cattabiani writes in his Florario: «Contemplating it, according to our psychic and spiritual condition, many and different symbols will be evoked: the most elementary, inspired by its short duration, is the impermanence of life, as Decimo Magno Ausonius wrote in the fourth century in the wake of many Latin poets:
A single day embraces the life of the rose
in an instant it unites youth and old age ».

In Greek mythology the rose is associated with the goddess Venus. In fact, when Cronus cuts the genitals of his father Uranus to take his place in the government of creation, he throws them into the sea and immediately a foam is generated from which Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is born. From that same foam a bush full of thorns was born on which the gods threw nectar, giving birth to white roses. One day Aphrodite while running to the aid of her lover Adonis, mortally wounded by a boar sent by Ares (Aphrodite's husband), injured herself with a thorn of white roses and the blood, which gushed out copiously, dyed the flower red and so was born the red rose. Giambattista Marino writes about it The Rose:

«(...) Ne the beautiful wound
the rose then dipped
and his candor painted;
while the lost goddess
of the flowery cheek
discolored the roses
fe 'di novo color the other pompous (...)
And you - he said - will be
my favorite flower
of my blood coated
de 'fior the scepter you will have "

In Persian poetry it is said that in May, when the roses are in bloom, the nightingales sing thus declaring their love for this flower.

And there are so many meanings attributed to this beautiful flower. Religions also attribute different meanings to the rose such as the Christian religion which associates the white rose with the Holy Virgin, the pink one with the Infant Jesus, the red one with the blood shed by Christ and therefore considered the rose of the passion.

Today, roses have different meanings, also depending on their color:

  • the white rose represents not only candor and purity but also silence and secrecy;
  • the red rose represents the truest romanticism and must be given if you want to declare a passionate and deep feeling of love to a person;
  • the variegated flower rose represents betrayed love;
  • the orange rose transmits a message of enthusiasm, of joy but also of attraction and desire towards a person;
  • the peach rose represents modesty as well as optimism for the future;
  • the yellow rose has always expressed jealousy, deceit and betrayal. Today, however, this meaning has been revised and it is given more a meaning of friendship, affection, joy of taking care of a person (remembering the yellow of the sun);
  • roses with light yellow petals tinged with pink represent a true and sincere friendship;
  • roses with petals faded from white to green wish a happy, prosperous and healthy life;
  • the pink rose conveys admiration, lightheartedness, happiness and also gives itself the meaning of innocent love;
  • the blue rose (a color that does not exist in nature but artificially created by man with particular dyes) when given indicates that one is unique because not even nature has been able to create it.

We also have a meaning based on the variety of the rose:

  • the dog rose: represents independence but also poetry;
  • the capuchin rose: represents the pomp and splendor;
  • the rose hip: it means that a person is beautiful but capricious;
  • the rose of Bengal indicates that the person to whom it is given is composed and serious;
  • the rose of China means asking to be reconciled;
  • the tea rose: symbolizes the kindness of the woman you love.

Even the number of roses that is given has a precise meaning:

  • giving 1 rose means simplicity. But if given on a first date it means that there was love at first sight. If given to your loved one it means that you are still in love;
  • giving 2 roses means affection, engagement or desire to get married;
  • giving 3 roses generally in the first month of engagement indicates the love feeling;
  • giving 6 roses means that your loved one is missing;
  • giving 7 roses means telling a person that we are interested;
  • giving 9 roses means that you want to have a long and lasting relationship with your loved one;
  • giving 10 roses say that you are a wonderful couple;
  • giving 12 roses means telling your loved one that you want to spend the rest of your life with them;
  • giving 13 roses means that there is a great friendship;
  • giving 18 roses means that you are apologizing for some event that happened;
  • giving 24 roses means I love you and I belong to you;
  • giving 40 roses means sincere love;
  • giving 50 roses means endless love.

Well ... we have something to choose.

Rosa: language of flowers and plants

The attribution of a symbolic meaning to flowers and plants was the work of Mary Wortley Montagu, who at the time was the wife of the English ambassador to Constantinople. During his stay in the Turkish capital in the first decade of the 1700s, he learned of selam, a local custom that attributed symbolic meanings to all sorts of objects, but above all to flowers, fruits and plants. He reported everything in some of his letters that were published in 1763, which gave great resonance in Europe to this topic with numerous publications on it.

TO | Holly: come on ...

Abutilon: meditation.
Holly: strength, endurance and foresight. See Data Sheet
Alisso (Lobularia maritima): value beyond beauty.
Laurel: triumph, glory and success. See Data Sheet
Anemone: desolation, abandonment, feeling abandoned, feeling betrayed. See Data Sheet
Orange: generosity. See Data Sheet
Aster: intellectual depth and eternal love. See Data Sheet
Azalea: luck and fragile passion. See Data Sheet

B. | Bacopa: consciousness ...

Bacopa: pure conscience. See Data Sheet
Hawthorn: hope and prudence. See Data Sheet
Leon's mouth: indifference and presumption. See Data Sheet
Bouvardia: enthusiasm. See Data Sheet
Snowdrop: consolation and hope. See Data Sheet
Beautiful during the day: coquetry. See Data Sheet
Beautiful at night: shyness. See Data Sheet
Beautiful of Ireland: good luck.
Brassica: profit, is associated with births. See Data Sheet
Bougainvillea: passion. See Data Sheet

C. | Cactus: passionate love ...

Cactus: passionate love. See Data Sheet
Calamondino: luck. See Data Sheet
Calla: modesty. See Data Sheet
Camellia: sacrifice. See Data Sheet
Red camellia: flame in my heart. See Data Sheet
White camellia: you're adorable. See Data Sheet
Campanula: perseverance and hope. See Data Sheet
Celosia: immortality. See Data Sheet
Cyclamen: shy hope. See Data Sheet
Clematis: joy, luck, success.See Data Sheet
Chrysanthemum: symbol of the commemoration of the dead. See Sheet

D. | Dahlia: gratitude ...

Dahlia: gratitude, good taste and dignity. See Data Sheet
Dimorfoteca: freedom, to be free. See Data Sheet
Dipladenia: overcoming difficult situations. See Data Sheet
Dracaena: you are about to fall into the trap. See Data Sheet
Drosanthemum (Jupiter's Beard): triumph and victory over the enemy. See Data Sheet

IS | Ivy: fidelity ...

Ivy: fidelity, exclusive love. See Data Sheet
Heather: solitude. See Data Sheet
Eucalyptus: protection. See Data Sheet
Euryops: means "big eye". See Data Sheet

F. | Fern: sincerity ...

Fern: sincerity.
Cornflower: delicacy, first love and bliss. See Data Sheet
Wax flower: consecration.
Orange flowers: virginity, fecundity and purity.
Cherry blossoms: good education.
Lotus flower: purity.
Peach flowers: immortal love. See Data Sheet
Freesia: lasting friendship. See Data Sheet
Fuchsia: grace and grace. See Data Sheet

G. | Gardenia: sincerity ...

Gardenia: sincerity and refinement. See Data Sheet
White carnation: fidelity. See Data Sheet
Red carnation: anger, resentment and energy. See Data Sheet
Gaura: superb. See Data Sheet
Gazania: wealth.See Sheet
White jasmine: kindness and affection. See Data Sheet
Red geranium: you are a comfort to me. See Data Sheet
Pink geranium: I prefer you. See Data Sheet
Five-spotted geranium: humiliation. See Data Sheet
Scarlet geranium: stupidity. See Data Sheet
Imperial geranium: stable relationships, sentimental stability. See Data Sheet
Gerbera: cheerfulness. See Data Sheet
Lily: purity and royalty. See Data Sheet
Sunflower: adoring love. See Data Sheet

THE | Iberis: indifference ...

Iberis: indifference. See Data Sheet
Hibiscus: delicate beauty.
Iris: faith, hope, good news and sincerity. See Data Sheet

L | Lavender: good luck ...

Lantana: rigor. See Data Sheet
Lavender: good luck, mistrust and detachment. See Data Sheet
White lilac: purity and virginity. See Data Sheet
Yellow lilac: I'm in the clouds. See Data Sheet
Lemon: enthusiasm. See Data Sheet
Lithodora: strength and fragility. See Data Sheet
Lobelia: despair. See Sheet

M. | Magnolia: nobility ...

Magnolia: nobility and dignity. See Data Sheet
Mandevilla: flashy beauty symbolizes overcoming problems. See Data Sheet
Daisy: simplicity, spontaneity and purity. See Data Sheet
Mimosa: innocence, freedom, autonomy and sensitivity.
Thrush: virginity, coquetry. See Data Sheet
Peppermint: warmth of feeling. See Sheet

No. | Narcissus: uncertainty ...

Narcissus: uncertainty and unrequited love. See Data Sheet
Nemesia: justice and respect for the rules. See Data Sheet
Do not forget me: eternal love. See Data Sheet
Water lily: purity of heart. See Data Sheet
New Guinea: impatience, virility. See Data Sheet

OR | Orchid: sensuality ...

Olive tree: sacred plant, symbol of peace. See Data Sheet
Orchid: sensuality, passion and refined beauty. See Data Sheet
Ballerina orchid: spiritual perfection and harmony. See Data Sheet
Origan: joy. See Data Sheet
Ornithogalum: reconciliation. See Data Sheet
Hydrangea: birth of a love. See Data Sheet

P. | Pink poppy: serenity ...

Pink poppy: serenity, vivacity. See Data Sheet
Red poppy: pride. See Data Sheet
Petunia Nana: love that cannot be hidden. See Data Sheet
Smile plant: Laughter, joy, smile. See Data Sheet
: desire or mourning, in the sense of eternal.
Parsley: festivity. See Data Sheet
Passionflower: fidelity. See Data Sheet

R. | Rhododendron: first love ...

Rhododendron: first love. See Data Sheet
Orange rose: seduction. See Data Sheet
White Rose: silence and purity. See Data Sheet
Yellow rose: jealousy and infidelity. See Data Sheet
Peach pink: modesty. See Data Sheet
Pink rose: tenderness, grace, friendship and innocence. See Data Sheet
Red rose: passion and true love. See Data Sheet
Dark red pink: unconscious beauty. See Data Sheet
Purple rose: enchantment. See Data Sheet
Rosemary: I remember. See Data Sheet

S. | Houseleek: home economics ...

Houseleek: domestic economy. See Data Sheet
Sensitive Plant: sensitivity. See Data Sheet
Stramonium: camouflage. See Data Sheet
Spatafillo: I will defend you. See Data Sheet

T. | Tulipano: true love ...

Tulip: true love. See Data Sheet
Red tulip: love declaration. See Data Sheet
Yellow tulip: the sun is in your smile. See Data Sheet
Violet tulip: modesty. See Data Sheet

U | Ulmaria: vanity ...

Ulmaria: vanity and uselessness.

V. | Pansy: intense thought ...

Pansy: intense and romantic thinking. See Data Sheet
Violet: humility and modesty. See Data Sheet
Mistletoe: I overcome all obstacles. See Data Sheet

Language of flowers: the meanings of the colors of roses

love secret e passion, but also friendship is respect: if you know the language of flowers you already know that each rose has a specific meaning.

Make no mistake in identifying color then, follow the our advice and choose the right shade of rose to give according to the occasion. If a particular day is approaching and you want to buy a gift for your loved one or for your loved one… express your feelings with a flower!

Flowers always represent a gift welcome: donating a bouquet of flowers is a special thought and pleasant, which will make happy not only those who receive it but also those who must give it.

In fact, look for the right colors, and learn the language of flowers, is an interesting and curious way to find out more about plants and their history.

In this post we have focused mainly on rose, which has always been one of the most gifted flowers. But these beautiful flowers are not alone the love as you might think: the meanings are different and unique, ideal for any occasion or gift special.

The Rose it is without a doubt the flower most used as a gift, available all year round and with a practically infinite range of shades. Through its gorgeous colors you can open your heart and make those you love happy. If you are doubtful about the color, don't worry: here are all the meanings of roses according to their shade.

  • Red rose: symbolizes passion and love.
  • Orange rose: represents charm and beauty.
  • White Rose: innocence, pure and spiritual love.
  • Pink rose: friendship. Give it to a dear friend of yours, as a sign of affection.
  • Blue rose: become famous for the song, it represents mystery and wisdom.
  • Yellow rose: the most cheerful color is a symbol of liveliness, but also of jealousy.
  • Coral pink: desire, desire, desire!
  • Mossy rose: perfect for a whimsical beauty.
  • Carnicina pink: do you want to keep a secret? This is the perfect color.

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