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Lepismium houlletianum (Snowdrop Cactus)

Lepismium houlletianum is an epiphytic cactus with long, flattened, and notched stems that grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long. Flowers are…


The species snowdrop Galanthus reginae-olgae blooming in our garden in October with ‘Shell Pink’ lamium.

Our 2021 Snowdrop Catalogue is on line here, and we are currently taking orders.

Around this time every year, I start to get emails from customers and blog readers asking which early-blooming snowdrops will be available for purchase in our catalogue. When you see the photo above, you can understand why gardeners who appreciate snowdrops are trying to extend their season into early fall. Early snowdrops are beautiful in their own right but especially appreciated when not surrounded by the many other snowdrop cultivars that flower in the heart of the snowdrop season. And this beautiful clump of fresh white flowers is in full bloom when everything around it is going by for the year.

Highlighted in this post are five, early-blooming snowdrops that will be available in the 2020 catalogue. Keep in mind that exact bloom time is affected by how quickly the soil cools off in the fall and the amount of moisture available to the bulbs—warmer and drier falls seem to equate with later-blooming.

Nursery News:Our 2020 Snowdrop Catalogue is on line here, and we are currently taking orders. If you would like to get email notification, please send your full name, cell number (for back up contact use only), and your address if mail order to [email protected] We do not take advance orders for snowdrops.

Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is a retail nursery located in Bryn Mawr, PA, specializing in showy, colorful, and unusual plants for shade. We are open from approximately December 15 to June 15. The only plants that we ship are snowdrops to US customers only. For catalogues and announcements of local events, please send your full name, location, and cell number (for back up use only) to [email protected] Click here to get to the home page of our website for catalogues and information about our nursery and to subscribe to our blog.

Galanthus reginae-olgae looks a lot like the common snowdrop, G. nivalis, but it blooms reliably by mid-October in our garden, and it has a more rigidly upright habit.

G. reginae-olgae also lasts a long time—here it is looking a little worse for wear on December 3.

The G. reginae-olgae that we sell comes from bulb expert Charles Cresson who selected it as a form that thrives in our climate as opposed to the other forms of this species he has trialed. I too have tried G. reginae-olgae from other sources without success.

Galanthus elwesii ‘Potter’s Prelude’ begins to bloom in mid-November in our garden and can often last into January. It is a rare American snowdrop selected in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s.

‘Potter’s Prelude’ is a great companion plant for fall-blooming camellias—here with the petals of ‘Winter’s Joy’.

‘Potter’s Prelude’ has beautiful foliage. The leaves of early-blooming snowdrops come out with or immediately after the flowers, which means that, if we have a hard winter, they can look somewhat battered when it is snowdrop shipping time in late February or early March.

Galanthus elwesii ‘Barnes’ is a November-blooming snowdrop so highly regarded in England that it has earned the coveted Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, one of only 28 snowdrops to do so.

‘Barnes’ in our garden

‘Barnes’ also remains ornamental for a long period of time. It still looks great here at the very end of December.

Galanthus elwesii ‘Standing Tall’ is a very large and beautiful December-blooming snowdrop selected by bulb expert Charles Cresson in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, after many years of evaluation.

The big flowers have beautiful dark green markings.

It is a bold plant that can hold its own among evergreen groundcovers like the Chinese wild ginger in the photo.

Galanthus elwesii ‘Xmas’ , a December-blooming snowdrop, originated at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC. I introduced it and named it ‘Xmas’ because it blooms around Christmas and has a distinct X on its inner segments.

‘Xmas’ is quite vigorous in my mid-Atlantic garden.

Each plant quickly produces two or three flowers.

‘Xmas’ is gorgeous on a sunny December day.

When you look through our catalogue in December, think about adding some of these beautiful, early snowdrops.

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Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is a local retail nursery in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, U.S., zone 6b/7a. The only plants that we mail order are snowdrops and only within the US.

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Snowdrop flower bulbs are small bulbs that are often sold “in the green” or undried. They can very easily dry out, so they won’t be happy sitting around for weeks on end waiting for you get around to planting them. You will want to purchase your snowdrop bulbs and plant them immediately after you receive them.

Snowdrops are a pest-free plant. Rabbits and deer won’t eat them either, and most chipmunks and mice will leave them alone.

Snowdrops don’t often multiply from seed in a garden, but they will multiply by offsets. Offsets are new bulbs that grow attached to the mother bulb. After a couple of years, the clump of bulbs can be quite dense. If you wait until the flowers fade but the leaves are still green and vigorous, you can easily increase your planting. Simply dig up the clump, separate the bulbs and immediately replant them in the new spaces that you already prepared.

If rainfall is lacking, make sure you water the bulbs until their leaves turn yellow and the snowdrops are dormant.


Potted into a tapered cement planter with drainage hole/s measuring 14 cm w x 14.5 cm h using a quality cact-perlite-peat mix.

Lepismium houlletianum is a sub tropical trailing plant with paper thin foliage, perfect for hanging baskets. It is an epiphytic cactus, meaning it likes to grow onto a plant or tree but not in a harmful or parasitic way. It is native to South American rainforests where it lives in the upper storeys of trees, receiving bright, semi shaded light. Typically, this plant doesn’t like extremes of heat nor cold and can be brought indoors for protection. Outdoors, place planter where it receives morning sun and afternoon shade, particularly in summer. It will happily grow indoors but take care to ensure that this plant does not receive direct light indoors after midday in summer. Place in a south facing position which is warm and bright. It prefers a richer soil than most succulents, some sand can be added for drainage, but select a premium potting or orchid mix. It doesn’t like to dry out so can be watered more than your average succulent.

We deliver to inner Melbourne and surrounding metro suburbs. It is preferable to deliver plant gifts to a workplace, otherwise, please ensure someone is home to receive their plant gift or nominate a safe place to leave (all care, no responsibility). If unable to be delivered due to no concierge, no appropriate place to leave, no one home or no way of getting into an apartment building then goods will be returned to base for collection by purchaser or a re delivery fee will be charged.

Plant gifts are wrapped in sustainable hessian which is compostable and biodegradable with gift and care card attached. Please provide personal message to be added to gift card at checkout under ‘notes’ (below shipping address details). You may like to include a ‘to + from’ with your message and nominate the occasion so we can match with an appropriate gift card.

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