How to change the look of a summer cottage

New ideas for your garden

On autumn and winter evenings, when we already miss our beloved gardens, when looking at photographs of summer colored landscapes, new ideas will surely come to mind that we have not yet had time to bring to life last summer. There is time to think, make a few sketches, choose the best one and gradually prepare materials for its implementation.

Spring, summer is the best time to somehow transform the usual look of the garden. Sometimes it is enough to add a little small details to the garden landscape, and it immediately revives, changes the mood of the hosts and guests. Moreover, transformations can be done throughout the season, and not only in the spring. In addition, in the summer, the "roughness" of the garden decoration is very clearly noticeable, they must be written down immediately so as not to miss anything later. These records will help you draw up an improvement plan during the winter, as well as schedule the purchase of the necessary plants.

You can start right from the entrance to the site. Craftsmen can transform a gate or gate with the help of a wooden sculpture in the style that is closer in spirit to your garden. Here you can meet "guardians of the place" in the form of stylized birds, horse heads, forest men and even mermaids on the bank of a small pond. And, mind you, all the material at hand is that which is uprooted and most often simply burned. The roots, washed from the ground, show the most unexpected silhouettes and interweaving of underground branches.

It is also possible to organize a competition: who best reflects in the name the meaning of the statue, which has been waiting for its finest hour underground for so long. Cuts of old trees can also serve as supports for lianas and bird houses, hanging baskets with annuals, viols, fuchsia and other floral plants.

A gate, a fence will even decorate annual vines, which can be planted in container "packaging" at any time: morning glory with purple flowers - gramophone, echinocystis (wild cucumber) with lush greenery - fluffy flowers and many fruits with a "wet" insides. At the end of the season, the fruits of echinocystis are harvested, dried and used in floristic compositions. It is better to sow its seeds before winter, then there will certainly be seedlings in the spring (with spring sowing, they do not always germinate).

Fragrant hops are good on posts and gate gates. More durable, of course, will be ordinary perennial hops, which are propagated by root cuttings and layering. If you plant female and male specimens side by side, then the dense greenery on the supports, trellises, and the fence mesh will be revived at the end of summer with light green cones - the healing fruits of hops.

If your site is fenced off with a fence, a net, but you want to decorate them and hide from the immodest gaze of neighbors, it is worth planting maiden grapes along the fence. This unpretentious, durable vine will braid any plane with a dense carpet, and what a crimson, with blue-black berries (inedible!) The living wall will become in the fall! The maiden grape is one of the most elegant types of lianas in our strip.

Propagated grapes by layering throughout the season, as well as winter cuttings before bud break. Cuttings with two or three buds are planted in the spring, laying horizontally in a narrow groove along the fence, to a depth of 8-10 cm. A hedge made of vines is necessary in those gardening that ended up in the city to protect the site from the harmful exhaust gases of many cars.

Unlike sheared hedges made of cotoneaster, barberry, conifers and other species, maiden grapes do not require cutting and special care. Adding humus and complete mineral fertilization in the spring is all that he needs. Planting material grown in containers allows grapes and any other type of plants to be planted throughout the season. Lianas of Amur grapes, woodworm are used in a similar way.

The arches of greenhouses will greatly benefit if you let the shoots of decorative beans, sweet peas, echinocystis run along them. In other places for these vines, a support is made in the form of a hut made of willow twigs, tied at the top into a bundle with twine. When the plants bloom, you get an elegant cone. Place such a "small architectural form" in a sunny place.

In sunny places, including between bushes of raspberries, blackberries, decorative sunflowers (and even Jerusalem artichoke) will look great. Now on sale there are many varieties of them with various colors (not only yellow, but also red-brown, bronze) and double inflorescences.

I would like to decorate outbuildings for various purposes and, if necessary, disguise them with floral plants. High garden balsams, Jerusalem artichoke, musk mallow, Sakhalin mountaineer, Golden ball rudbeckia, lavater, summer chrysanthemum successfully decorate compost containers, toilets, sheds and other structures.

Balsams, lavater, summer chrysanthemum grow as giants, sometimes above 1.5-2 m, often reproduce by self-seeding. But it is better to sow lavater and chrysanthemum in spring under a film, chrysanthemum seeds can be scattered in free places in late autumn. Musk mallow is an ancient plant, it has been grown in front gardens since ancient times, it may well create a living summer hedge, and if you do not cut its stems for the winter, then in spring they look almost like thin bleached bamboo.

The Sakhalin Highlander is one of the giant decorative buckwheat that grows annually up to 2 meters or more in height. A very successful plant if you need to fence yourself off from neighbors or depict a grove in an oriental taste: its stems are knotty, reddish in color and curved at a slight angle. But it should be borne in mind that the plant spreads easily, so it is worth limiting the place of "residence" to a vertically buried strip of slate or metal, plastic.

The benches are transformed by placing arches or vertical trellises above them and planting perennial climbing plants: species clematis (the most unpretentious) and large-flowered groups of Zhakman, honeysuckle honeysuckle blooming with fragrant exotic flowers, actinidia kolomikta, maiden or Amur grapes. An even greater effect is produced by vines planted along the garden path, over which decorative arches are installed. Maybe arches from old greenhouses were left idle on the site, over which they no longer stretch the film?

At the base of each such arch, you can plant any perennial or annual liana. For starters, you can get by with annual species. The purpose of this garden corner will change accordingly, because everything in our life is changing. And then on your site there will be ancient elements of garden decoration under the beautiful name of berso, which means "avenue covered with greenery". Such alleys were used to create the Summer Garden and the Upper Peterhof Park at the beginning of the 18th century.

Openwork lattices installed near the southern walls of the house perfectly braid any vines and even some varieties of gooseberries (Houghton). The combination of perennial and annual species allows you to diversify the color and texture of the leaves (for example, honeysuckle honeysuckle with opposite, bluish-green leaves and echinocystis with light green, whole leaves). Even the most modest, small garden house, decorated with a girl's grape, turns into a cozy, attractive dwelling, changing its appearance in accordance with the change in the color of the vine leaves. The most striking sight appears before our eyes in autumn.

Containers, baskets with blooming pelargoniums, fuchsias, oleanders, roses, lantana, asklepias, as well as various annuals and viola are very effective in the garden. Large pots and boxes with begonia, petunia, tagetes, lavatera, lobelia, ageratum, alissum, cornflowers, mirabilis, verbena, godetia, nasturtium, escholzia and other species can be placed in front of the house, on the terrace and balcony, on a ladder against the wall, along the paths , on the recreation area, at the entrance to the garden.

Wide low vases with graceful blue and blue lobelia are perfectly complemented by white low ever-flowering begonia and lilac ageratum. On a paved area of ​​white and bluish stone, this composition brings coolness on a hot sunny day. Container landings are convenient in that they can always be moved to the most important place in order to make the accent there today.

The oblong-shaped containers allow you to create in them a colorful mix of the most stable and elegant summer houses: tall semperflorence begonias, "lined" with compact white and pink begonias, as well as blue lobelia, snow-white fragrant alissum, lilac ampelous ageratum. This mini flower garden is irresistibly bright and attractive from June until frost. Well, how can you give up the annuals, which many gardeners are afraid of or do not like to grow! After all, it is the Letniki that literally continuously, profusely bloom in our northern latitudes since the beginning of summer and often throughout autumn, shining with the brightest, juicy colors, curly and carved leaves, amazing with the velvet of their petals and a varied, delicate aroma.

Last season, city streets and squares were decorated with vertical "multi-storey vases" of unusual shape. Various annuals were planted in their tiers: ampelous petunias of bright colors, lobelia, viola, begonias, ageratum and other annuals. In the fall, they were replaced with gorgeous small-flowered chrysanthemums with a spherical bush and different types of inflorescences: non-double, like chamomile, but with white, pinkish, yellowish marginal flowers; with terry creamy yellow baskets, pale pink and other varieties.

City streets and gardens began to resemble photographs from good floriculture magazines. I would like to tell you about this because it is always interesting to find out some new technical solutions for flower decoration. In this case, for sure, the craftsmen in the garden, at the request and sketch of the main gardeners of the site, will come up with something to arrange a multi-storey vase from improvised, but always beautiful materials.

All kinds of containers of the most unexpected and unconventional forms can not only be placed around the garden, balconies and terraces, but also hung on the porch, on trees, poles, various supports, under the lanterns - this will pleasantly diversify the decoration of the garden and make it even more attractive and elegant.

E. Kuzmina, florist

Layout of the suburban area 6 acres

Almost every urban family has a dacha, so small dacha plots are the most popular in our country. If you are just going to purchase it or want to change its appearance, then we recommend reading this material, in which we will tell, and also show in the diagrams how the planning of a 6 acres plot can be done with your own hands.

General recommendations for the design of a summer cottage

Since they came up with the general principles of landscape design, the initiators and home craftsmen have proposed new original ideas for decorating a garden plot with their own hands. It's no secret that a lot can be done on a personal plot from scrap materials, using:

  • identical plastic bottles
  • flat tree cuts
  • old stumps
  • remnants of bricks
  • trimming metal and boards
  • burlap soaked in cement mortar, etc.

You can make an original garden sculpture from a plastic bottle

There are simply no boundaries for fantasy

Agree, to create real masterpieces, you will need the same materials and tools as for the construction of an ordinary gazebo or bench. To create something special on the playground, in the yard or in the garden, you will need:

  • a good idea
  • detailed instruction or technique
  • a little patience and free time.

Connect the two pallets, cut out the outermost board and secure the third pallet as a backrest - the original chaise longue is ready! It remains to cover the wood with a protective compound

For a high-quality improvement, it is recommended to contact a specialist who will help guide light to any point on the site, punch a well or build a sauna. But to bring "to mind" so that all objects are perceived as a whole is the task of the owners of the dacha. If you really have no skills at all, you can order a single plan-scheme from a landscape designer, which takes into account all the wishes of the customer. The alternative is to develop it yourself, using special programs for decorating the site with your own hands, the sample is in the photo.

The plan should note the existing buildings, the location of the paths and the placement of trees, shrubs and flower beds.

Advice. To make the backyard area look aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, adhere to the general stylistic solution.

Garden composition in Provence style

Agree, it's ridiculous in different places to make a country-style lawn with flower beds in trolleys, next to it is something that does not conform to the rural stylist. For example, near the fabulous Russian house for a child to make a Scandinavian-style troll house, and then a Japanese rock garden and a bathhouse in the style of an Asian pagoda. Such "evil" eclecticism is inappropriate. It is advisable to complete all buildings in a single style solution:

  • garden
  • awnings and sun canopies
  • open hearth (oven, barbecue or barbecue)
  • cobbled alleys and lighted paths
  • auxiliary buildings
  • landscaping (cascading flower beds, rabatki, hedges, flower beds)
  • homemade pond (pond, pool or fountain)
  • practical places for rest (benches, gazebos, garden swings).

Garden decoration in oriental style - an abundance of stones and pebbles, interesting combinations of conifers and deciduous plants

If a lot has already been built, and there is no goal of adhering to a single style, you can visually generalize all objects using a common garden decor and painting in uniform colors. Garden trellises, partitions, forging gazebos and white garden furniture look very noble.

There are always old tires to paint and make bright garden sculptures

The cottage can be revived with the help of bright colors and spectacular decor from scrap materials. It is not necessary to redo and repaint everything. But take a critical look at what you would like to change for a long time - benches, fences and fences, gates or wickets. Any design should not be at the expense of comfortable rest.

The front fence of the country house

Usually, when the land is divided and sold to the population, the border of the plot is a fence. The space in front of the fence, although it belongs to the owner of the land, cannot be erected on it (and even more so buildings). Therefore, it is advisable to plant greenery and refine this piece.

The front fence is the first to greet guests, which means that a general impression of the owners of the house begins to form from it.

The design of this zone should start with the choice of a fence. It is done by:

  • brick
  • stone
  • metal
  • wooden.

From a practical point of view, the first two are the best options. The use of natural stone, although an expensive pleasure, is very reliable, beautiful, and most importantly, eternal. No atmospheric anomalies can change the natural structure of the stone.

Such a structure cannot be called just a stone fence, it is already a work of art.

The option is simpler, but also very attractive

In addition to these options, the combined use of building materials is also possible.
In front of the fence, it is a good idea to make some kind of step from the curbstone.And in the resulting pocket, you can plant thuja or other trees and plants used for these purposes. If the fence is "deaf" then it is not necessary to part with the plantings - this will hammer the overall picture, and create a visual load. But for a wrought-iron fence, dense plantings, hedges and climbing plants are suitable.

An interesting solution would be to create a front fence entirely of decorative trees planted close to each other. But don't forget about safety. In this case, it will be necessary to install a metal mesh to exclude the possibility of animals entering your area. A fence gate is worth buying at a garden store, made of artificial vegetation, which will be an extension of the green hedge.

The easiest way to make a wooden gate

The front lawn grass is selected depending on the color of the vegetation. If your thujas are dark green, then the lawn should be closer to light green color, and vice versa - lay a dark lawn with light green tones of vegetation. Leave the arrangement of flower beds in the inner space of the site, and plant the flowers in front of the fence with small bushes lined with the same natural stone around the circumference.

The passage to the gate can be distinguished by planting hedge bushes along the edges. For this, the viburnum vesicle is suitable. It belongs to the category of fast-growing, has good resistance to Russian winters, and is immune to various diseases.

It's nice when fresh flowers meet you outside the gate

To create an accent of the parade ground, plant bushes of blooming lavender in bright lilac along the path. This will bring some softness and a pleasant smell emitted by this beautiful plant.

It is also worth planting a climbing five-leafed maiden grape along the metal fence. It is characterized by its green-red color of the leaf, and the density of growth.

For the first time after planting, the girlish grapes will fill the fence and the arch above the gate

Answering the question: how to decorate a summer cottage with your own hands - focus on the "invitation" zone.

Beautiful garden and vegetable garden ideas photo. Garden geometry: how to increase the area of ​​a summer cottage and create decor objects

Now the use of garden measurements with different planes and volumes has become very popular:

  • terracing
  • container gardening
  • vertical planting of plants.

Such gardening especially saves the volume of small summer cottages, allowing you to grow legumes, vegetables and fruits to the fullest. But how to form such mini-gardeners and how to decorate the garden with your own hands with their help?

Pyramids, trapezoids, ridges

Few people have not yet tried the cultivation of heat-loving and demanding vegetables in vertical beds at their dachas. But not everyone had time to get acquainted with the outlandish vegetable gardens in the form of pyramids, cones, cylinders and other geometric figures. Thanks to them, you can not only get good harvests, but also unusually embellish your own allotment and save space.

Such garden shafts-ridges, made of wood, are economical (they emit carbon into the soil, which form organic waste in the process of decomposition). Their construction will take a lot of time and wooden materials, but in a couple of years your front garden will turn into a "space composition" of unusual curves.

Ridge construction

  1. To begin with, markings are made using rope and pegs.
  2. Sod layers with soil are removed.
  3. In their place, the trunks and branches of trees are laid (deciduous trees are better suited, they do not decompose so quickly).
  4. A layer of previously removed sod is superimposed on top (grass cover down).
  5. Dry grass, sawdust, hay (2-3 cm) are densely placed above it.
  6. The formed hill is covered with soil and watered abundantly.
  7. The sides of the shaft are constructed of planks or logs, treated with a primer and varnished.
  8. Legumes are planted in the first year, and seedlings are planted in the next season.


Familiar barrels or old tanks (metal, plastic, wooden) will be an excellent house for vegetables and herbs. They can be placed both on the balcony and in the middle of the garden.

They will also serve as an unusual decorative item in the form of a vintage element or an art object. For this, spectacular hand-painted, stickers or appliques are suitable. Pumpkin, climbing tomatoes and perennials planted in such a container will be an excellent decoration for your front garden.

Options for arrangement and design with a bathhouse, garage

A dacha, the size of which does not exceed six acres, is not a luxury. The arrangement process will become complicated, you will have to think about it. The final result is an excellent family vacation destination.

To accommodate and correctly position on a small building and planting site, you must adhere to special rules

Typical approach to the design of a small area

With a competent location of all objects, the layout of the site on 6 acres will acquire an attractive appearance. Designers offer three options:

  1. The first is rectangular. Distinctive features are strict lines, landscape objects are located geometrically, angles are clear, displayed at ninety degrees. Ideal for people who love pedantry and order.
  2. The second is circular. The lines are smooth, rounded, smooth. The design is complex: it is necessary to combine various decorative elements.
  3. The third is diagonal. Garden objects are arranged diagonally. Thanks to this, the small garden area visually expands.
Rectangular layout Round layout Diagonal layout

Division of a land plot into zones

The layout of the area intended for the construction of a summer house begins with dividing the space into certain zones. It is conditionally subdivided into special parts: recreation, garden and vegetable garden, outbuildings, living quarters. For houses and structures, it is recommended to leave ten percent of the base area. Household needs and recreation occupy no more than fifteen percent of the territory. The garden and vegetable garden will take up the rest of the space.

If your area is flat, create an artificial relief on it. Even small differences will radically transform the appearance of the site.

The hedge serves as a divider between the zones. She will add harmony, freshness. Many are sure that the garden is not worth sharing. This misconception is wrong. In the morning, a person wants to be in the sun, in the afternoon to be in the shade. In this case, a shady area is simply necessary.

Plant a hedge of their conifers somewhere in the middle of the lot. The space does not seem visibly small if the other end of the territory is not visible

It is imperative to leave a bare space on which nothing will grow except for the lawn. It will serve as a playing field for various games or a dining area. Also, do not forget about the kids. They need to equip a playground with a swing, a sandbox. A gazebo is often placed nearby, used for gatherings with family, friends, neighbors in the evenings.

You cannot make a large lawn in a limited area, but you can always find a place for a neat lawn for children's games

When dividing into zones, it is worth considering some criteria:

    The house is the main building. The first step is to determine its location. Based on this, the rest of the space is broken. When a person wants to give most of the territory for a vegetable garden and a garden, housing planning takes place near the fence. If most of it is set aside for recreation, the location of the main structure changes. It is worth considering the shadow falling from the building. Plants should not experience a lack of sun.

If there is a busy highway next to the plot, it is better to place the house in the depth of the plot.

Outbuildings are located on a deeper site. They shouldn't attract attention. In the absence of such an opportunity, they try to close them with the help of plantings and plants. It is advised to place them on the north side. This will provide protection from wind and draft.

Outbuildings must be located in a place opposite to the roadway

Recreation areas are arranged in different ways. Elements can be in one place or be scattered around the perimeter. The gazebo will be saved from the scorching rays of the sun. They decorate the area with flower beds, neat paths, shrubs, a pond, a fountain, or build a pool nearby.

You can save space on the site if you organize a recreation area on a cozy terrace attached to the house

The open sunny area is suitable for planting and growing vegetables and fruits.

It is advisable to locate the vegetable garden and garden on the south side of the site.

The presence of a lawn implies constant care for it: watering, mowing, digging. The beds need a fence, otherwise they will be trampled by guests.

Placement of buildings depending on the shape of the site

The placement of structures depends on the shape of the site. For example, rectangular is the preferred option. The owner's ideas will be easily embodied, while there is no need to invent something, to contrive. L-shaped - the protruding part is isolated. It is possible to use it as a niche, a cozy corner hidden from prying eyes. Triangular - the garden is asymmetrical, decorated with rounded details.

Layout of a triangular plot with a sauna, a garage and an orchard

For standard and rectangular areas, use the standard layout. Household items and structures are freely placed on it.

Layout of a square suburban area with a vegetable garden, a bathhouse and a garden

Planning a site that has an elongated shape will bring some difficulties. Some tricks will keep them to a minimum. So that the territory does not look solid, it is divided into zones. The space is separated by various details. It is recommended to use color schemes. Bright plants are planted near the short side, small flowers with a cold color palette are planted near the long one.

L-shaped suburban area layout

The main plus of the L-shaped territory is that it cannot be completely covered with a glance. The protruding part is used for recreation.

Garden, recreation area and playground

The recreation area, garden, playground must be located away from the roadway. It is desirable in the depths of the site so that prying eyes do not see it. It is possible to attach it to the house. It is also worth considering the properties of plants, because some species must be planted at a distance from each other. The space used by children is surrounded by trees for shade.

Outdoor recreation area in the shade of tall trees

Patio with fireplace and seating area with comfortable seating

Children's playground with swings and a playhouse in the form of a boat

Berry bushes, trees are placed in the recreation area. They will not only delight the eye, but also serve as protection from the sun's rays.

Raspberries, rose hips and other shrubs are best planted along the fence. So you save space and decorate the perimeter of the site.

Paths, flower beds, fence

The flowerbed is located near the main entrance or gazebo, it should be illuminated by the sun's rays. The passage to it is provided free. It is often performed in the form of a sandy path. Also, a flower garden is broken up near a fence or trees if the plants do not like heat. The alleys are made of natural material.

Flower gardens along a stone path leading to a cozy gazebo in the back of the site

Based on the chosen style, they are given a special shape. An overstated fence is not very appropriate. If possible, it is better to make it medium, not gloomy, place it around the site.

Empty corners of fences visually constrain the space of an already small area. Place any small forms in them - a small gazebo, a pergola with a bench or a podium with flowers

Planning styles

When planning a plot of 6 acres, three styles are used: regular, landscape, mixed. The owner independently chooses the one suitable for himself or uses the services of a landscape designer.

Regular style

The relief fits flat, leveled. The image of the building, paths, beds is geometric. When focusing on growing crops, it will be the most economical option. The tree planting scheme is divided into rectangular, square, checkerboard. The alleys are straightforward. Construction implies a harmonious arrangement of details in relation to the main structure, landscape elements are made in a strict form. Alleys, paths are clear, even, reservoirs are rectangular.

A regular garden is always neat and well-groomed, but this beauty takes a lot of time and effort

Landscape style

The vegetation is located smoothly, the paths are winding, the microrelief is made difficult, the free placement of plants. The territory is picturesque and aesthetic. Correctness, straightforwardness, clarity is absent. The presence of ravines, artificial elevations and irregularly shaped ponds is mandatory. There should be no sharp turns in the tracks. The material used for them must be natural or imitation for it.

In such a garden, there must necessarily be a “wild” place, like in a forest, where you can retire and reflect

Mixed style

Combine the details of the two styles discussed above. Based on the location of the territory, it has a wide range of development plans. Recently, it is preferred by most people.

There is no strict framework for a mixed-style garden, there is more that is closer to you in spirit

Examples of planning a plot of 6 acres with a house, a bathhouse, a garage

Examples of the layout of a garden and a vegetable garden on 6 acres can be seen in the photo on the Internet. There are also design options for a country house with a garage, a swimming pool. It is recommended to consider the following criteria:

  • all windows should preferably be located on the sunny side (from the sunrise), bathroom, wardrobe - on the north
  • the location of windows at the maximum distance from the fence and the doghouse, if any
  • it is worth considering in advance an emergency exit to the gazebo.

Layout of a rectangular plot with a garage in the house, a sauna, a playground and a place to relax with a gazebo

A place for a garage is allocated in the general area, most often in the basement. Thanks to this, a person immediately enters the house from the garage. It can also be located on the edge of the territory. In this case, a straight alley is laid. To save space and money, a special canopy is used that does not require special space and construction. The pool is determined in front of the main entrance or near the gazebo. Thus, a person can immediately go into the shade or take a shower.

The minimum distance between the house and the street is three meters. There should be no more than six to the farm building. Pet facilities are located 15 meters from the residential building. To the neighboring house - from 3 to 15 meters.

Errors when planning small areas

When arranging a small area, it is important to place everything compactly and economically. The territory should not be overloaded. Consider the main mistakes made by the owners:

  • Congestion - you only need to select the necessary parts. You should not try to place at the same time a pond, a greenhouse, a fountain, a bathhouse, a barbecue, and trees.
  • Randomness - order is important. It is recommended to carefully, carefully plan the zones, the location of each element.
  • A pile of decorative details - in a small area, this option looks ridiculous, creates cramped, inconvenient.
  • Combining styles - It is important to maintain a consistent style. Mixing will steal space, visually make the space smaller.Compliance will add attractiveness and aesthetics to the site.
  • Overestimated fence - if possible, the fence is built medium, light, the territory will visually expand.
  • Small spacing between plants - dense planting will not bring a large harvest. Oppression begins due to lack of sunlight.

Do not try to fit everything into 6 acres. Decide what is most important to you, and equip the site to your taste

There are general approaches to the planning process for small suburban spaces. The specific option depends on the climatic, geodetic indications of the area. The process itself is creative and depends on the owner's imagination.

Video: Review of a well-planned plot of 6 acres

Photo: Examples of arrangement of a small area

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