Marjoram: language of flowers and plants



Origanum majorana




In the language of flowers, marjoram inspired the symbol of goodness and comfort for its properties and to this symbol in the nineteenth century was also added that of rural pleasures.

In consideration of the fact that the roots of marjoram are very superficial and therefore it is a plant that can be removed with extreme ease, it also evoked the symbol of the contemplative man who, despite being rooted in the right earth, the much needed is basically turned towards the sky, towards spiritual things.

Marjoram cultivation


It loves sunny exposures and can't stand the cold.


It adapts to any type of fertile and well-drained soil.


It requires frequent watering especially during flowering and growth.


Every 2 months administer slow-release granular fertilizer for green plants.

Use of essential oil and aromatherapy

When you have difficulty falling asleep, just pour 8/10 drops of marjoram essential oil into the tub to enjoy a relaxing bath that induces sleep. An excellent remedy for insomnia is to dilute 5/6 drops of oil in a linden and passion flower herbal tea.

To quell coughs, fumigations prepared by adding 4/5 drops of marjoram essential oil to water are very effective. It is also a panacea for colds because it helps to clear up a blocked nose.

Marjoram essence is also used together with other essential oils.

By mixing 10/12 drops of marjoram oil with half a glass of almond oil you get a balsamic substance useful for performing massages on aching back.

Dissolving a dozen drops in a liter of hot water creates a valid lavender, particularly suitable for women who have a painful menstrual cycle.

Aromatherapy also makes use of emulsions of several products to combat very common ailments. By mixing a couple of drops of marjoram essential oil in a cup of water and apple cider vinegar you get an excellent solution for gargle against sore throat and gingivitis.

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