A detailed description of the strawberry variety merchant

Strawberries are a favorite, natural and healthy sweetness. both children and adults. The popularity of this delicious fragrant berry provokes breeders to develop more and more of its varieties. This innovative variety includes strawberry merchant's wife... The very name of this variety suggests that it was invented in our country, by our Russian breeders.

Breeding history

Such a novelty was developed by the specialists of the Kokinsky support point VSTISP... The direct authorship belongs to the scientist S.D. Aitjanova.

Despite the fact that this variety was bred quite recently, it has already confidently taken a leading position in the sales market.

The merchant's wife immediately fell in love not only with consumers, but also with suppliers, and simply gardeners - summer residents, as well as their relatives and friends.

Strawberries not only combined all the best qualities from her "parents", but also significantly surpassed them in some indicators.

Brief description and characteristics of the Kupchikha strawberry variety

The merchant's wife is one of the few varieties in which there are practically no flaws... Excellent taste combines all the best properties of strawberries and wild strawberries. This is an incredibly tasty, aromatic and sweet berry.

Its "parents" are European nutmeg strawberries and large-fruited garden strawberries. Thus, the breeders managed to successfully combine the sweetness and aroma of wild strawberries, with a rather large size of garden cultivated strawberries. Such a berry, in another way, is also called a dugout..

The main advantage of this variety is not only excellent taste, but also high yield and ease of maintenance.

Its bushes are quite high and strong, juicy green leaves, the bush reaches a height of 25 cm. Peduncles are powerful and thick, flowering is very abundant: behind many flowers, leaves are almost invisible. The flowers are white with a yellow center.

The fruits are quite large, weighing 25-35 grams, oblong, dark red color, with a delicate purple tint. The berries are of a very interesting shape: bifurcation is observed at the ends, it looks like a berry with ears.

According to the description, the ripening period is average, the first fruits begin to be harvested in mid-June.

This variety is very fruitful.: 300-400 grams of delicious berries are harvested from one bush per season. Fruits are dense and elastic, well tolerated during transportation.

The merchant's wife and her yield:

One of the advantages of this species variety is that the yield does not depend on weather conditions: regardless of whether the sun is outside, or cloudy, the fruits ripen on their own.

Such a berry can be successfully grown in a greenhouse, or in a house, in pots.

The variety is frost-resistant... In winter, it transfers temperatures to minus 20 degrees, but if the temperature outside the window is even lower, it is recommended to cover the area slightly with agrofibre, film, or other heat-insulating material.

The merchant's wife is very unpretentious in care, grows well in our latitudes, in different climatic conditions. We'll have to tinker with it only in the zone of risky farming.


Since this variety is a hybrid, then it reproduces exclusively with antennae... Seed propagation is not recommended, since, during seed planting, the varietal characteristics of strawberries are lost.

Important to remember! Flowers at the merchant's wife are bisexual, for good yields, it is important that both male and female bushes grow in the garden.


The merchant's seedlings are planted in extremely fertile soil, which must first be carefully prepared: fertilized with organic humus, or with a mixture of ammonium nitrate, superphosphate and charcoal.

It is planted either in early spring or early autumn, it is necessary to plant bushes at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other.

It is important to take into account the factor that this variety grows very quickly and needs enough free spaceto get enough nutrients from both the soil and sunlight.

The distance between the beds should be at least 50 cm. Staggered planting gives a good result..


The merchant's wife is quite unpretentious in care, the plant is quite drought-resistant. Drip watering is recommended, the main thing is not to overmoisten the soil.

It also requires regular weeding and loosening of the soil, timely removal of weeds.

This variety is not very demanding on sunlight, it can be planted in slightly shaded areas... In one place, the berry will bear fruit for up to 5 years, then the yield will decrease.

Diseases and pests

Breeders position this variety as very resistant to pests and diseases... This variety does not lend itself even to such common diseases and pests as powdery mildew and gray rot.

Zemklunika Kupchikha is a very tasty and fruitful variety, very unpretentious, drought and frost-resistant, with proper care, you and your loved ones can enjoy fragrant and sweet berries to their fullest.


Vladimir Ivanovich, amateur gardener: “I tried this strawberry variety for the first time at my neighbor's. I liked it very much. The next year I planted it in my garden. The result exceeded all my expectations. Strawberries are highly productive and do not require any special care. "

Vera Nikolaevna, summer resident: “I love strawberries myself, and my children and grandchildren love them. Therefore, I often try to please them with something new. I have several varieties of strawberries, but the Kupchikha variety conquered everyone with its incredible sweetness, without sourness. My granddaughter really liked this berry. "

Nikolay, small entrepreneur: “I have been buying and selling different varieties of strawberries for a long time. I liked the variety Kupchikha very much, it is well transported, the berries are very elastic, and the wonderful aroma immediately spreads throughout the car. Such a variety is eagerly purchased at grocery outlets. "

Alena, student: "Parents grow Merchant's strawberries in their dacha, I can't wait to get enough of such fragrant and sweet miracle berries again every loto."

Merchant's strawberries are suitable both for fresh consumption and for processing. It makes excellent jams, preserves and compotes.

And drought resistance, frost resistance and unpretentiousness give it special popularity and demand.

Description of the strawberry variety Kupchikha - planting and care, photos, reviews

At the disposal of gardeners there are many worthy varieties of strawberries and strawberries. But the Merchant's strawberry, a description of the variety, photos and reviews, which, presented in this article, were introduced relatively recently. In a short time, it has become very popular with gardeners.

Its varietal qualities are such that it is difficult to highlight significant shortcomings. Its resemblance to ordinary strawberries is noted, and at the same time, it is in many ways reminiscent of wild strawberries. Therefore, summer residents gave her another name - the dumper. Why is she so good? Let's figure it out.

  1. Breeding history
  2. Description of the variety
  3. Drought resistance and frost resistance
  4. Productivity and fruiting period
  5. Application area
  6. Disease and pest resistance
  7. Advantages and disadvantages
  8. Planting culture
  9. Strawberry care
  10. Diseases and pests
  11. Testimonials

Description and characteristics of strawberries

Kupchikha's garden strawberry is characterized by excellent fruiting and productivity. The variety is not remontant, therefore it bears fruit once per growing season.

Plant appearance

Before growing a hybrid, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the detailed characteristics of the plant.

  1. The bushes are powerful, compact, reaching a mark of 25 to 30 centimeters.
  2. In the process of growth and development, a mustache appears on berry bushes, the stems of which are painted in a reddish tint.
  3. The leaf plates are wide, wrinkled, slightly concave inward, of a bright green shade with pubescent petioles. The surface of the leaves is smooth, with a glossy sheen and denticles at the edge.
  4. During the growing season, up to 15 powerful peduncles with large white flowers with a bright yellow core are formed on each plant. The variety is capable of self-pollination, so no additional pollinating neighbors are required.
  5. During the flowering period, up to 80-90 inflorescences are formed on each bush.
  6. Ripening fruits acquire an elongated shape of a flattened cylinder with a bifurcated tip.
  7. The average weight of fruits is from 15 to 25 grams, there are berries reaching the 50 gram mark.
  8. By the time of ripening, the fruits acquire a bright ruby ​​color with a purple tint, a thin, dense skin and sugar flesh.

Flowering and fruiting timing

The timing of flowering and fruiting of strawberries of the Kupchikha variety directly depends on the weather conditions of the cultivation region. In the south, berry bushes bloom in late April, the first berries appear in late spring. In latitudes with a temperate climate, fruiting begins 2-3 weeks later.

With proper care and agricultural technology, up to 400 grams of sweet, aromatic berries are obtained from each bush. With greenhouse cultivation, the yield of the hybrid increases by 2 times.

Taste qualities of berries

The berries of this garden strawberry variety are characterized by a sweet taste and a pronounced nutmeg aroma. There is a slight sourness in the aftertaste, harmoniously emphasizing the sweetness of the fruit.

The Kupchikha strawberry is recommended for universal use. Berries are consumed fresh, frozen, dried, dried, boiled and canned.

Endurance and resilience

In the process of breeding, the hybrid berry cultivar received high resistance to low temperatures, fungal and viral infections, heat and drought. The bushes tolerate frosts well down to -25 degrees, even in the absence of snowy winters. Heat and short drought do not harm ripening fruits and plants.

Description of the variety

The Merchant's strawberry, the description of the variety of which is presented in the article, bears fruit with elongated berries (up to 3-4 cm). The mass of the fruits is about 20-25 g. The color of the berries is deep red. There is even a slightly purple hue. The first berries that appear on the bushes are characterized by the largest size.

The variety is medium early. The berries are easy to pick and transport. Thanks to this, the merchant's wife is widely represented on sale. Up to 300 g of berries can be harvested from one bush. However, this is possible with proper care.

The first harvest is at the end of June. Under unfavorable weather conditions, the period of active fruiting may shift to early July. Outwardly, the plant looks like a garden strawberry. The bushes are neat in shape. Many outlets appear. The leaves are dark green in color. The plant produces many more flowers than analog varieties. They are on strong peduncles.

Characteristics of the variety "Kupchikha"

Breeders bred the variety: Aitzhanova S.D., Andronova V.I., and Andronova N.V. The landowner was registered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2017. The berry crop is zoned for cultivation in all regions of Russia. The variety is not remontant, with an average ripening period.

Description of the variety

Bushes are compact, spherical in shape, do not grow much. The plant is well-leaved, the leaf plates are small in size, painted in a rich green color. The surface of the leaves is ribbed, with a glossy sheen, slightly pubescent. Blunt and wide teeth can be traced at the edges of the leaf plates. The petiole to which the leaf is attached is long, heavily pubescent. Also on the petiole there are small stipules, which distinguishes the plant from other varieties of strawberries.

The flowers are bisexual, their size is large, they are placed on rather long, strongly pubescent peduncles. Inflorescences are semi-spreading. It reproduces by a mustache, but not a large number of them are formed. The mustache is painted dark red. The berries are large, the length of one reaches 5-6 centimeters. The shape is unusual. The fruits can be in the form of a cone, fan, scallop. The strawberries are deep red, the fruit can be colored white at the tips. The pulp is firm, firm, dark red in color. After picking berries, they retain their taste and appearance for up to 1 week if stored in the refrigerator.

According to the conclusion of the tasting commission, the zemlikunik received 5 points out of 5. The average weight of one berry reaches 4 grams, but the largest weight reached 17 grams. The yield from one bush is 300-500 grams, from one square meter 1.35 kilograms. On an industrial scale, a yield of 135 centners per hectare was recorded. The berry culture is suitable for fresh consumption, but especially its taste is revealed in the processing of preserves and jams. The plant has a high resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of berry culture

"Kupchikha" is the first and only strawberry cultivar, which is registered in the category of the landowner. The main virtues of culture are:

  • unpretentious care
  • has excellent resistance to heat, shade, frost
  • has good immunity to various diseases
  • large-fruited
  • excellent taste of berries
  • self-pollination
  • overripe berries retain their appearance and taste for a long time.

No shortcomings have yet been identified.

Pros and cons

Zemklunika, having inherited the positive qualities of the mother varieties of strawberries and strawberries, has become the bearer of the following advantages:

  • high yield
  • almost 100% self-fertile
  • undemanding to growing conditions and care
  • decorativeness - during flowering
  • high frost resistance allows you to do without shelter in winter
  • high immunity to the most common strawberry and strawberry misfortunes - to fungal infection and gray rot
  • strawberry mite resistance
  • good survival rate in any climate
  • the possibility of independent reproduction - thanks to the growing mustache

The Merchant has a few shortcomings:

  • Not enough mustache. For gardeners actively propagating berry crops, the available whiskers are only enough to update the plantings.
  • Irregular berries. There are large, medium and small fruits. Also, the berries differ in shape - quite bizarre specimens come across, this negatively affects the presentation.
  • Freezes with return frosts - such cases are seen in the central regions.
  • Due to the abundance of flower stalks, thickening of the plantings is observed. We have to separate fruiting plantings and mothers.
  • In a rainy summer, the Merchant's wife does not have time to ripen in the northern regions, in the Urals and even in the Moscow region.
  • With extensive agricultural technology, it becomes shallow for 2-3 years, yield decreases.

Review of the Garigette variety

You cannot call Gariguetta's strawberry a variety for everyone: it is not suitable for every gardener. This culture is too demanding on the composition of the soil and on the characteristics of the climate, it needs intensive nutrition and disappears without sufficient care. The unusual and valuable taste of the berry is not revealed in every area, for this you need to create ideal conditions for strawberries.

However, the Gariget variety also receives good marks from domestic summer residents: for this to happen, several factors must be formed at once (a good place, good soil, a favorable climate).

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