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L'Anthurium (or as it is often called, anthurium) belongs to the Araceae family and is native to the tropical and sub tropical areas of South America.






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: see the paragraph on "Main species"


The characteristic ofAnthurium are the flowers, which are actually an inflorescence divided into two parts: a so-called part spatbrightly colored, shiny that derives from transformed leaves and grows around a spike inflorescence called spadix cylindrical in shape with exexile hermaphrodite flowers.


There are numerous species of Anthurium among which we remember


The most cultivated species is undoubtedly theAnthurium scherzerianum, with long, shiny spades and with colors ranging from red to yellow to orange. The leaves are long and very flexible carried by small petioles.

It is a plant native to the forests of Guatemala and Costa Rica where it grows in very shady places.

The pollination of the flower in the places of origin is carried out by snails or by small insects.


L'Anthurium crystallinum (photo below), has very large, velvety green leaves with reddish veins.

The spathe are green and narrow.


L'Anthurium veitchii (photo below), has very large blue-green leaves that can even measure 90 cm, heart-shaped with sunken veins and yellow-green spathe ... a true masterpiece of nature.


L'Anthurium andreanum (photo below), has straight leaves of a beautiful deep green, heart-shaped and slightly fleshy. Spades are waxy and fairly large red and with a white / yellow / greenish spadix.

There are numerous varieties of this species, including the variety Anthurium andreanum Album with almost round and white spathe and white spadix at the base, pink / red in the central part and yellow in the apical part; the variety Anthurium andreanum Giganteum red-pink conspata and a yellow / white spadix; the variety Anthurium andreanum Guatemalawith yellow sword and crimson spathe.


L'Anthurium, being a plant native to tropical areas, it needs very "extreme" breeding conditions, that is, a very humid environment, high temperatures and light soils rich in nourishment.

During the summer they vegetate very well at temperatures of 23-25 ​​° C surrounded by a humid environment while in winter the temperatures must not drop below 15 ° C. Beware of sudden changes in temperature which are not very welcome.

They are semi-epiphytic plants therefore require a very coarse substrate, rich in organic substance and with a ph between 5 and 6.

The ideal accommodation ofAnthurium it is the bright penumbra, never in full light or in direct sunlight and away from possible drafts.

In our homes, flowering usually occurs once a year during the summer and lasts about two months. but if the breeding conditions are optimal (constant temperature around 21/27 ° C and humidity around 70%) it can flower all year round.

The flowers ofAnthurium they must often be supported with braces because their weight could bend the stem.

The leaves should be periodically cleaned of dust with a soft cloth soaked in water. NEVER use foliar polishes that clog the stomata of the plant preventing it from normal physiological functions.


L'Anthurium it should be watered abundantly but without exceeding so that the earth never remains dry. It is a good idea to place the plant pot in a saucer where you will have placed expanded clay or gravel or whatever else (see photo above Anthurium andreanum) which allows you to have a little water and at the same time not have the roots of the plant in direct contact with the water. This technique allows to maintain a humid environment around the plant and at the same time not to rot the roots.

During the hottest periods, take care to spray the plant with water twice a day, in the morning and in the evening (always avoid the hottest hours). This operation must be suspended during flowering.


L'Anthurium it is usually repotted every two years in March using 3 parts of peat, 1 of minced sphagnum and mixed with pieces of wood charcoal. The soil should be slightly acidic.

Do not use too large pots.

It is good practice to have a small layer of moss on the top of the pot, which helps keep the surface roots moist.


L'Anthurium it must be fertilized with liquid fertilizers from April to September every two weeks. During the autumn and winter period the fertilizations must be suspended.

Use a fertilizer that in addition to having the so-called macroelements such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) also has microelements such as iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), boron (B), polybdenum (Mo), all important for a correct and balanced growth of the plant.

A tip: slightly reduce the doses compared to those reported in the package; if you insert a good soil and repot every 2 years, you will give your plant a good basic supply of nutrients.


In our homes the flowering ofAnthurium it usually occurs once a year during the summer period and lasts about two months but if the breeding conditions are optimal (constant temperature around 21/27 ° C and humidity around 70%) it can flower all year round.

The flowers ofAnthurium they must often be supported with braces because their weight could bend the stem.

If the plant, as we mentioned before, is in good health and finds ideal conditions, the flowers can also bear fruit.

Those protuberances that are seen in the spadix are the fertilized flowers that are forming the fruit.

Now I want to tell you about my personal experience on the photos you find on this page of the A. andreanum. What is written above is obviously all true, in the sense that the optimal flowering conditions are those described above, but assuming that each plant is an individual in its own right (as each person is unique) well I must tell you that my Anthurium, now, in the month of December, temperatures ranging between 10-14 ° C is in full bloom and is also emitting a new leaf. Take a look at the photo below.

In the photo you can see the old flowering and the two new flower buds together with the new leaflet.


Usually theAnthurium it cannot be pruned. The basal leaves must simply be eliminated as they dry up to prevent them from becoming a vehicle for parasitic diseases.

Make sure that the tool you use for cutting is clean and disinfected (preferably over a flame) to avoid infecting the tissues.


The plant can be reproduced by seed or vegetatively propagated by division of adult plants. Given the delicacy of the plant and the need for these operations to take place in particular environments, it is not recommended to carry out them in your home.


Leaves yellowed and withered

it can be caused by air currents or by excessive or scarce watering.
Remedies: move the plant to a more suitable place and regulate watering.

The plant does not bloom or the flowers do not open

this is a typical symptom of poor fertilization.
Remedies: proceed as indicated in the "Fertilization" paragraph.

Spots on the underside of the leaves

It could be cochineals and in particular the floury cochineal. To be sure, it is recommended to use a magnifying glass and observe. Compare them with the photo on the side. They are features, you can't go wrong. Also if you try to remove them with a fingernail, they come off easily.

Remedies: remove them with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or if the plant is large and potted, you can wash it with water and neutral soap, rubbing very gently with a sponge to remove the parasites, after which the plant is varisced very well to eliminate all the soap. For larger plants planted outdoors, you can use specific pesticides available from a good nurseryman.

Presence of small whitish animals on the plant

If you notice these things you are in the presence of aphids or as they are commonly called lice.

Remedies: treat the plant with specific pesticides that can be easily found by a good nurseryman.


L'Anthurium if it finds the right conditions it lasts many years in the apartment.

They are plants that were introduced to Europe in the late 1800s.

The name Anthurium comes from the Greek anthos "Flower" e urà"Tail" with allusion to the shape of the spadix.


You see; "Anthurium - The language of flowers and plants ».

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  1. Anthurium crystallinum: green leaves with silvery ribs and green spathe
  2. Anthurium andreanum (photo below) has straight leaves of a beautiful intense green, heart-shaped and slightly fleshy. Spades are waxy and red quite large and with a white / yellow / greenish spadix
  3. Anthurium 'Ace of Spades', is a velvet-leaved hybrid. It has dark purple-green leaves that can be almost black, with a lighter green vein. Anthurium superbum, grows in a dense rosette, with delightfully rounded, matted and straight leaves
  4. The leaves of Anthurium andreanum carried on long petioles have an erect bearing, are bright and of an intense green color, almost dark, consistent, heart-shaped and heavy

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  • Anthurium is native to equatorial and sub-equatorial America and was introduced in Europe only towards the end of the 19th century. Its midori green anthurium flowers, with their characteristic heart shape, are also called Cupid's arrows and given as a gift for Valentine's Day. They symbolize love and friendship
  • were dissolved in the water it absorbs. Although the species grown indoors are generally terrestrial, radical portions can remain on the surface and capture water vapor which contributes to the contribution of necessary substances.
  • oso and away from sources of direct light or direct heat with a fairly constant temperature that can range from 16 ° to 18/20 °
  • The flowers of the Anthiurium clarinervium. The leaves, as we have now understood, are its great attraction, but not to be overlooked are the spathe flowers, which emerge from the leaves, enriching the image of this wonderful plant even more, giving it a more slender and harmonious appearance. Let's take care of Anthurium clarinerviu
  • instruct in anthurium for a period of one month, then water normally. For some reason, gligerin stimulates flowering in plants with flowers to spata. Hope it can help. Mary - (*): 1 gallon = 4.55 liters)

Its green flowers are umbrella-shaped and bloom between May and June. Euphorbia myrsinites is a very resistant plant that does not require special care and that tolerates even the most rigid temperatures. Nice close-up of Euphorbia myrsinites. The plant produces many flowers and reaches a height of 70 cm. Those who want a red anthurium of more important dimensions can point to the more recent Black Queen, with vigorous and very dark red flowers Anthurium veitchii is characterized by heart-shaped leaves with rather large sunken veins of blue green color whose dimensions can reach 90 cm, and yellow-green spathe Anthurium is one of the most precious flowers in the world. It is also known as the heart of Hawaii, the flamingo flower, etc. Anthurium is a heart-shaped exotic flower with a waxy feel when touched. Anthurium flowers and its plants as a whole are in great demand all over the world

Anthurium andreanum: it is a variety of Anthurium from Colombia, capable of reaching a height of 45 centimeters. The leaves of a dark green, beautiful and bright, are heart-shaped and can reach 25 centimeters in length The flowering of anthurium. But let's talk now about the flowering of anthurium which generally occurs during the hottest period of the year. Once bloomed, the flowers can stay on the plant for about 60 days, a very long period of time. Anthurium andreanum has heart-shaped leaves of intense green color, straight and a little fleshy. The spathe is large, red and waxy and the spadix can be yellow, white or greenish. The Album variety has a white rounded spathe and a spadix with a white base, reddish-pink in the center and yellow at the apex Small flamingo flower (Anthurium severo): leathery, dark green leaves (lanceolate), up to 30 cm long, bracts bright red (8-10 cm), orange red, twisted flask Anthurium crystallinum: very ornamental leaves, heart-shaped leaves with silver-white veins, up to 55 cm long, discrete inflorescences Anthurium is a private plant highly appreciated for its large and intense green leaves and for its characteristic flowers that resemble the shape of a heart. For doubts or information see the section how it works or contact us by phone at 02.84215025 Saturday and holidays at 039.2308085 from 9 to 17

. The flamingo plant owes its name to its exotic appearance and its stems, which resemble the long neck of a flamingo. The flamingo plant blooms all year round Other varieties that turn green are also green: A. clarinarvium and A. hookeri. One that has two-tone spatulas and can appear to blend in with green is the pink obaki or the Anthurium x Sarah. As you can see, there are many reasons why anthurium flowers turn green

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  1. I dare in my opinion, but it is not the first time that I have seen flowers in recent years (since I have known that it is an anthurium)
  2. Belonging to the Araceae family, the anthurium is a plant that is used almost exclusively for decorative use in apartments. Native to the equatorial areas of America, the anthurium has intense green leaves, gathered in bunches that can be of variable shape depending on the species
  3. It is certainly one of the most gifted plants during the holidays: we are talking about the Anthurium (or Anturio), with its splendid flowers that appear to be lacquered. In hundreds of varieties ranging from pure white to burgundy through green and even purple, Anthuriums give a floral and elegant touch to the home
  4. Anthurium Rosa is a semi-hedging plant belonging to the Araceae family and coming from tropical and sub tropical areas. In nature there are different types of Anthurium, the most common and known are: the Scherzerianum, the Cristallinum, the Veitchii and the Andreanum, which is certainly the best known.
  5. For example Anthurium 'Baby Purple', with a beautiful purple color (the spadix is ​​also dark purple) that stands out above the dark green foliage and keeps the flowers very long

All the tips and tricks to keep Anthurium in bloom all year round. Anthurium, or anthurium, is a very common houseplant, capable of brightening up the rooms of the house thanks to its large heart-shaped green leaves and its yellow or cream flowers that stand out on bracts, modified leaves, brightly colored of red, white or pink Anthurium Andreanun (more correctly Anthurium Andraeanun), also called Anturio, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Central and South America. It is appreciated for its bright green heart-shaped leaves and for its colorful flowers that bloom in nature from May to September. What is commonly called "flower" is actually an inflorescence that is divided into two parts: "spata ", Free, more or less concave, green or differently colored, always shiny as lacquered, derived from a transformed leaf which initially wraps the" spadix "(inflorescence) which is cylindrical with hermaphroditic and sessile flowers

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Sale Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush Plant, available in the following formats: Vase 14cm, Height 70cm General Anthurium ellipticum Jungle Bush Plant :. Anthurium is a plant native to tropical areas and belongs to the Araceae family. Generally it is considered a houseplant, since in our part it is difficult to find a suitable climate for. One of the most desired houseplants is the Anthurium, able to offer us elegance and glamor even in winter thanks to its glossy leaves and the wonderful spades, red flowers, - but also pink, green or white - that seem freshly lacquered. Anthurium is a robust plant, but it has specific needs. We asked the experts at Garden Viridea for a few. pink anthurium, symbol of the island of Mauritius, is known throughout the world for its splendid shades of colors. The name anthurium comes from the Greek and is the union of two words: Anthos = flower and Ourà = tail, due to the inflorescence, the characteristic spadix, which rises above the spathe, without being wrapped in it, as if it were a small tail. Anthurium flowers are divided into three groups: green, variegated and flowering leaves. Anthurium Andre. Even a cut flower won't fade for five weeks. White, milky and yellowish flowers are known. The shimmer of the brightly colored leaves is heart-shaped. Anthurium is mostly known as a houseplant or greenhouse plant.The origin is Central and South America and is characterized by spathe and leaves of good elegance, which is why the anthurium is also used to embellish compositions of cut flowers

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  1. Anthurium is the heart-shaped flower that you will give or receive this Christmas: what is its meaning in the language of flowers? Probably the name anthurium will not tell you much, but if you think about that red flower with the big red leaf you will remember having received it as a gift at least once in your life! Its heart-shaped red leaf is not accidental, anthurium is.
  2. Anthurium in the water An Anthurium on the water is the latest trend and a real eye-catcher for the living room. Nothing like a 'normal' plant in the windowsill. An Anthurium in water is a new, surprising and original idea! By rinsing the Anthurium roots and placing the houseplant in a glass vase like a bouquet, you can create an instant hit in your home.
  3. Anthurium (also known as Anthurium) belongs to the Araceae family, genus Anthurium. It originates from the tropical and sub tropical areas of Central and South America. The Anthurium is distinguished by its particular flowers thus composed
  4. How is Anthurium made? Anthurium is a herbaceous plant without a stem, with a bushy habit, with medium-large, heart-shaped leaves carried by long stems, of an intense green color. Yellow spadix flowers, surrounded by a modified leaf (bract) - called spata - glossy, red, purple, pink, yellowish, white or green depending on the color.
  5. Anthurium andreanum It has large heart-shaped dark green leaves and produces beautiful flowers from May to September. The characteristic of this plant are precisely the inflorescences which are divided into two parts: The spathe: which is generally of different colors, but always shiny and waxy
  6. They gave you an Anthurium plant for Christmas, but you have no idea how to take care of it to keep it alive and green? Follow these simple gardening tips to always have beautiful flowers! Anthurium is a plant that is often given as a gift at Christmas and which, if not given the right care, will wither in no time! ! However to keep hers alive.

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Anthurium plants produce shades of red, yellow and pink. Other colors include green and white, fragrant lavender, and a deeper yellow palette knife. When anthurium flowers turn green, it can be the wrong species or age or cultivation. Click here for more information Refined red anthurium plant suitable for any occasion. Anthurium is a very simple indoor houseplant to care for. It doesn't require a lot of care, but it adds a nice touch to your home or apartment. Ideal for those who want to amaze with elegance! Product belonging to the Green Plant category available for online sale and home delivery in Ital # 92352964 - Pink green anthurium flower. Similar images. Add to Likebox # 102629224 - Vector tropical collection with monstera and banana leaves, hibiscus. Vector. Similar images. Add to Likebox # 97453474 - Male and female florists with beautiful bouquets in greenhouse% .. Similar pictures. Elegantly packaged anthurium plant. INTERFLORA ITALIA SPA - Registered office - Via Giacomo Dina, 36 - 00128 Rome - Tel. 06 6641.6641 - [email protected] - ​​Interflora Orders VAT - Tax Code 08998971009 - Share capital € 1,518,000.00 fully paid up - Business Register of Rome n. 08998971009 - REA n. 1132318 - Certification ISO 9001 E 14001> Green and flowering plants> Pink anthurium plant in pot Pink anthurium plant in pot. Model: T02. Pink anturium plants in pots, to give an exotic touch to your home. It is possible to decorate the house with beautiful indoor plants. Flowers find the best words for every occasion

In the language of flowers it is a symbol of love and friendship. Anthurium derives its name from the Greek ànthos = flower ourà = tail, alluding to the spadix found at the base of the flower near the stem. According to an ancient Greek legend, the flowers of Anthurium are the arrows of Cupid, the god of Love vertical green walls design and realization of green interiors green in the office clocketto furnishes with green the care of plants the plants and water the plants and the temperature the plants and the light the plants and the humidity the plants and fertilization

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Green is present in various variations, from the more modern and lively acid green, to the light and romantic mint green, to the very elegant dark green that offers refined contrasts in combination with whites. The most common green blooms are: roses, carnations, celosias, orchids, hydrangeas, amaranths, alchemille, santini, anthurium How to grow Anthurium. Anthurium is a plant whose cultivation is absolutely not complicated. To obtain excellent results, in fact, it is sufficient to remember the main characteristics of the plant: the tropical origin prefers humidity, high temperatures, soils characterized by coarseness, rich in organic substances and with a pH between 5 and 6 Anthurium is a plant with a very particular shape, its predominant feature is the particular heart shape with a tip called spatice and a protuberance called spatice. Thanks to this particular aesthetic property, the athurium has always been associated with the heart, so to love for this reason giving the anthurium is a symbol of love and affection

The flowering varieties of these plants are distinguished by their multicolored spathe (the spathe is the red and waxy leaf) and the red or yellow tail-shaped flower tips.. All Anthurium species need a lot of moisture and heat to grow well. For this it needs some extra care: now I will explain to you how to properly care and grow Anthurium Anthurium is one of the most popular and at the same time most original tropical plants. It is sometimes used as a cut flower, but more often it is a home decoration. Anthurium has flowers that are unique in appearance, unusual in shape and irregular and usually red in color

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  1. indoor green plants bonsai succulent and succulent plants nursery news & offers news furniture vertical green walls green design and realization interiors green in the office clocketto furnishes with anthurium diam. 30. red. product details
  2. This plant with its very shiny dark green leaves and its romantic pink flowers with a characteristic heart shape, will transmit good humor and joy to those who receive it as a gift! Linked to deep feelings, according to legend, the anthuriums were the love darts of the god Cupid, who, by throwing them at the couples of humans, managed to make them fall in love
  3. Description Artificial flower bouquet Rosa Anthurium. Artificial Flower Bouquet Rosa Anthurium is a composition of fake flowers. It has a pyramidal and frontal shape created to be used in cemetery pots.Made with artificial flowers in excellent quality fabric. Suitable for outdoor use and completely washable

Anthurium: trick to stimulate flowering (not to

Anthurium plant, Andreanum variety, has straight, deep green, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers, or spathe, are waxy and red. The Anthurium Plant derives its name from the Greek anthos "flower" and urà "tail" with allusion to the shape of the spatice Anthurium is a tropical plant belonging to the Araceae family. There are different varieties: Anthurium andreanum, A. scherzerianum and other species. The plants on the market are horticultural hybrids, obtained from crosses between species and varieties. Each variety has a name, for example red-flowered California, white Montana. Elegant Anthurium plant with the possibility of a pot cover, in a gift box Its heart-shaped flowers will be of sure effect. Flower color according to availability Choose your COMPOSITION. Anthurium 40/50 cm with seat cover: € 19.90: Anthurium 60/70 cm with green Anthurium seat cover for the bride. We present the most beautiful wedding bouquets with Anthurium: browse our gallery to discover all the most interesting proposals for the wedding Stylized bouquet with Anthurium Sunflowers, Tulips and Aspidistra leaves. Stylized Bouquet of fresh cut flowers composed of: Sunflowers, Green Anthurium, Tulips and Aspidistra leaves. The type of flowers may vary according to the availability of the week and the season

Anthurium leaves absorb harmful substances often present in the home and office: formaldehyde, released from glues and furniture paints, or benzene, emitted by cars. These substances are stored in the cells of the leaves without any harm to the plant. CURIOSITY In the language of flowers it is a symbol of love and passion. 1 0 0. Leaf Flamingo Flower. 0 1 0. Original Flower. 0 1 0. Anthurium Flowers In Vase. 0 1 0. Anthurium Red. 0 1 0. Flower. 0 1 0. Plant. 0 1 0. Anthurium Flower Summer. 17 17 1. Anthurium White Flower. 18 12 5. Calla Red Lily Flower. 0 0 0. Anthurium Flower Of Fla. 4 0 0. Flowers Arrangement. 1 2 0. Anthurium. Artificial flower Anthurium red. Artificial flower Anthurium red with long stem in rubberized material. Made with a stem in plastic material and completely malleable and moldable thanks to an internal metal core. The interior of the red anthurium artificial flower is characterized by veins produced with modern techniques Anthurium plant (green, white or red anthuriums, depending on availability), ideal for giving brightness to particular rooms in the home or office. Categories: Friendship, Birthday, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Garden, Birth, Plants, Anniversaries, Thanks, All flowers Anthurium Bright and spectacular, it is a symbol of exotic beauty. This plant brings color, shine and boldness into your field of vision. The flowers last for months, its heart-shaped leaves are truly fascinating. It grows slowly, it likes the warmth and low light typical of our homes

A selection of guides and advice designed by Antica Fioreria Rebussi to always buy the right flower. Floral etiquette. Mistakes not to make when giving a flower. ANTHURIUM WITH POT COVER quantity Plants, Green Plants Elegant ornamental pink anthurium plant, ideal for decorating any type of apartment or office with taste and elegance. pot not included Photo of the anthurium plant, tailflower, flamingo flower, or laceleaf, growing in an urban garden. Sexy woman near leaves covering face with red anthurium and looking at camera. Woman with anthurium and green leaves looking at the camera isolated on black The Anthurium flowering plant is perfect for this green trend. corner (laurel), where the irrigation water almost never reaches as there is a type of poisonous laurel in nature, which takes the name of cherry laurel and differs from the more widespread one and which is - square (positioning the fruit plants at the four corners) ANTHURIUM LUMINA REAL TOUCH CM.74 WHITE / GREEN. Home. Shop. FLOWERS AND ARTIFICIAL PLANTS, STEM FLOWERS, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND PLANTS, STEM FLOWERS. ANTHURIUM LUMINA REAL PLANT W / VASE 4X 18F 10LVS CM.72 DARK PURPLE. SERISSA JAPAN SPRAY PINK. Register to buy Login. Color: White, Green. Availability: Available COD.

Verde Bouquet is a bouquet of flowers fresh with anthurium green, 6 white roses and white lilies. Anthurium is a symbol of feelings such as love and friendship. The meaning of white lilies is elegance and refinement. The white rose has always been considered a symbol of purity and chastity Description. The pink Anthurium plant is a beautiful houseplant, native to tropical areas. Anthurium is characterized by particular glossy spathes in shades of pastel pink and dark green leaves, which bring out the color of its flowers from the unmistakable form Anthurium - Anthurium spp. Atlas of pot plants - Indoor and balcony plants Classification, origin and description. Common name: Anthurium. Genus: Anthurium. Family: Araceae .. Etymology: the name derives from the Greek anthos, flower, and ourà, tail, due to the inflorescence, the characteristic spadix, which rises above the spathe, without being wrapped in it, as if it were.

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Home delivery Antharium plant by Dv Verde: a great classic to give as a gift, an indoor plant. Order online at GREEN ANTHURIUM BY NUMBER Anthurium is an elegant and minimal flower. There are many varieties and it is impossible to have them all. Here we offer you the most classic. Info

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Anthurium is a houseplant native to South and Central America. This plant gives us wonderful flowers and different colors ranging from pink to white to green. It is an easy-to-maintain plant, but there are some very useful tricks to know Anthurium is a tropical plant, belonging to the araceae family (such as calla lilies) and has large dark green leaves, with variable shapes based on the species and inflorescence , formed by large heart-shaped bract, called spata, red, white, pink or salmon color, wrapped in a thin and upright cylinder from which the yellow or white hermaphrodite flowers originate Beautiful and resistant, it adapts to any place . Available in red white pink green. Specify the color chosen in the notes at the end of the order. It is also possible to combine it with a matching ceramic vase or a pretty wicker basket. NB. the value of the gift present in the photo approximately € 4 Anthurium, green anthurium indoor flowers green plants in pots balcony office desktop artificial flowers bonsai, Buy from retailers in China and around the world. Benefit from free shipping, limited-time sales, easy returns and buyer protection Anthurium is a very sturdy plant that requires little maintenance, and in the white version it is very elegant. If you place it near a window it will give you beautiful flowers that will last a long time. Remember that to stimulate flowering you will need to give it some fertilizer for flowering plants (and not for green or universal plants)

Home »Flowers» Green anthurium wreath. Description Meaning Funeral wreath with green anthuriums Precious wreath to be delivered to your home or church at least 30 minutes before the funeral. Expresses grief and emotion. Order card. 1. Type of delivery. Delivery with Florist € 385.00 The flowers of my calla lilies, the spatifillo and a succulent plant that I have at home are turning green. I think it's the fault of the water, too acidic or too calcareous. I don't know if I'm in the right section, but please help me. Its large heart-shaped leaves stay green all year round and produce white or pink floral bracts for eight weeks during the winter season. Some Anthurium flowers stay alive all year round, offering even more color.Like most tropical houseplant plants, Anthurium is low maintenance and prone to few problems though. Anthurium, herbaceous perennial belonging to the Araceae family, is one of the most used plants for the production of cut flowers 7. Green Anthuriums: Green anthuriums are great flowering houseplants. It is easy to take care of them, since they don't need a lot of moisture and humidity. You can easily find it in plant stores or flower shops and nurseries. Although green anthurium flowers have some special requirements, they can still grow successfully

There are several variants of Anthurium that differ in the color of their flowers that go from pure white to bright red, also passing through green and coral or pink. Zagara It is the flower of the orange, lemon and other citrus trees. It is very present in the regions of Southern Italy and is also used in cosmetics and perfumery for its enveloping perfume and. Anthurium clarinervium: it is native to Mexico and has very characteristic, wide and dark green leaves with white-silver veins that run along the surface. Anthirum crystallinum: native to Peru and Colombia, it has large leaves up to 40 centimeters long with a texture similar to that of the clarinervium species, with which you may confuse it. The flower is formed by a large bract, the shape of which resembles that of a heart, wrapped around a small cylinder, called spadix, thin and well erect from which the white or yellow hermaphrodite flowers originate Anthurium green H 72 cm - 3 pieces

Bouquet of 6 red anthuriums with decorative greenery. (check availability according to the season, thanks) Its red heart-shaped leaf is not accidental, anthurium has always been associated with the highest feelings of love and friendship -Anthurium scherzerianum, the most cultivated, can reach 30 / 40cm high - Anthurium andreanum, with waxy flowers and very decorative glossy leaves - Anthurium crystallinum, large dark green leaves with silvery veins-Anthurium veitchii, leaves up to 80 / 90cm long light green with shades of blue. Information table Verde Bouquet. Verde Bouquet is a bouquet of fresh flowers with green anthurium, 6 white roses and white lilies. Anthurium is a symbol of feelings such as love and friendship. The meaning of white lilies is elegance and refinement. The white rose has always been considered a symbol of purity and chastity Anthurium comtum: native to southern Brazil, it has leathery dark green leaves, arranged in a rosette, with short petioles and rather marked veins. This species also hardly blooms in greenhouses.The inflorescence is composed of a pink spatice and a purple spatice Orchids and exotic plants, Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Cyclamen, Anthuriums, Ficus Benjamin and many more, the green and flowering plants that you find on Fiori online are perfect for any occasion and thanks to the wide network of the best florists throughout Italy

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  • eralized new. The plant is fine, it has shiny deep green leaves, the only thing is that the flowers are no longer that deep red
  • Pictures and images Anthurium is a red heart-shaped flower. Dark green leaves as a background make the flowers stand out beautifully. Anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality. on Depositphotos The Photo Bank with royalty-free stock photos, high-resolution quality images, vectors and illustrations - 41711592
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  • floral arrangement with lisantus and anthurium by Roberto Di Guida 25 May 2011 26 January 2019 0 0 Floral arrangement, for the table, with cream lisantus and green anthuriums
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Anthurium how to cure it: a few but important attentions will be enough and it will repay us by decorating the house with its colors and purifying the air, thanks to its natural filters. Here are some useful tips to preserve the beauty of your Anthurium for a long time. Click here if you are looking for more information on plants, or on Orchids Buy Flowers and Plants Online in Beausoleil. Home delivery Refined funeral cushion of anthurium, peonies and mixed seasonal flowers in white and red tones and decorative green. Suitable for occasions such as mourning and funeral to express condolences and extend your deepest condolences to loved ones. The pink flower instead represents innocent love, delicacy. White Anthurium represents purity, innocence, hope. Anthurium yellow represents joy, happiness and friendship, this color is especially suitable for special occasions such as a birthday or a party with friends. Azaleas, Gardenias, Calle Camellias, Anthuriums, Tulips Orchids CONF. 6 BRANCHES ANTHURIUM CM.76 RED COLOR (code 019-1909) 1 € 9.00 € 6.30-30%: 2

flora, anthurium Stock Image - Fotosearch Enhanced. k17088511 The Fotosearch Photo and Video Stocks help you quickly find the photo or movie you were looking for! You can search over 67,100,000 royalty free photos, 337,000 movies, digital videos, clip art vector images, clipart photographs, graphic backgrounds, medical illustrations and maps. rules of care for this. But it also happens that the blackening and drying of the leaves are due to diseases. About the rules for helping a green pet with the appearance of black spots on the leaves and our article will tell

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  • Bunch of flowers consisting of red anthurium flowers with decorative greenery. At this time some flowers may not be available due to the restrictions due to the Coronavirus emergency. FREE SHIPPING STARTING FROM 50 € - MINIMUM ORDER 35 € - For orders of lesser amount and information tel. 333 326 601
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  • Origin This beautiful houseplant comes from the tropical forests of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela: or the Greater Amazon region. Characteristics Normally you know the flamingo plant (Anthurium andreanum) with a large leaf in different colors and a lacquered appearance. This plant has mainly the ornamental value in the leaf
  • Buy Flowers and Plants Online in Rome. Home delivery Elegant composition in a basket of roses, anthuriums and mixed seasonal flowers in warm tones, packed with decorative green. It expresses love, passion and happiness. Suitable for occasions such as births, love, congratulations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and inaugurations

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The fact that the flowers are discolored can only be due to their old age, for now the base of the leaves is still green and do not come off very easily. I am new to the forum and I am here to ask you for help with my anthurium andreanum that reading what you write above I am afraid it is subject to rot. Anthuria, with its characteristic heart-shaped red flowers and its bright green leaves, is perfect for decorating a corner of the house or a newly opened room. 09-01-2015 Efficient and fast service Anthurium. Anthurium (Araceae family) enlivens the house with the fiery red of its heart-shaped flowers. The red one is the most widespread and known, but today there are varieties with different colors: pink, white, green or even mottled, bicolor, obtained by hybridization Flowers to bring comfort. Oval and heart-shaped crowns, Oval and heart-shaped cushions, Cofani covers, Half coffin covers, Low or column-shaped bowls, ornamental plants, Bouquet with ribbons, Funeral wreath, home delivery. Honoring a deceased with flowers is among the most beautiful things ch

Cushion of white calla lilies, green anthuriums and broom with decorative greenery. same day delivery is not guaranteed for this flower combination. It is possible to select different sizes for this funeral pillow, it will be delivered with a ribbon as shown in the photo to which the card or message of condolence will be applied Download this Free photo on Bright red anthurium flower and discover over 8 million archive photos professional on Freepi Delivery of Green and Flowering Plants Green and flowering plants, garden or apartment plants. Choose one of our plants online among the many proposals in our catalog. To furnish the house, for an important event, to inaugurate a business, for a birthday. A plant for every type of environment and for every occasion

RED FLOWER - The flamingo flower has beautifully shiny large leaves and red flowers. CARE - The plant prefers a lot of humidity, so spray it regularly with rainwater. Anthurium likes to stay in moist soil. Place the houseplant in a bright area with no direct sunlight

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Anthurium is a plant native to tropical areas and belongs to the Araceae family. Generally it is considered a houseplant, given that in our area it is difficult to find a suitable climate to favor its growth. Anthurium, being a plant native to tropical areas, requires very extreme breeding conditions, that is, a very humid environment , high temperatures and light, nutrient-rich soils. During the summer they vegetate very well at temperatures of 23-25 ​​° C surrounded by a humid environment while in winter the temperatures must not drop below 15 ° C. When and how to water the anthurium ideal would be to wet the plant once a week with plenty of warm water. Basically it is enough to place the whole pot under a jet like that of the shower, so that not only the earth but also the branches and leaves are moistened.Anthuriums like to be in a very well-lit position, but they do not like direct sunlight. . When the plants are placed in a shady location, they will give less flowers. To cure.. Anthurium is a very popular plant for the particularity of its leaves which makes it an ornamental plant even when it does not have flowers, thanks to the heart-shaped leaves with a light and glossy green color, which form a bush with a particular shape rounded and a maximum diameter of 45 cm. Anthurium can be grown in an apartment or in a greenhouse since it needs temperatures that are absolutely not below 10 degrees

The plants of Anthurium they are hardy, relatively easy to grow and will survive as indoor plants, if cared for carefully, for long periods of time. With the care and the appropriate environment, they can produce flowers all year round Advice on how to grow and take care of Anthurium, or Anthurium, a very common plant in apartments, easy to grow and therefore suitable even for inexperienced as long as you give it the right light, correct temperature and adequate watering. There are three reasons for this: the beauty of the flower, the duration of flowering and the longevity of the plant. Here ..

Anthurium care. To always have a well-developed and luxuriant anthurium every year, or at most every two years, let's remember to repot our plant, place it in a container slightly larger than the previous one, but add fresh, rich and soft soil and prepare a good soil for the anthurium by mixing universal soil with at least a quarter of. Anthurium - how to care for and grow the Anthurium plant in pots and in the garden. Discover our practical tips on how to grow and care for Anthurium, the meaning of the flower, when and how to water it and which soil is best suited for growing Anthurium plants in pots or in the garden Anthurium is a very beautiful plant which beautifully adorns our homes. Let's find out how to take care of it correctly with DIY ANTHURIUM UNDER THE SHOWER If you don't have much way to spray your Anthurium often, a gesture that you will love very much is the regular weekly bath: a long shower complete with warm water that bathes leaves and leaves well. branches will make it gorgeous, guaranteed

Anthurium Diseases: Treatment of Anthurium Diseases Anthurium is an anthurium disease that causes necrotic, roundish spots with a brown-gray color on the leaves. The spots could also extend to the flowers causing their death General characteristics of Anthurium or Anthurium. Anthurium andreanum is a very decorative and resistant ornamental houseplant, belonging to the Araceae family, native to the tropical areas of South America, the same family as calla lilies. Also called simply anthurium, it is a perennial herbaceous plant rich in leathery, heart-shaped leaves of an intense. The origin is Central and South America and is characterized by good elegance spathe and leaves, which is why the anthurium is also used to embellish compositions of cut flowers. In the nursery it is possible to hybridize different species with each other to obtain inflorescences of particular colors including lilac and orange Anthurium: Home Care Tricks Monica Mariani - homify 03 May 2018 Anthurium, also well known as Anthurium, is a very decorative plant which can give great satisfaction both outdoors and in the apartment The advice of Doctor Green, Alessandro Magagnini, on how to treat anthurium, a widespread apartment plant

Anthurium - Care. Unlike other houseplants, Anthurium does not need a considerable brightness, indeed it prefers areas in dim light, and even in its natural habitat it grows in the shade of large trees should therefore never be exposed to direct sunlight or in any case in full light. It is also advisable to place it in an area away from currents d. Anthurium in the water An Anthurium on the water is the latest trend and a real eye-catcher for the living room. Nothing like a 'normal' plant in the windowsill. An Anthurium in water is a new, surprising and original idea! By rinsing the Anthurium roots and placing the houseplant in a glass vase like a bouquet, you can create an instant hit in your home.

Practical advice on how to grow anthurium: find out what Francesca Vernile tells us in the new video! If you want to buy this beautiful plant, here is the link: h .. ManoMano: all your DIY, renovation and gardening products at the most convenient price Anthurium home care. How to care for anthurium. Caring for Anthurium at home is quite simple, but it also requires special conditions for growth. You have decided to buy such a beautiful plant in the house. So, after buying it, you need to take care of it

Anthurium: the correct care Being a tropical plant, the anthurium needs to stay in always warm and humid environments: drafts and too sudden temperature changes must be absolutely avoided How to take care of anthurium - video When anthurium is healthy, the foliage has a flat surface, characteristic of a variety of colors with no traces of yellow or dry spots. The leaves are quickly updated and appear again without difficulty and the damage takes place Anthurium care. Discussion in 'Indoor and Tropical Plants' started by Echinodorus, 11th Mar 2005. Page 1 of 8 1.

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  1. Anthurium - Care and Cultivation Published on 20/03/2017 by Redazione Portale del Verde in Houseplants This article describes the characteristics of this houseplant and the necessary precautions to keep it in perfect condition
  2. Anthurium plant care is relatively simple, and repotting anthurium plants is a task that should only be done when required. Find valuable information on when and how to start repotting anthuriums in this article
  3. Anthurium andraeanum or red anthurium is a very elegant-looking houseplant: here are all the secrets to growing and taking care of it. Reproduction of Anthurium andraeanum. The reproduction of the anthurium occurs by division of the tufts, by cutting or by layering
  4. dare, but not in direct sunlight, because the leaves could be damaged
  5. Air humidity Anthurium is simply necessary, the optimal rate is not less than 60%. The inhabitant of anthurium of the tropics, the care of which is not very difficult, needs constant spraying of the leaves. Inflorescences can not be sprayed, otherwise they will be covered with spots and quickly fall off
  6. How to repot an Anthurium. These plants, as previously mentioned, bloom all year round if properly cared for. They thrive very well in warm environments with adequate humidity. Anthurium needs repotting every 2-3 years, so that the roots have enough space to breathe and multiply

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Anthurium - Characteristics and Cultivation The anthurium loves the light, but not the direct sun in summer, to avoid also the draft and an excessively dry climate. Anthurium blooms from June to September, but if well cared for you can have flowers even in winter and spring Of course, anthurium for flower care is specific. And if that's correct, the plant will bloom from early spring to fall. But not many mistresses know what the flower requires and under what conditions it needs anthurium, how to care for it. Today we will try to reveal the secret of care for this type of plants. Anthurium reproduction occurs by division or by seed. This latter reproduction is not easy for people who are not experts, especially if you do not have the right environment. In the following guide we will see how to care for an Anthurium plant Care for home flowers Anthurium, in principle, is simple. Most importantly, with the right approach, this plant is sure to thank you. Anthurium Andre and Scherzer - year-round flowering, crystal anthurium - large and spectacular leaves

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Anthurium hydroponic glass composition € 22.00 One of the plants that best allow hydroponic cultivation is Anthurium, a plant that manages to pass from earth to water without any problem.An Anthurium on water is the latest trend and a real eye-catcher for the living room Home / Green plants / Anthurium Jungle King. Anthurium Jungle King 36.00 XNUMX € Add to.

Anthurium diseases can be not only fungal. There are also viral, infectious and non-infectious diseases. Flower care for diseases is impossible on its own with folk remedies. More fungicides need to be applied. Such drugs as Fitosporin-M, Fundazol have recommended themselves well Anthurium care also requires the soil to be draining but retain some water. If growing this plant as a houseplant, half and half mix of potting soil and orchid or perlite potting soil will provide the type of soil that anthuriums prefer. Outdoors, plant in a well-drained position. Take an anthurium, remove it from the pot, carefully remove all the earth from the roots and place it in a rather tall glass pot. The only precaution is to avoid that the leaves touch the water, risk of rot. Furthermore it would be good to use filtered water at least, to avoid excess chlorine etc. Let's take care of Anthurium clarinervium. Some Anthurium species can get bulky indoors, and even the calarinervium isn't quite small once it grows up. Don't worry though, a place for such a plant is sure to be found. This plant has red buds with stiff green leaves, forming a bush. Home to fully developed male happiness flower and pleased its owner abundant flowering the following conditions are necessary: ​​Proper lighting. constant heat. timely transplant. High humidity. special substrate

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Care Senpolis Bulboso Agave Cucumber variety No Result. View All Result. No Result.View All Result. Anthurium. Rules for watering Anthurium (male happiness) 2020. 0. Anthurium is a tropical plant with an elongated panicle-shaped flower with a bright glossy blanket Anthurium Andre is a beautiful indoor plant, a favorite of many flower growers, which emphasizes the harmony of home decor, bringing a touch of comfort, natural freshness and bright colors to home interiors

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How to grow anthurium plants. The genus anthurium, also called anthurium, includes hundreds of tropical plant species, often admired as houseplants for their resplendent flowers almost all year round. Anthurium is .. Anthurium: plant care. Bright flower with large glossy leaves and unusual inflorescences always attracts the eye. Fans of color know this plant called Anthurium. Caring for them requires a special, to ensure that it blooms from spring to autumn For more information Anthurium Red Karma on 100% Fresh Products Guarantee Protective ecological packaging Order online Anthurium cultivation: Anthurium care To grow beautiful and luxuriant, anthurium needs to be fertilized using products that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but not during the winter period Others treatments to which to submit an anthurium. Repotting should be done every two or three years, in winter. The base of the plant should be kept about 5 cm outside the pot, so that the roots are in the air. However, these must be protected with moss, to be kept constantly humid

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  • ose and have an elegant shape, which is why the culture is often called a fiery tongue or flamingo flower
  • Take note of the following Anthurium care and you will keep your plant looking as good as it was on the first day. Basic care of the Anthurium. Temperature: Anthurium should be at room temperature between 15 and 29 ° C (in humid spaces), never with significant changes in the environment that could affect it
  • Who needs little care from you? You can make it with Anthurium andreanum in a glass jar. The bright flowers will shine in your living room in the beautiful vase. The flamingo plant blooms all year round

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Anthurium andreanum, originally from Colombia, has heart-shaped dark green leaves and spathe, about 10 cm long, white or red in color. Anthurium crenatum, has long, shiny and wavy leaves and green-purple flowers. Cultivation. As we have seen, it is best to grow Anthuriums in positions protected from direct sun Anthurium is a plant of tropical origin that needs a home environment that is as humid as possible. For this reason you must take care that the earth is always humid, but that it is not soaked and there are no stagnations. Ditto if your Anthurium has gravel in the pot, wet it but don't overdo it. Anthurium in the house: what to do? 23 February 2018 The advice of Doctor Green, Alessandro Magagnini, on how to treat anthurium, a very popular apartment plant Anthurium Andre: care at home Juicy greens and bright red bracts make Anthurium Andre a very ornamental plant. Anthurium bracts, often mistakenly called flowers, can be colored red, orange or white Anthurium Schertser - a popular houseplant, which is popularly called male bliss. The perennial flower enchants with its appearance. The variety is unpretentious in care and undemanding to the conditions of detention. Therefore, it has become widespread. What does Anthurium Scherze look like

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Hi Michela, despite what you may think Anthurium is not an easy plant to grow. First of all, read the crop sheet of the plant, in this way you will have a clearer idea of ​​what to do and what not to do .. Yellowed leaves can be caused by several things: little watering: Anthurium is a plant of tropical origin therefore it needs an environment. Find tons of anthurium care ideas. is a large platform for interior design in Italy that facilitates the search for furniture, accessories and furnishing accessories. Find inspiration Choose from thousands of products Decorate your home without equal How to take care of Anthurium, the tropical plant that loves to stay in the apartment facebook 337 twitter copy link other A tropical plant that adapts perfectly to growing in the apartment. It is the Anthurium, native to South America, lover of high temperatures and humidity The Anthurium, also known as the flamenco flower, is a very popular houseplant for its easy care and heart-shaped flowers . It is an excellent plant, even for inexperienced gardeners. Maintenance is poor, although anthuriums sometimes need to be divided to keep them in bloom

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How to care for anthurium - apartment environment. The natural habitat for anthurium is equatorial forests, so it is suitable for living in moderate sunlight, in a hot and humid climate.Anthurium is a very popular houseplant, which nowadays occupies a position stand out and it is not uncommon to receive it as a gift.It is a beautiful plant, which produces large and colorful flowers, similar in some ways to those of the calla lily. Cultivating anthurium is not difficult, but care must be taken because in many cases it can be faced. Among the houseplants, the anthurium is decidedly fascinating: it is in fact a very long-lived plant and capable of offering copious blooms, especially if cared for with care. General care of the anthurium. Belonging to the Araceae family, anthurium needs diffused, constant and never direct light and an ideal temperature between 20 and 27 ° C. Description. Anthurium scherzerianum commonly called with the name of Anthurium is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Aracee family. In America it is also known by the name of Pigtail anthurium in reference to the flower similar to a pig's tail, in other countries it is known as Flamingo flower.It is part of the genus Anthurium which includes more than 900 species, they are in.

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  • Anthurium is grown as a houseplant in cooler regions and as a garden plant in USDA zone 10 or higher. Anthurium is easy to care for, as long as you provide it with some key elements. Read on to learn more about anthurium plant care. Basic care of the anthurium
  • ime not lower than 10-12 ° C, and in a well-illuated position
  • Carnations: propagation and care to obtain a more abundant flowering.The multiplication of carnations and carnations. If you have an outdated cultivation of carnations, you will have noticed a decrease in flowering starting from the third or fourth year of cultivation, do not worry, it is not up to you or a shortage, when the carnations get older they tend to bloom less.
  • with its red flowers. As with all indoor plants, attention must fall on the place where you put it: anthurium is a tropical flower that prefers tall.
  • How to care for the Anthurium flower for a colorful and flowery garden. More ideas and tips for plants and flowers at Picks for You Gardening

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  • Periodic treatments to be carried out. To have a white anthurium always in splendid shape it is necessary to repot it annually. Choose a container slightly larger than the previous one and add some nutrient-rich soil that is mainly acidic
  • Anthurium care. Discussion in 'Indoor and Tropical Plants' started by Echinodorus, March 11th 2005. Page 6 of 8
  • Anthurium is a tropical plant belonging to the Araceae family. There are different varieties: Anthurium andreanum, A. scherzerianum and other species. The plants on the market are horticultural hybrids, obtained from crosses between species and varieties
  • Anthurium Upalaense is a variety of anthurium that is very difficult to find on the market, it belongs to the Araceae family and is native to Central America. It has very long and lanceolate leaves with evident veins on the upper page, together with the roots visible at the beginning of the stem make it a very particular plant

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  • Anthurium andreanum (Anthurium) [Vase Ø17cm] - Red. Delivery starting from 6.50 Easy Life Voogle 500ml Useful for 5000 Liters - Natural Product to Prevent and Treat Fish Diseases in Fresh / Marine Water. Delivery starting from 5.90.
  • In the heart of the medieval village of Vezzano Ligure, in an ancient convent of 1500 transformed for several years into a Hotel Relais, the innovative Anthurium wellness center stands today, in what were once rooms dedicated to silence and meditation.
  • I dare, but does not tolerate direct sun, so it is advisable to place the plant near windows that do not directly obtain the sun's rays or that in any case can be shielded
  • Scientific name: Anthurium andreanum Common name: Wax flower Family: Ariaceae Country of origin: South America It is among the most cultivated plants in apartments. The most famous is Anthurium scherzeranium, which has very showy scarlet red flowers. There are other species: Anthurium andreanum (with red, white and pink flowers) and Anthurium [
  • But how is Anthurium treated? Originally from the tropical and south-tropical areas of South America, to understand how to grow Anthurium you have to follow some simple but fundamental rules: Temperature and placement. Anthurium does not tolerate the cold, it is therefore a classic houseplant that lives well with temperatures around 20-25 ° C. Particular attention should not be paid.

Rooms. Staying at the Best Western Hotel Anthurium is synonymous with ease not only for our comfortable rooms, all located on the ground floor, but also for the additional services: from bike rental to the swimming pool, from internal parking to our tasty cuisine. Anthurium Andreanum Cura 07/17 / 2014 by Jacky The anthurium species, sometimes called the flamingo flower because of its large pink flowers, grows naturally in rainforest environments --- often climbing the side of tree branches A Complete Guide to Anthurium Care The Anthurium, or flamingo flower, is a popular potted plant of great aesthetic value. Like any house plant, it needs proper attention from the owner so that it grows well. Regular watering, fertilizing and repotting are the basics of Anthurium care

Five rules for cultivating Anthurium well

Once considered a difficult plant to grow, today it is widespread. Failures, still frequent, are due in most cases to two errors: insufficient temperature and humidity. Here are some rules to follow in order not to make mistakes.

  1. There ideal location is in front of the windows in the house, where there is no lack of light. The light must be diffused, never direct and constant throughout the year. Anthurium resists very well even in dim areas, but flowering will be less. Always avoid drafts. In summer, the plant can be moved outdoors, but never in full sun. A covered porch or terrace may be the best arrangement.
  2. For watering use if possible soft and not cold water, rainwater can be used. The topsoil he must not never become dry, it is better to use a little water and often. In summer, wet every three days and every six during the winter. Anthurium, in order to thrive, needs avery high humidity. To obtain it, put a layer of gravel you hate clay expanded by at least 2 cm to keep wet in every season. For the same reason it is recommended to spray the leaves every day, even several times, and to keep the moss moist to protect the roots.
  3. The topsoil it can be obtained by mixing together in equal parts, sand, peat and garden earth. Let's add a few pieces of coal of wood. A good drainage at the bottom of the pot with gravel, consisting of shards or expanded clay. Repotting is done in winter, every two or three years, and the base of the plant must protrude from the ground by 5 cm, the roots will be protected with moss. To obtain good blooms, keep an imbalance between the size of the pot and the vegetation in favor of the latter.
  4. There fertilization it should be carried out from spring to autumn, when the plant is in vegetation, using a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants every 15 days. For subjects kept at a constant temperature with continuous flowering, do not suspend the administrations. When the fertilization it is insufficient the flowers do not open or the plant produces only new leaves.
  5. Anthurium is a lot demanding in terms of temperatures. It fears the cold, temperature changes and currents. The temperature minimal recommended is 16 ° C during the winter. It can withstand up to 10 ° C. The classic cold symptom is the fall of the leaves and the browning of the spathe. To obtain the best blooms, the temperature must remain constant around 20 ° C; in these conditions, flowering can be continuous throughout the year. There well-being range is between 20 and 27 ° C. The maximum tolerated temperature is 29 ° C, but only at a high humidity rate.

The best soil for your Anthurium is the one you would use for orchids mixed with universal soil. The end result must be a light and porous soil. The repotting instead it should be done once every two years, taking care not to cover the stems with earth.

As for the amount of water to be given to the plant, the ideal is water every two or three days, in this way the soil can remain and moist enough, without ever being too soaked in water or too dry. A good trick can be to use a saucer in which to put expanded clay, useful to ensure that the roots do not come into direct contact with water, thus guaranteeing the plant a humid environment without the risk of rot.


MEDIUM LIGHT. These plants flower optimally with the intense light coming from an east-facing window and filtered by light curtains, but they also grow well with ambient light or with the weak light of the sky or a north-facing window. They should never be exposed to direct sunlight unless they have been acclimatized, as their heavy foliage burns quickly.

MODERATE TEMPERATURES. 20-25 ° C during the day and 15-20 ° C at night. These plants suffer if the temperature drops below 15 ° C.

ABUNDANT WATER. Water as often as the surface of the soil is dry to a depth of 1 cm.

HUMIDITY. Anthurium loves humidity, so spray water on your plants every day, creating a cloud of steam with a sprayer or a portable nebulizer. Place the vase on a saucer or in a basin full of water, making sure that it rests on special feet or pebbles and therefore that it is not immersed directly in the water.

TOPSOIL. Choose universal potting soil marked “allowed in organic farming”, highly draining, containing organic fertilizer, mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microorganisms.

FERTILIZER. Balanced liquid organic. Apply half a dose every two weeks throughout the year, as these plants tend to bloom at any time of the year.

POTTING. When your plant needs to be repotted, transfer it to a container with a diameter of 5 cm larger than the current one.

PROPAGATION. These plants are easily propagated by apical and stem cuttings.

Anthurium habitat

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  1. Habitat: Anthurium is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Araceae family and comes from the rainforests of Central and South America. In nature they grow in the shade of large trees and develop in soils rich in organic substance. Light: In their natural habitat, anthuriums live at the bottom of rainforests where light is shielded by the leaves and stems of the gods.
  2. Anthurium is a plant native to tropical regions where the climate is perpetually humid and very hot. For its well-being at home, it is necessary to try to recreate this type of habitat, especially during the winter when the heating system is active and the air can become very dry even for people.
  3. Anthurium andreanum. It is the most widespread species and most easily found in large distribution. It grows spontaneously in Colombia and usually does not exceed 50 cm in height. The leaves are heart-shaped, glossy dark green, very large and decorative. From spring to autumn it produces leathery and waxy spathe
  4. Anthurium is a plant native to tropical areas and belongs to the Araceae family. It is generally considered a houseplant, given that in our area it is difficult to find a suitable climate to favor its growth
  5. Anthurium (or as it is often called, anthurium) belongs to the Araceae family and is native to the tropical and sub tropical areas of South America

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  • go flower 'or' boy flower, 'the anthurium has over 700 species that bloom in long-lasting vibrant colors and have waxy, heart-shaped petals called spathes
  • ata in a natural way but not directly exposed to the sun
  • Anthurium is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Araceae family, there are over 500 species. Anthurium is mainly known as a houseplant or greenhouse.The origin is Central and South America and is characterized by spathe and leaves of good elegance, which is why the anthurium is also used to embellish compositions of cut flowers
  • Anthuriums are native to the tropical regions of the Americas, and over 800 species of this fantastic plant can be found from Mexico to Northern Argentina and Uruguay. They were first discovered in 1876 by the French botanist Eduard Andre, as habitual inhabitants of tropical forests.They are epiphytic plants, which grow on tree branches, like orchids
  • Distribution and habitat Anthurium plants are native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Central and South America

Anthurium. The term Anthurium designates a genus of plants belonging to the Araceae family. Anthurium plants (also Anturio, in common language) are native to the tropical and subtropical areas of South America. The genus includes hundreds of species including the following : Anthurium andreanum, Anthurium. Anthurium: liked immediately Native to the forests of Columbia, Anthurium andreanum, Araceae family, was introduced in Europe as an ornamental plant about one hundred years ago. General common names include anthurium, tailflower, flamingo flower, and laceleaf .. The genus is native to the Americas, where it is distributed from northern Mexico to northern Argentina and parts of the Caribbean This plant is often found in subtropical or tropical moist lowland, but unfortunately, it is threatened by habitat loss and labeled as vulnerable (VU). When it comes to Anthuriums in general, there are many different types - There is Anthurium Crystallinum (Ace of Spades), Anthurium Veitchii (King Anthurium), Anthurium Clarinervium (Velvet Cardboard), Anthurium Andraeanum (Painter's Palette) and more Anthurium meaning In Nature it lives in the shade of large trees, sheltered among the branches while we use it as a houseplant and is grown in a nursery. Being a tropical plant, you will have to White anthurium White anthurium is a herbaceous plant native to the forests of South America

Anthurium: Discover the answers of our experts Read below all the questions on the subject and the answers given by our Gardening Experts. Look at the titles listed below and click on the title that is closest to the topic of your interest. Once you have clicked on the title, you will be able to read, in full, both the enthusiast's question and the answer from our expert Does An Anthurium Need Humid Conditions? Native to the warm and humid tropical regions of Ecuador and Colombia and considered a tropical perennial evergreen in its natural habitat, anthuriums grow as an epiphyte, using the jungle trees as support. Therefore, it is only natural that anthuriums require a humid environment indoors for proper growth Common name: Flamingo Flower. Family: Araceae. Distribution & Habitat: Anthurium andreanum is a spectacular South American perennial epiphytic plant, which produces dark green, glossy leaves about 23cm (9inch) long. There Anthurium andreanum is a nearly continuous show of bright red spathes with yellow spadices Distribution and habitat Found in the Amazon rainforest and the Andes. It is threatened by the destruction of its habitat Jenis tanaman anthurium ini tergolong tanaman langka, sehingga wajar jika sulit untuk didapatkan. Ia merupakan tanaman yang berasal dari Amerika Latin, disana ia secara alami hidup di habitat hutan tropis yang berada by daerah dataran rendah. Tanaman ini menyukai daerah yang memiliki kelembapan tinggi sehingga cocok untuk ditanam of Indonesia

Anthurium andreanum in habitat in northwestern Ecuador photo by Neil Carroll. Anthurium andreanum Linden, Ill. Hort. 24: 43. 1877. Etymology: Named for the French botanist, Edouard Andre (1840-1911) who in 1876 discovered this species growing in Columbia and sent it to the nursery of Jean Linden in Belgium. When the plants are placed in a shady location, they will give fewer flowers As you could probably guess, the Anthurium's natural habitat is mostly humid, as it thrives in the tropical jungle of Latin America, standing at around 80 percent humidity. This means that for the best results, you'll need to try to get as close to this number as you possibly can Anthurium plants are classed as an aroid in the plant family Araceae. They are native to the rainforests of South and Central America. Average household temperatures and humid conditions mimic their natural habitat. The potted anthurium plant will grow to between 12 and 28 inches (30 - 70 cm) tall The Anthurium (or simply Anthurium) is a genus of about 1,000 species of perennial plants native to Central America, North South America and the Caribbean

The anthurium is native to humid and hot tropical regions including Colombia and Ecuador. It is considered to be a perpetual evergreen in that natural habitat. It grows as an epiphyte, getting support from the jungle trees around it Anthurium is a houseplant, which loves sunny places. It requires little attention to those who grow it. Offers beautiful heart-shaped dark green foliage and pretty red, pink, lavender or white colored flowers. It is part of the Araceae family and has more than 800 species WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . Etymology [edit | edit wikitext]. The name of the genus comes from the union of the Greek words anthos-, which means flower and οὐρά (ourá), tail, alluding to the long-limbed spadix that characterizes the inflorescence .. Description [edit | edit wikitext]. The genus Anthurium includes several species, some.

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  2. Anthurium plant, the characteristics. The Anthurium plant is native to tropical areas which, as we know, have a humid and particularly hot climate for twelve months of the year. especially when winter arrives and temperatures drop.
  3. Each species of potted plant has different needs and requires a different type of care. The Anthurium plant doesn't need too much attention. However, as the plant comes from other parts of the world and when kept indoors it does not grow in its natural habitat, proper care is required for its growth and development.
  4. Flowering of this anthurium begins in spring and lasts until autumn, and individual flowers can survive for up to two months. How to care for anthurium - apartment environment. The natural habitat for anthurium is equatorial forests, so it is suitable for living in moderate sunlight, in a hot and humid climate
  5. gold in winter (approximately every 10 days)

In their natural habitat, anthurium live in the bright (yet indirect) sunlight under the tree canopy of the tropical rainforest. Caring for anthurium as a houseplant is about mimicking the humid jungle-like climate of anthurium's natural home. How to Care for Anthurium as a Houseplant. Fortunately, learning how to care for anthurium is not. Anthuriums are plants linked to a decidedly tropical or subtropical habitat. Several species are cultivated as ornamental plants, all characterized by a caulescent stem, marked in a characteristic way by the scars left by the petioles of the fallen leaves.) Thus, effective Anthurium superbum care requires that you stick to a similar soil structure. From its natural habitat, Anthurium superbum likes a loose and breathable environment. A good way to go about the soil for Anthuriums is to use a mixture of regular houseplant potting soil and orchid soil

Kamaka Anthurium. Search Submit. Recent Posts. 5 Reasons to Shop Our Green Friday Sale - 25% off entire store on 11/27! And komo mai! Welcome to our new website Whether you volunteer or donate, when you partner with Habitat for Humanity you're building a strong foundation for a better Hawaii Información sobre la planta Anturio: Planta perenne que alcanza una longitud de 30-40 cm con numerosas hojas cordiformes , algo gruesas, of dark green color. Las flores, muy pequeñas, se reúnen en una inflorescencia sustainida por un tallo delicado, pero rígido, envuelta de una bráctea cerosa de color rojo escarlata existen variedades con la bráctea de color blanco Growing an Anthurium Andreanum in an apartment is very easy as this plant likes constant temperatures between 20/27 ° C and does not tolerate the cold below 12 ° C: therefore domestic environments are its perfect habitat. With constant temperatures around 20 ° C it blooms all year round. It also tolerates partial shade and is therefore a perfect plant for those corners away from. If you want to grow Anthurium Flamingo away from its native habitat, you need to create its native habitat to make it a bloomer and enjoy it lushness year after year. Anthurium Flamingo Flower Care Tips: Botanical Name: Anthurium scherzerianum. Native Country: Costa Rica. The plant can reach about 12-18 inches of height Habitat: Rainforests of Colombia. Notes: A massive and stunning Anthurium with huge metallic dark green leaves and a long draping inflorescence A must-have for the aroid collector with enough space! Cold Hardiness: Prefers a cloud-forest type of environmen

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  1. Anthurium sp. Límon is a wonderfully rare Anthurium that vines well. Vivarium conditions are fantastic for this plant, but of course, it will not r. View full detail
  2. Dendrobium and Phaeleonopsis Orchids Orchids have a bad reputation as being finicky and difficult to grow, but really, the opposite is true. On our last trip to Costa Farms, we learned tha
  3. The genus Anthurium includes several species, some appreciated as ornamental plants for their very decorative flowers, such as Anthurium andraeanum and Anthurium scherzerianum. It is generally a genus of epiphytic plants, which use other plants as support, but some species are terrestrial. The whole plant is usually poisonous due to calcium oxalate crystals, but it becomes risky.
  4. Anthurium belongs to the Araceae family. The best habitat must be protected from drafts, full of light but not directly exposed to the sun
  5. oso Riego: Moderado, avoid encharcamientos Abono: Abono de floración en spring y verano fall 15 days Descripción del anurio. El Anturio holds decorative double interés: posee unas atractivas.
  6. Anthurium auritum is a species of plant in the family Araceae. It is endemic to Ecuador. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. Anthurium auritum - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedi
  7. Importance of Anthurium. The importance of plants lies in their great contribution to human life and the environment. The importance of Anthurium is high as its benefits are more and so are Anthurium Facts.Every gardener must look for the required information on this plant before planting it

Anthurium hookeri Family: Araceae Bird's Nest Anthurium Origin: Ecuador And Colombia. For those that love jungly plants. Their enormous wrinkly leaves have an almost cardboard like texture and grow to about 2ft Anthurium is a tropical plant, belonging to the Araceae family, and has large dark green leaves. The flower is formed by a large bract, the shape of which resembles that of a heart, wrapped around a small cylinder, called a spadix, thin and well erect from which the white or yellow hermaphrodite flowers originate Different species: The A scherzerianum is one of many species from the Anthurium genus (there are many more). Some people are mistaken when they state the A andreanum is the Flamingo flower (it's the oilcloth flower) - which is important to know, because they have differences

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  1. Aglaonema is a very popular indoor plant in apartments all over the world, because it is very easy to grow and requires little light. Aglaonema, in fact, is a resistant pot plant that easily adapts to the conditions present in our homes. Here's how to cure aglaomena in the best way. Table of contents1 AGLAONEMA: DESCRIPTION OF THE PLANT2 AGLAONEMA.
  2. osi, in an apartment protected from the elements it finds its natural habitat
  3. Anthurium Propagation. The first step is to identify which plants you hope to cross. Do you want to make a new hybrid or just set seed on a particular species? Some people would rather never see a hybrid, but interesting plants can result. If they were still growing in their native habitat ,.

Name: Anthurium bakeri Hook.f Type: herbaceous evergreen Form: Epiphytic chamaephytes Family: Araceae Native Range: Mexico (Chiapas) to Guyana and Ecuador Zone: 10-13 Habitat: Wetter parts of tropical moist, premontane wet, and tropical wet forest. 200 - 1900 m Height: 50-60 cm Spread: 60-75 cm Sun: Part shade Water: Medium Maintenance: Low Leaf: Evergreen Tolerate: Semi Shad JAKARTA, - Ada beragam tanaman hias yang bisa dipilih untuk koleksi di dalam rumah maupun by luar ruangan, salah satunya tanaman anthurium. Anthurium memiliki habitat asli of Amazon yang memiliki iklim tropis yakni iklim yang mirip dengan iklim of Indonesia .. Tanaman ini tidak dapat menerima sinar matahari langsung, karena dapat membakar daunnya Join me as I share these beautiful Anthurium plants. I ran across these and couldn't resist showing them off. The red color is magnificent. I find the Anthur .. Anthurium andraeanum (also called flamingo flower or lace leaf) is one of the most striking and recognizable houseplants available, and for good reason! Glossy spade-like leaves encompass lustrous, vivid flowers that are sometimes mistaken for plastic. The iconic flowers are often cut and used in floral arrangements, and come in a range of colors depending on variety or hybrid of Anthurium

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The anthurium (Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium scherzerianum) is also called the flamingo flower and the boyflower. It is a tropical plant that originated in the New World jungles of Ecuador and Colombia Anthuriums contain a high level of toxicity, and all parts of the plant are dangerous when eaten. Thus, the animals must be kept away from the plant. Also, the plant's sap causes an occasional allergic reaction, so be careful when handling the plant Anthurium furcatum is a species of plant in the family Araceae. It is endemic to Ecuador. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. Anthurium furcatum - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia Anthurium Pedatoradiatum Care Guide. Soil. An Anthurium pedatoradiatum with thrive in soil that is well-draining but also higher in peat .. Peat mixes work harder to reduce soil compaction. This means the soil remains healthier and nutritious for longer

Take care of your mini Anthurium by following these tips. Learn about water, light, temperature and food requirements Beautiful emisac59 houseplant Anthurium is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Araceae family and comes from the rainforests of Central and South America. In nature they grow in the shade of large trees and develop in soils rich in organic matter. In their natural habitat, anthuriums live at the bottom of rainforests where light is shielded. During the winter months, she needs a little less water. To bring the anthurium to blossom, she needs to only be fertilized in low concentration. Use a good orchid fertilizer. Orchids and flamingo flowers are from the same habitat and thrive as epiphyte in a similar manner. Due to this a fertilizer with similar nutrients should be used JAKARTA, - Tanaman hias anthurium memiliki habitat asli di Amazon yang mempunyai iklim sama dengan Indonesia yakni tropis. Anthurium memiliki karakteristik tidak bisa terkena sinar matahari secara langsung, karena akan menyebabkan daunnya terbakar. the fairytale flavor of mythology, the multiple aspects of geology, climatology, art and music, current events, animals and more

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Anthurium Clarinervium. A beautiful potted plant with a fantastic exotic appearance, derived from the picture family. The natural habitat of Anthurium is tropical, moist forests of Central and South America, in which it grows as an epiphyte. The real decoration of this species is unique, fleshy, stiff leaves with a heart-shaped shape Furnishing with plants is a simple and elegant way to bring energy into your home and transform its appearance. Here are some ideas for decorating your home. with flowers and plants available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and foliage to suit your tastes and the space at your disposal. Arrange the plants in the apartment. In many cities, it is known, outer space and i. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. (en) Anthurium subtruncatum är en kallaväxtart som beskrevs av Luis Aloysius, Luigi Sodiro. Anthurium subtruncatum ingår i släktet Anthurium och familjen kallaväxter. Inga underarter finns listade. (sv) rdfs: label: Anthurium subtruncatum. The best deals for EXO-Terra Anthurium Bush-Reptile Artificial Plant Terrarium Decoration are on eBay Compare prices and features of new and used products Many items with free delivery

Taxonomy and Biology of Anthurium. Taxonomy. Anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum Linden Ex André) is a slow-growing perennial that requires shady, humid conditions as found in tropical forests. It includes more than 100 genera and about 1500 species. The genus, Anthurium, is neotropical in origin, evergreen and occurs in Central, South America and the West Indies at varying altitudes and habitats Natural habitat: South America: Altitude range: 0-1500 m: Plant care. The Anthurium bakeri is an easy-care type of plant, since it makes only few demands on its surroundings. It prefers to be in the full light or half shadow and tolerates temperatures between 10 ° - 30 ° Celsius [50 ° - 86 ° F]

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. It is an epiphytic plant, that is, it lives close to other plants such as the Acmea, the Orchid and many other plants found in tropical forests. With this characteristic it does not need a real soil like the more traditional plants. Anthurium takes its name precisely from the colored bract that accompanies the spadix. The hue of this mutated leaf can be intense red, pink, orange or yellow or white. In periods not intended for flowering, this plant still manifests the beauty and harmony of the stems and leaves, creating a lively bush of 40-50 cm in diameter

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Anthurium, considered its natural habitat, needs quite extreme climatic conditions: humidity, heat and particularly nutritious soils. In winter, for example, it is advisable not to leave these plants in the garden when temperatures are lower than 15 degrees centigrade Habitat: In forests from 0-800m: Similar: This species is often confused with Anthurium scandens, from which it can be distinguished by the persistent spathe that remains erect well after flowering. In A. scandens the spathe is fully reflexed (bent backwards and away from the axis of the spadix) at flowering Anthurium is a genus of more than 800 species found in the New World tropics from Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay. The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily) or Tail Flower. Anthuriums are grown for their brightly colored flower spathes and their ornamental leaves


Mar 6, 2018 - Anthurium flower - description, blooming, habitat, uses, symbolism #anthurium #flowe Anthurium Eggersii is a species of plant in the family Araceae. It is endemic to Ecuador. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. Care overview. Humidity. More than 70%. Light. Direct Light. Soil. Mix soil. Temperature Anthurium Plants: How to Keep Them Alive. Anthurium plants are vulnerable to a number of diseases, pests and poor care practices, but overall they are really easy plants to care for. In this article I am going to give you guidelines that will help you to keep your anthurium plant in excellent shape Anthurium andraeanum. Anthurium obtusum. Take care of these exotic plants. Anthuriums can grow almost anywhere, but they thrive in warm places with high humidity. Any plant lover knows that simulating their natural habitat will ensure strong growth. So keep these plant care tips in mind.I start by saying that your Anthurium is most likely due to insufficient heat and atmospheric humidity (while I rule out nutritional deficiencies or ailments). Although they are sold as houseplants sooner or later Anthurium & co (I am referring to the boundless Dutch exotic production) they remind us that they are rainforest-plants instead

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