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Fresh garlic

The part of the garlic plant that is most used corresponds, without a shadow of a doubt, to the bulbs, which can be eaten fresh and must be harvested, for this purpose, during the period between June and July, at the moment in where the drying of the leaves begins.

Centuries and centuries of tradition have by now considered it a custom that the varieties of garlic that can be eaten fresh have, by nature, a much more limited conservation period compared to the others, since they are certainly more delicate.

The main varieties of garlic, whose bulbs can be eaten fresh, are the Neapolitan Rose, the Sulmona Red, the Primaticcio Rose and the Agrigento Rose.

These are plants that are grown, in particular, within soils that are characterized by their high degree of lightness and, precisely for this reason, the bulbs have the ability to increase their size extremely quickly.

Peeled garlic

Obviously, one of the operations that require some technical knowledge is represented by peeling the garlic.

In order to do this correctly and quickly, it is advisable to follow a series of simple rules.

First of all, the garlic clove must be beaten, avoiding particularly decisive and strong methods.

The beating of the garlic clove can be done either with the fist formed with the hand, or by using the blade of a knife and pressing it right on the garlic.

Otherwise, another possibility is given to us by the use of a meat tenderizer: thanks to its weight, in fact, it will be possible to easily and quickly beat the garlic clove.

In this way and in a short time, the skin of the garlic clove will be extremely easier to remove.

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Creams of garlic

In the kitchen we frequently find ourselves having to use garlic to flavor some dishes: for this reason, knowing some simple rules for creating a garlic cream could be really interesting.

To make an excellent garlic cream, the first thing you need to do is to take the two garlic heads and divide them into cloves, then removing all those little skins that surround them.

Once we have clean wedges available, they will have to be placed in aluminum foil, perhaps by inserting a handful of salt, and then placed in the oven and cooked for thirty minutes at 200 degrees.

After half an hour, the garlic cloves will be particularly tender: at this point you have to crush them until you get a kind of cream.

Here we have prepared our garlic cream: now we really just have to use it in the most disparate way: we can insert it into any type of dish, including vegetables, meat and fish.

If you want, you can also mix it with a small amount of butter, to use it later to make delicious croutons, which can be served on the table as an appetizer.

In any case, the garlic cream is obtained from the cold treatment of fresh garlic, after having peeled it, in conjunction with the use of sunflower oil and a pinch of salt.

The garlic cream is able to represent a worthy replacement for fresh garlic and can also be an excellent alternative for all those people who cannot consume fresh garlic cloves.

Certainly the garlic cream proves to be quite suitable for sautées, but it can also be particularly useful when it comes to flavoring sauces, as well as to make all those dishes that are made with grilled or baked fish even better.

Not only creams for the kitchen, however, since we can also find some garlic-based cosmetic products on the market, such as some beauty creams that are made with garlic.

Products with garlic: minced garlic

Using raw garlic after having chopped it is a particularly recurrent practice when there are dishes such as sauces, but also meat dishes and salads on the table.

The minced garlic is certainly a good help for all those people who undergo a treatment for hypercholesterolemia (which, in most cases, hypertension happens), but it can also be of excellent help inside of catarrhal bronchitis, as well as in helminthiasis (especially when this pathology occurs in children, since they can often bring dirty objects close to the mouth).

The intake of minced garlic undoubtedly guarantees a renewed sense of well-being to the human body, since it strengthens the immune system as it is essential for carrying out an effective antibacterial and, consequently, anti-infective action. .

To avoid that unpleasant situation connected to the taste of garlic (which occurs in heavy breath) a small but fundamental operation must be carried out: it is necessary to remove that small green shoot from the garlic that can be extracted with great simplicity. even from the outside.

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