7 indoor plants that bring happiness and wealth to your home

It has long been known that some indoor plants have unusual abilities and can bring happiness, wealth to their owner's house, and change his life for the better. Let's talk about several types that will help in attracting money and prosperity.


Pelargonium (geranium) attracts cash flows and brings material prosperity and stability to the house. It improves mood, gives self-confidence and helps fight depression. The sphere it affects depends on the color of the buds.

  1. White geranium - helps in the conception of a baby.
  2. Pink - supports the feelings of the spouses.
  3. Red - helps to find love.

Peace and comfort will always reign in a house with geraniums, scandals and quarrels will never occur. Pelargonium is able to protect from the evil eye and damage, give vigor and relieve insomnia.


For a long time, the cactus symbolizes health and longevity, is the keeper of peace and tranquility, protects the home from the invasion of uninvited and dishonest guests.

The main property of a cactus is protection from evil forces and negative energy brought into the house. It protects against the evil eye and other negative attacks. The thorns of the plant are so powerful that envious people and ill-wishers will bypass your house.

A cactus, planted with love and care in a beautiful pot, will become an assistant in business, save you from waste and financial troubles, and give you material well-being.

Money Tree

The money tree (bastard, crassula) is the most famous plant for attracting wealth and good luck to the house.

In order for the tree to work and fully reveal its magical properties, you need to plant it in a red or green pot, on the bottom of which you need to put a coin. Red ribbons with coins should be tied on the branches of the fat woman.

If Crassula is well cared for, it will delight with thick leaves, which are a symbol of large banknotes. The blooming of the fat woman foreshadows imminent enrichment. If the plant begins to wither and dry out - to bankruptcy.


Hibiscus (Chinese rose) is the national symbol of Malaysia and Hawaii. He is the emblem of peace, love and passion.

The presence of such a flower in the house will revive fading feelings, refresh relationships, help to have a whirlwind romance, and support the love of the spouses. Hibiscus patronizes love and makes its owner attractive and interesting to the opposite sex. A girl in whose house a Chinese rose grows will have many admirers.

The flower creates the energy of movement, fights apathy and laziness, awakens creativity. It gives its owner self-confidence, vigor and strength.


The violet is often called the flower of the world. She is a symbol of devotion, loyalty and eternal love. In the house where she grows, harmony and comfort reign. There are practically no quarrels and conflicts in it. The energy of the flower attracts abundance, success and supports family well-being.

Violet is able to improve well-being, cheer up, give happiness and good luck, and give self-confidence. For this, the flower pot must be placed in the western part of the house. Depending on what color they are, there is an impact on one or another area of ​​life.

  1. White violet eases mental suffering, fights disagreements between spouses.
  2. Pink and red - keep you healthy.
  3. Blue - promotes inspiration.
  4. Uzambara violet - protects the feelings of lovers, gives coziness and comfort.


Since ancient times, myrtle has been endowed with magical powers. It is believed that it helps to strengthen the bonds of marriage, builds mutual understanding between newlyweds, brings peace and happiness to the house. The plant is usually presented as a gift to newlyweds.

There is a belief that if the bride grew a flower on her own and gave each guest a twig at the wedding, the marriage will be long and happy, and the couple will live in peace and harmony.

In order for myrtle to become a talisman of family happiness, it must be planted in a beautiful pot and do not forget to thank for financial success, prosperity and comfort. The plant will help even more in response.


Indoor chrysanthemum has the ability to resurrect and maintain romantic feelings, true love, and fight depression and bad mood. It helps to maintain the correct rhythm of life, restores confidence, calmness, the desire to please each other.

The flower retains tenderness and enhances mutual understanding between spouses for many years. Protects a person from the negative consequences of his own actions, stimulates to restore order not only in the house, but also in his soul. It attracts good luck in endeavors, joy and fun, protects the house from the penetration of negative energy. The plant is able to maintain a balance of feelings and reason, strengthen character.

A chrysanthemum given to a girl will help her meet her soul mate. Yellow flowers have a strong love influence.

Love indoor plants and take care of them disinterestedly, then they will become a faithful guardian of your home.

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Indoor plants that bring love and happiness to the house


This plant is popularly called - "female happiness".

If his current owner only dreams of marriage, then the flower will attract the attention of a good, caring man to her.
If the hostess is married, then the spaphyllum will provide an atmosphere of love and care in the family, and will also bring the happiness of motherhood closer.

Saintpaulia (uzambara violet)

This capricious lady is very fond of care and attention. It blooms only where it is warm, light and where it is well watered with soft water.
In gratitude, the plant, which is considered a symbol of eternal love, will give the mistress peace and well-being in the house and of course the love of her husband.

Hibiscus (chinese rose)

The beautiful large flowers of this tropical plant symbolize passion.
In the house where the Chinese rose blooms, there will definitely be hot nights in the arms of your beloved man.

Hoya (wax ivy)

Many varieties of this plant are grown in our apartments. However, beautiful hoya and fleshy hoya are especially popular.
Placed in the bedroom, these beauties will create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

This evergreen plant with a pleasant aroma is not in vain called the symbol of "family happiness". Its name can be translated from Greek as "balm".
It is he who will help preserve the cracked relationship, preserve happiness and peace in the house.


The plant is popularly called the "tree of love". After all, his leaves are so similar to hearts.

For a girl dreaming of love, a flower will do a good job.


In the homeland of the plant - in America, calathea is considered a symbol of home comfort and warmth. It is believed that harmony always reigns in a house where there is this plant.


This unpretentious plant blooms beautifully and often, and also brings happiness to the house.

Just do not forget to water the flower abundantly - it does not tolerate drought.

Oxalis (oxalis)

The plant has a lot of healing properties. And also oxalis create an aura of mutual love around themselves.

Anthurium (male happiness)

It is quite difficult to care for this plant - anthurium does not tolerate direct sunlight and is very fond of high humidity. Little children should not be allowed near him, since the handsome man is very poisonous.

But he gives men masculine strength, and at the same time success in business and endeavors.

Be sure to get yourself at least one of these pets and believe me - it will definitely make your life happier!


This flower is recommended to grow a single woman who dreams of family happiness. He can also be imprisoned by a woman who quite often quarrels with her husband. This plant is also called "Women's happiness".


Such a plant is considered the flower of the world. It has long been known that if a violet is grown in an apartment, then quarrels between households are extremely rare. Also, this flower is a symbol of loyalty. A white violet will help get rid of mental suffering. It is recommended to plant it for the person who is currently having a rather difficult period in life.

Chinese rose (hibiscus)

This plant is the symbol of Malaysia, as well as the emblem of Hawaii. It is recommended to plant it so that peace reigns in the house. It is also considered a passion plant.

Wax ivy, hoya

In a large number of countries, this flower is presented as a living valentine, symbolizing a declaration of love. This very delicate and beautiful plant is recommended to be grown in the bedroom.

There is no better gift for people who have recently tied the knot than myrtle. The fact is that such a flower is able to attract happiness to the house, and also peace and understanding will always reign between the spouses.


Such a very unusual plant is recommended to be planted by those people who want happiness to reign in their house. Also, aichrizon is able to attract love.


It is known that this plant is able to save the family, preserving marital happiness. Experienced people are advised to present calathea as a gift to that couple who are on the verge of divorce.


Such a not very spectacular plant has truly amazing abilities. In the apartment where he settles, mutual understanding and peace reign. It is recommended to plant such a flower in an office, where there are a lot of people in the same room, and then there will be much less quarrels between them.

So, chlorophytum also has another unique ability - it can purify the air in the room where it is located. It is recommended to place it in a room where renovations were carried out not so long ago or where there is recently purchased furniture. The plant is able to absorb all harmful substances and unpleasant odors from the air.

Oxalis (oxalis)

This flower is recommended for growing to those who cannot find their other half in any way. The fact is that he is able to help find true love.


This plant is very useful for men. It is believed that it helps to restore and maintain potency, therefore it is also called "male happiness". Anthurium is recommended to be placed in the bedroom.


The flower can make men more resilient and courageous. For women, he is able to give softness and femininity.


It is known that this flower is able to save its owner from nightmares at night.

Houseplants that bring good luck

Considering houseplants that bring good luck, you will notice that their number is impressive, and the types are diverse. Therefore, each grower will be able to choose the most suitable plants for themselves, both in care and in appearance. Below we list which houseplants usually bring good luck to the family.


It is believed that arrowroot brings to the house where it lives only the best that is possible: luck, prosperity, well-being, preservation of the family hearth, health and much more. This is partly due to its powerful natural antiseptic properties and ability to purify the air, and partly due to the flower's own magic.

Arrowroot can rightfully be called a family flower, as it ensures the well-being of every family member. It is unpretentious in care, needs constant moist soil and warmth, but it is better to protect it from direct sunlight.


Orchid flowers are home flowers, considered to be more "feminine", bringing happiness and well-being to the house only with gentle and caring treatment.

Attention! Double opinions and omens tell about two sides of the coin, but if you concentrate on the good, then the orchid will become the best friend for any woman.

Flowers are able to protect the house from any negativity and unfriendly guests, harmonize intra-family relations, and attract good luck to the hostess herself. True, they are quite capricious in their care, they require a lot of attention: watering every three days, protection from sunlight, but an abundance of light,

Ficus Benjamin

What opinions have not been formed about Benjamin's ficus during its history of existence! And, nevertheless, in many countries it is believed that these ficuses are houseplants that bring good luck. In many Eastern and Asian countries, it is this plant that is given to newlyweds for a long and happy life together.

Such ficuses bring good health, love, mutual respect, prosperity and success to the house in which they are located. They harmonize space, normalize sleep and the psychological background of household members. These houseplants are also beautiful enough for good luck, so they will decorate any home.

A variety of home plants for happiness and well-being will allow you to choose exactly the flower that will influence the atmosphere in the house and households in the best way and will not require unusual or complex care. And whether flowers can really bring good luck, happiness, love and money can be found only by trying to breed them at home.

Features of caring for flowers of love, well-being at home

Flower protector, indoor flower of happiness is easy to buy in specialized stores, to take from friends. But in order for them to feel good, to exert their magical effect, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for their development, take care of them, regularly look after them.

To do this, you need to find detailed information about a specific indoor flower, fulfill all growing requirements.

As an initial acquaintance, it is proposed to use the following information.


Temperature. In summer about 20-25C, in winter it should be about 15C.

Lighting: diffused light required.

The leaves are wiped with a damp cloth, watered with aichrizon once a week.

Sometimes, during the summer heat, it is necessary to spray. Optimal humidity conditions are not lower than 50%, but not higher than 70%.

Violet (Viola)

Loves warmth. Abundant, long-lasting flowering is observed with a daylight hours of about 12 hours.

The place is chosen without direct sunlight. A slightly acidic, neutral earthy mixture is used (especially for violets). Pots should not be larger than 10 cm in diameter.

Important! Watering can only be carried out with settled, boiled water, avoiding contact with the growing point. Watering time is determined by the dried upper part of the soil.

It is required to create humidity not lower than 50%, but not higher than 70%.


You need a temperature up to 24C. At the same time, roots often rot on cold windowsills.

Loves diffused light. The pot is filled with light soil with an acidity level of up to 6 units: high-moor peat, sand, leafy soil

Watering is carried out twice a week in summer, and only once in winter. Excess water is harmful to Anthurium.

Gently spraying twice a day is necessary, creating a humidity level of 80%.


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