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Helichrysum italicum





Helichrysum, scientific name Helichrysum italicum L., belongs to the family of Asteraceae (former Compositae). It is a shrubby plant native to southern Europe typical of the Mediterranean scrub to which it gives its characteristic scent. It is widely used not only in perfumery but also highly appreciated for its many therapeutic properties.

It is a perennial plant that has the particularity of being completely covered by a thick whitish hair that gives off a characteristic aroma. The stems are up to 30 cm high, without branches. The leaves are linear-lanceolate. The flowers are small, collected in a pale yellow umbrella and blooms all summer.


LeElicriso contains essential oil, tannin, caffeic acid.

The properties of the helichrysum are: sedative, bechic and stimulating the blood circulation.


The flowering tops of the helichrysum are used, collected at the beginning of flowering and left to dry in ventilated and dark places.

They retain color and aroma for a long time even after drying.


The infusion or decoction of helichrysum are excellent in cases of bronchitis and cough, for rheumatic pains and varicose veins.

The packs for irritated and inflamed skin, chilblains, hemorrhoids. The packs are also excellent for reactivating blood circulation and therefore very effective in the case of cold hands and feet.

Essential oil is highly appreciated in perfumery, it strengthens the skin from atmospheric agents, tones and decongests.


Helichrysum is also known as a houseleek probably due to the fact that it preserves the color of the flowers for a long time together with its scent.


There are no contraindications or particular warnings regarding its use.

Helichrysum: properties, benefits and uses

L'helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) is a herbaceous plant typical of the Mediterranean areas. The various species of helichrysum, which belong to the Asteraceae genus, can have flowers of various colors, ranging from white to yellow to red. But theHelichrysum italicum stands out for its color bright yellow flower heads.

It is a perennial plant widespread especially in southern Europe. In Italy it is found mainly in the center, in the south and on the islands up to 800 meters above sea level. There flowering takes place from July to August. It is therefore a typically summer flower. Its name derives from the Greek “Helios chrysos”, which means "Golden sun".

The harvest of the helichrysum takes place precisely with flowering, especially if you intend to let the plant dry, with particular reference to the flowers and leaves. Together they are chopped to prepare potpourri to perfume the rooms e bags to deodorize clothes, drawers and wardrobes.

From the flowers of helichrysum a essential oil used in herbal medicine and natural medicine. Helichrysum oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and astringent properties. It is used to relieve redness and cracking of the skin. Helichrysum has a very intense fragrance, as does its essential oil. For this it is used in the preparation of perfumes.

Helichrysum, with particular reference to its herbal extracts and its essential oil, is used in the preparation of face serums and creams, especially suitable for mature, dry and damaged skin. It is also considered to be useful for preventing scars, wrinkles and skin stretch marks.

According to natural medicine and herbal treatments, helichrysum allows you to improve digestion, it helps to regulate the blood pressure, supports the nervous system, relieves pain caused by arthritis and is useful for protecting the body from infections caused by microbes.

L'Helichrysum essential oil has a calming effect on dermatitis, oneczema and on the psoriasis. It is necessary to dilute it in a base vegetable oil before applying it to the skin, according to the doses indicated by an expert herbalist based on the problem to be treated. It can also be useful for skin burns, acne and allergic manifestations.

The healing properties of helichrysum make it possible to use its essential oil, or helichrysum oil, for preventive applications on the skin. The essential oil of helichrysum also has expectorant properties. It helps to free the respiratory system of mucus and prevents it from accumulating excessively.

Natural medicine indicates the helichrysum as a effective bronchial sedative. The helichrysum also has a bechica action, that is, it acts as a cough relief. In herbal medicine and cosmetics, helichrysum is used mainly in the form of oily macerate, essential oil, mother tincture, glyceric macerate and hydrolat.

Has soothing and anti-reddening properties, useful for treating sunburned skin. Its applications also concern chilblains and burns. Many of the healing virtues of helichrysum have been known since ancient times, with evidence relating to the populations of the Greeks and Egyptians.

With 200 grams of fresh helichrysum flowers and 1 liter of extra virgin olive oil or sunflower seeds, you can preparehelichrysum oil. The two ingredients are combined in a large container and left to macerate in the sun for 20-28 days. It is mixed every day and after the maceration time has elapsed, the oil is filtered. Here the complete recipe.

For skin care it is recommended to prepare a decoction of helichrysum, or to use essential oil diluted in small quantities in basic vegetable oil, such as extra virgin oil or sweet almond oil. It is also possible to prepare a infusion of helichrysum for internal use, but since its flavor is quite strong, the oral intake of helichrysum as a herbal remedy usually takes place through prepared in capsules. For chilblains, we recommend combining the essential oil of helichrysum with calendula oil.

As for the helichrysum, they are not reported contraindications particular at normal therapeutic doses recommended, except for an individual hypersensitivity. Therefore, it is always good to respect the herbalist's instructions and evaluate whether your skin may be sensitive to helichrysum-based preparations, using only a small amount at first.

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Properties and benefits of helichrysum

1. Diuretic

The helichrysum plant exerts an action diuretic and consequently allows you to eliminate both toxins and waste collected in the urine through urination. It is a purifying effect for the body. The infusion in this regard is very suitable.

2. Cicatrizing and antiseptic

External use has proved useful for healing properties against the skin. In the field of natural remedies it is in fact used a lot in case of scars and wounds. But that's not all, they also count antiseptic properties which are commonly known for the positive contribution they make to the body in case of infections that could affect any wound.

3. Migraine

L'Helichrysum italicum it seems it can intervene against some pains including headache and stiff neck. The effect calming of this plant is quite well known and therefore it is suggested on many occasions. Of course it is good that it is used correctly and, as always, not excessive.

4. Muscle aches

In the bath or through the inhalation of steam and helichrysum it is possible to calm some ailments, especially if these involve muscle pain or cramps in the abdomen. In the paragraph of uses of helichrysum we show how to get these benefits on the body.

5. Hair

Both men and women can face numerous problems affecting their scalp, especially with the passing of age. Especially in the female universe, remedies or methods useful for the case are continuously sought. That is remedies that offer the hair a better look, giving them, among other things, greater health!

6. Skin

An ally for the skin is undoubtedly helichrysum, in fact it is used against psoriasis, eczema and more. The essential oil is excellent for these benefits, however even the use of flowers inside the bathtub has proved to be quite useful against the problems that afflict the skin.

7. Nervous system

The essential oil of helichrysum is a real ally when it comes to the nervous system. It is used for various factors including its bringing benefits to mood, greater health and more resistance of the mental faculties, especially over the years.

8. Anticoagulant

It would seem that among its many benefits, the essential oil of this plant can provide a anticoagulant effect. Just dissolve just two drops of essence in an herbal tea. Before proceeding, counting the side effects that may occur in taking these products, talk to your doctor or herbalist and make sure you buy one suitable for internal use.

9. Expectorant

The decoction of helichrysum has expectorant properties, this is done with the flowering tops. It seems in fact an excellent natural remedy in case of cough, sore throat and asthma. However, there are those who suggest its essential oil through environmental diffusion to obtain this kind of benefits.

They are also attributed to the plant sweat properties, antimicrobial and antispasmodic. However, it should be used carefully and not without consulting an expert when use is frequent or when it comes to the essential oil obtained from the plant in question.

Helichrysum in the kitchen, an ancient plant for flavoring sausages

Knife-tip salami flavored with helichrysum flowers (Photo by Couleur from Pixabay)

Today the helichrysum is rarely used in the kitchen, although here we will explain how to give a touch of refinement, almost exotic, to your dishes using helichrysum which, thanks to its scent and appearance, will give an incredible aroma to your dishes.

You must know that in ancient times and especially in peasant contexts, this whole plant was used to burn the bristles of slaughtered pigs, due to the particular aroma it gave to the lard.

However, there is a very special recipe in which the helichrysum plays a leading role: we are talking about broad beans with mint and helichrysum. It is a dish that is served especially at Easter and more generally in spring.

This is a very simple dish to prepare. Just peel the beans and wash them with fresh water. Then dry them well and put them in a container with extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper, a few leaves of mint and the leaves of helichrysum.

Let your broad bean salad rest for a while and serve it in a saucer with a helichrysum flower to decorate and add a touch of color to your dish.

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A powerful ally of the skin

THE helichrysum flowers boast exceptional therapeutic virtues for the well-being of the skin: they are in fact recommended for the treatment of irritations and of skin inflammations.

The helichrysum also has antibacterial, soothing and refreshing properties. This valuable natural remedy can help counteract herpes, sunburn, redness, itching and mild burns.

To enjoy an immediate feeling of relief, just apply a few drops of essential oil of helichrysum directly on the skin by massaging it for a few moments: purifies, disinfects, heals and calms the annoying ones skin problems also giving it a pleasant balsamic fragrance.

Finally, it performs an analgesic function and is therefore also effective on pains of a rheumatic nature.

try it in combination with calendula, sunflower, sweet almond or olive oil (do you already know the countless cosmetic properties of olive oil?

The delicacy and effectiveness ofhelichrysum oil are such as to have made it an ingredient in many products for body care how creams, ointments and bubble baths.

It is also an ally for the hair beauty: for a brighter hair, don't forget to add a few drops of helichrysum oil when you wash them. The helichrysum is also found within shampoo for delicate, irritable scalps that tend to flake. It can help soothe dryness and irritation. It is also a valid help against dandruff, greasy and broken hair.

The properties of helichrysum oil

L'helichrysum oil it's a oleolito, obtained from the maceration of flowering tops of Helichrysum italicum in a vegetable oil and equipped with a powerful antihistamine action, decongestant, soothing, useful in many skin disorders. This precious oil is indicated in the presence of psoriasis, herpes of all kinds, eczema and irritations of the sensitive skin, prone to allergies, such as contact dermatitis is skin rash.

The name of the plant comes from the Greek helios what does it mean "Sun" is chrysos "gold", and refers precisely to the form radial, al golden yellow very bright of his flowers, and the fact that the plant grows in very sunny and warm places.

The helichrysum belongs to the family of Asteraceae, formerly also known as Compositae, which includes numerous species, and is also called by the vulgar name of "everlasting", probably because retains color of flowers for a very long time together with his perfume, reminiscent of the aroma of chamomile, mint and licorice together.

How to prepare Helichrysum oil

To prepare the helichrysum oil, i flower heads (100 gr), left to dry in ventilated and dark places and then macerated in sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil (500 ml), so that transfer the fat-soluble active ingredients from flowers to oil.

They bring the dried flowers in a jar of dark glass, with airtight lid. Then add the oil, until they are completely covered, taking care to turn the macerate every day, to avoid the formation of mold. After about 40 days, you can filter the oil, through a light canvas, or a gauze. Squeeze out the residue, and if a very pure oil is desired, a second filtering can be made, using a cotton gauze, so that the fibers capture the last impurities. The oil obtained in this way is preserved in one dark glass bottle, in a cool place and possibly indoors.

Discover also all the properties of the plant from which Helichrysum oil is extracted

Properties and benefits of Helichrysum oil

Helichrysum oil, thanks tosynergistic action of its active ingredients, it is used in phytocosmetics in the topical treatment of eczema, psoriasis, especially if located on hands or feet, knees or elbows. Also for the analgesic property is anti-inflammatory, is recommended in case of rheumatic pains and the varices, as it helps to reactivate blood circulation, being really effective in the presence of cold hands and feet and chilblains.

Furthermore this oil is an effective remedy for strengthen is decongest sensitive skin, reactive with allergic tendency, in presence of sores is burns, or for burn out solar erythema. For these reasons it is also used as functional ingredient in creams, ointments and detergents to reduce the ache, the itch and the burning.

Properties and contraindications of Helichrysum essential oil

Description of the plant

The various species of helichrysum grow in southern Europe, but it is in the Mediterranean area that theHelichrysum italicum has its greatest diffusion: in these particularly favorable climatic conditions, the plant grows by concentrating its active ingredients, in arid places is sandy is sunny, up to 800 meters in Italy is widespread almost everywhere.

Perennial herbaceous plant 30-40 cm high with corymbs formed by yellow flower heads, it has a woody base about 40 cm high, very resistant, with a slightly prostrate posture on the ground, where it forms dense odorous spots with a very intense and characteristic perfume. It has twigs and leaves covered with a thick silvery gray fuzz, with a velvety appearance, which protects them from adverse weather conditions (summer heat and drought). It is equipped with a modest one root spindle and numerous radicles from which various branchy stems start. The leaves gray / ashy are oblong-lanceolate, flat and pubescent on both sides. THE flowers, gathered in corymbs, are round yellow flower heads with thin petals. The fruit it is an achene.

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