Dipladenia sheds leaves

Question: Dipladenia sheds its leaves

Hi! My dipladenia which was beautiful until a month ago, with the first cold I collected it at home, but alas !!!, for a few days it has been losing all its leaves. I state that at first they turn yellow, then dry up and finally fall off. I'm watering it normally, on dry ground and it's in a bright spot in the kitchen. How can I save her? Thank you in advance!!!!

Dipladenia sheds leaves: Answer: Dipladenia sheds leaves

Dear Sandra, thank you for writing your question in the "Questions and answers" section of our website. Dipladenia is a very beautiful climbing plant with high ornamental value, native to Central America and evergreen. The flowers of Dipladenia are very beautiful, pink, white or red in color and with a very pleasant light scent. As an exposure this plant grows well both in full sun and in partial shade but it always needs temperatures above 5-8 ° C. Dipladenia in fact suffers particularly from the cold and must be brought indoors as soon as the temperatures drop.

Often a delay in repairing Dipladenia from the cold is the cause of an abundant loss of leaves or even a drying up of the plant. In the case of your plant, it was most likely the cold that caused the leaf loss. In fact, an unseasonal cold spell is the typical cause of a phenomenon like the one you described in dipladenia.

However, one should not despair because if the cold has not been intense and prolonged, the dipladenia plant can easily recover from the shock once it is set in the apartment. In the heat of the home, your plant will probably put out new leaves and be back in full shape as in the previous months.

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