Examples of layouts of plots for 6-20 acres + zoning basics

Having received a piece of land at their disposal, each owner wants to start developing new possessions and implementing his grandiose plans as soon as possible. The layout of a plot of 10 acres or another land area depends on many natural factors, the knowledge of which will allow you to transform an ordinary plot of land into a cozy corner for the whole family. We suggest you consider some examples of layouts and features of the zoning of plots.

What are the characteristics of the site to consider when planning?

Thinking over the layout of a plot of 6 acres or more, you should first of all consider:

  • Terrain relief, which can be both flat and located nearby ravines, hills and even mountains. Not only the location of the house and buildings will depend on the features of the terrain, but also the construction of engineering systems.
  • Plot shape, starting from close to the traditional rectangle and ending with triangular, L-shaped and rounded corners.
  • Soil type, which can be both sandy, light and fertile, and heavy clay or medium loamy. On poor soils, not all plants are able to show themselves in all their glory, delighting with gorgeous flowering and rich harvest. In such cases, it is advisable to additionally bring fertile soil to the site.
  • Natural water bodies and groundwater level, the presence of which requires the arrangement of the drainage system.
  • Location relative to the cardinal points.

You can learn how to organize a water drainage system on a site from the material: https://diz-cafe.com/voda/drenazh-uchastka-svoimi-rukami.html

The style of planning will depend primarily on the form, which will allow you to emphasize the advantages of the site, veiling the disadvantages

Knowledge of the illumination of the zones will allow you to correctly select plants for landscaping and correctly orientate residential buildings by location

What areas are worth highlighting?

The layout of a suburban area of ​​10 acres or any other area necessarily includes the following zones:

  • Living sector. A house with a terrace and an attached garage can be located in this zone.
  • Rest zone. A place for a recreation area is often set aside in the depths of the site, away from prying eyes.
  • Garden area. A well-developed layout of the site will allow you to compactly place the beds for growing vegetables, fruit trees and berry bushes so that each of the crops has enough space.
  • Economic zone. The plot for the economic zone, on which buildings for keeping pets are located, is allocated on the opposite side of the recreation area.

A vegetable garden can also be beautiful and original, read about the layout of the territory and design techniques: https://diz-cafe.com/plan/landshaftnyj-dizajn-sada-i-ogoroda.html

The recreation area is equipped with a gazebo, a children's or sports ground, a barbecue area. Often, this place is decorated with an artificial pond, original flower beds and other elements of landscape design.

Regardless of the size of the allotted area, the choice of site layout is based on the actual characteristics and wishes of the owner, for example:

Variations and examples of site planning

Suburban area for 6 ares

The layout of a summer cottage of 6 acres is one of the difficult tasks, since in a relatively small area you want to successfully place not only a house and a garden, but also equip a recreation area, decorating it with a miniature pond, and also allocate space for outbuildings.

One of the best options for planning a small area can be considered a geometric style in which all buildings and plants form geometric shapes.

This arrangement allows you to significantly save space, rationally using every corner. It is advisable to think over the location of the house so that the building does not cast a shadow on the main part of the plot set aside for the garden area.

Placing fruit trees in several rows at an equidistant distance from each other of at least 3 m in the direction from north to south will provide the best lighting.

Ideally, if the house is located along the northern border of the site - it will become a reliable protection of green spaces from the winds.

The recreation area should preferably be located closer to the house. You can fence it off with a hedge of flowering plants or a decorative fence

For the placement of the economic zone, it is advisable to take the northern side of the site closer to the border of the fence. The northern side will be a good place for building a greenhouse and arranging beds for growing vegetables.

If the plot is less than 6 acres, you should correctly think over its design and functionality: https://diz-cafe.com/plan/planirovka-malenkogo-uchastka.html

Plots with an area of ​​10-15 acres

On such sites there is where to roam, because the owners of such land spaces have at their disposal a decent springboard for the embodiment of their ideas.

In general, the layout of a plot of 10 acres or more will differ little from that with a smaller area of ​​6 acres

But in comparison with 6 acres, this area allows you to significantly expand the recreation area, decorating it with a gazebo, lawn and a bath, entwined with climbing plants

The layout of a plot of 12 acres may include not only the arrangement of a standard set of buildings, but also provide for the placement of additional elements of landscape design.

An originally designed gardening area with compactly placed beds, a well-located living area equipped with a covered canopy and decorated with an artificial reservoir, as well as a spacious recreation area with winding paths and a chic flower garden

Owners of plots with an area of ​​15 acres have the opportunity to apply several styles in the design at once. The mixed layout of a plot of 15 acres is characterized by the absence of strict geometric shapes in the design and the free placement of plants.

Required elements of landscape design are reservoirs, lawns, flowering plants and decorative forms of trees and shrubs

This solution allows you to successfully divide the site into zones, placing them at a sufficient distance from each other.

Bulk plots can be planned taking into account Feng Shui: https://diz-cafe.com/plan/sad-fen-shuj.html So your garden will be more harmonious and comfortable.

Cozy corners for relaxation on 20 acres

The layout of a plot of 20 acres also provides for the division of space into functional zones. In addition to the traditional set of landscape design elements on such a site, there is also a place for an outdoor pool, a font, a bath, all kinds of rock gardens and rockeries, as well as a number of decorative elements that set you up for a good rest. A complex of outbuildings may include a barn, a workshop, a greenhouse, and animal enclosures.

In the immediate vicinity of the house, you can plan a recreation area by equipping it with a sports or playground, as well as a spacious gazebo in which the whole family can take refuge in a sultry afternoon or bad weather

The sunny side of the plot is allocated for the garden area. Several fruit trees and shrubs, planted in fertile soil, will annually delight their owners with ripe organic fruits and berries.

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Useful Tips

Below are tips with which you can create the perfect summer cottage, regardless of the number of acres:

  • If you want to make a lawn, don't forget that you need to look after it, that is, mow, install sprayers or regularly water by hand.
  • Garden beds need fences. If they are not there, then your friends or acquaintances invited to visit can easily trample the beds. If there are small children in the house, the fence will be a warning to them that this is not a play area.
  • The layout of any summer cottage is fraught with great responsibility. It is important not to oversaturate the site with a large number of plantings. If the territory of the site is small, then the buildings should have the most restrained and laconic design.

  • It should not be forgotten that more is planted than eaten. Therefore, you should not plant vegetables throughout the entire territory.
  • In order for a wooden fence to last longer, it must be treated with special substances. They protect the wood from vermin and mold.
  • Experiment with decorations and designs. Monotonous areas look boring and merge with neighbors. The main thing is to choose the right style.
  • Six acres is not a very large area, which is clearly visible from all sides. It is important to use loach plants or mesh fences to soften the fence lines. You can also install a solid fence in a neutral shade. It should be light. Combination of textures is allowed. In order to visually increase the space, do not make the fence monolithic. The proper effect is created by partitions entwined with vines.
  • It is advisable not to plant trees in one row. The best option is chaotically scattered trees throughout the country.

  • The area set aside for the lawn also allows you to mentally expand the space. The lawn can be placed in the middle of the cottage area to create a kind of "center". It is appropriate to plant ornamental plants here.
  • In order for the beds to look beautiful, they can be decorated in the shape of a crescent or a spiral. If space is tight, this is the most practical option.

What is important to know when planning a summer cottage, see the next video.

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